Qom Remix 'Kashmir Version'

The so called ‘Muslim rulers’ do not implement Islam, nor do they care about the affairs of this Ummah. Islamic Unity is a must to overthrow these tyrants, who in reality serve the kuffar by implementing their ideas and systems. Their plan is a ‘No Secret’, it is to demonise Islam and leaving Muslims to the mercy of the kuffar.

Islam is a Deen(Way of Life) and it can’t co-exist with any other system.


[chorus:] Rise up and leave off resting It is Islam, [it has] returned In the path of Allah, we have walked And announced Jihad (x3)

We have returned with a machine gun Possessing leadership today And we have followed the awakening of this generation Groups and individuals (x2)

We have not known life Except with vehemence and endurance [chorus x2]

The gathering of believers has sprung With the genuine youth In the nights of affliction they have walked Behind an elucidating Qur’an (x2)

They did not care about deprivation and loss Between the jaws of years [chorus x2]

Give glad tidings to the people of a morning Aglow with lucidities And with which the conquest is manifest In the depths of darkness (x2)

And of one row united In guidance, by the hands of the obedient [chorus x2]

Oh, the [fateful] nights of the unjust Oh, the humiliation of the jesters Oh, the waste of years The clear warning has arrived (x2)

We have come to you with a machine gun (rata-tat-tat-tat-tat) And an elucidating Qur’an

La Ilaha Il Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah


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