Protesters in Aleppo cheered and raised the flag of Jabhah Nushrah Mujahideen

ALEPPO ( – Protest against Nushairiyah (Alawite) regime in throughout Aleppo province on Friday (5/10/2012) seen very touching. Thousands of Muslims in Banasy city of the province cheered and raised the flag of Jabhah Nushrah Mujahideen.

Thousands of Muslim people in the province and the suburb took the streets, staged a demonstration against Syirian regime.

The protesters carried a slogan, “We want weapons, not just a statement.” 

Facts on the ground showed Jabhah Nushrah Mujahideen have become an inseparable part of the Syirian revolution. The Muslim society in Syria accept them as one of Jihad groups that have carried out attacks that inflicted heavy losses on regime forces. A fact that which is hidden by Western media.

(siraaj/muhib almajdi/


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