Reaction Of Spokesman Of Islamic Emirate Regarding Claim By ISAF

( – The claim by foreign invader forces based in Kabul earlier today that there has been a 10% decrease in Mujahideen initiated attacks and interpreting this as decline in their capacity is strongly and categorically rejected by us.

Firstly, the attacks by Mujahideen against the invaders are ongoing at its usual pace. One the other hand, the enemy has chosen to withdraw from large parts of the country and have abandoned major bases which naturally amount to a decrease in attacks. Another reason for the decline is that the enemy has chosen to limit its movement outside its bases. No matter what tools Mujahideen use to tempt them out, attack them from close range, bring their bases under missile strikes; still the cowardly enemy does not come out of its hole.

The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate are operating out of their trenches with high moral and strong determination and will continue their assaults against the enemy. That the cowardly enemy refuses to confront Mujahideen face to face, it only displays their own weakness and not that of the heroic Mujahideen. Allah willing, the Mujahideen will turn their focus towards such military operations which will target the enemy with large scale attacks inside their own bases and will force them to flee the country.

Zabihullah Mujahid

The Spokesman Of Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan



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