Police officer shoots dead 4 American invaders in Helmand, wounds 3

HELMAND (Arrahmah.com) – Recent reports arriving from Helmand province state that an Afghan local police officer has opened fire on a gathering of American invaders, according to officials from Sangin district.Latest reports indicate that the shooting, carried out by the head of the said local police squad (Asadullah), took place in Sarwan Kala region’s Kozki area at dusk time Thursday on 7 high ranking American troops ,who also trained Afghan forces as a result, that were invited for dinner as a result, 4 invaders have been confirmed dead while the 3 others were severely wounded. The hero officer later left the area with his weapon and joined up with Mujahideen.

Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi, one of the spokesman of Islamic Emirate said through phone: “The attacker, Asadullah, was in contact with Mujahideen for a long period of time now and had prepared the attack in that time span while reassuring Mujahideen to wait for the impending operation which finillay took place at the last night and with great tactic”. Mr. Ahmadi added that this attack comes on the exact same day last month in which an Afghan local (Sardar Muhammad) ran over and killed 3 American invaders with his vehicle in Marjah district of the same province. It should be reminded that 6 other American invaders were also killed and 3 wounded yesterday in a similar attack in Laghman province while 9 others killed by an officer who later joined Mujahideen in Paktia province the day earlier. (Alemarah/arrahmah.com)


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