Rakhine Buddhist Monasteries strore weapons for use against Rohingya in Arakan

ARAKAN (Arrahmah.com) – The following is a report from one of our protected sources- a Journalist in Burma who is constantly receiving numerous verified reports.

It has become clear in recent weeks that the Monasteries play a vital role in distributing weapons to the Rakhine population. Muslims in Maungdaw are yet again in fear after watching bundles of long swords being unloaded from trucks this afternoon, and stored in a Buddhist Monastery under the control of U Kan Tun (local Rakhine). The Monastery is built near the Maungdaw creek and a small tributary and adjacent to the Muslim quarters of Shundaripara and Nafitdill. This is an isolated Monastery at the northeast end of the town and is well- known for illegal transport of goods from Bangladesh using the waterway, popular for anti-Muslim activities.

It is widely believed that all Buddhist Monasteries in Arakan are center of Rakhine Nationalistic and Communalistic activities. These centers are used for secret meetings for any emergencies. All illegal materials such as lethal weapons, arms and instigative materials are stored in these monasteries with local Rakhines in collaboration with local law enforcers (police, Lun Htin) and other authorities.

Recently, in Kyauktaw town, arms were recovered from Rakhines when Muslim villages were razed to the ground. Though some Rakhines were investigated and arrested, the authorities kept the situation shrouded from common knowledge. The Rohingya of Maungdaw are closely watching the development around the said Monastery but they cannot be prepared for all eventualities. It was said that during the riot, every Rakhine had a sword in his hand, a force and strength that the Rohingya cannot contend with.  (restlessbeings/arrahmah.com)


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