Regarding the bus blast in Pakistan

The Kuffaar continue upon their wishful thinking. Now they want everyone to believe that the bus blast in Pakistan was a targeted act! Look at Reuters for example:

“A terrorist targeted a schoolchildren’s bus,” said military spokesman Major-General Waheed Arshad.

“It was outside the Kamra air base. It was specially targetting the schoolchildren’s bus.”

This Kaafir Murtad General, Waheed Arshad (qatalahummullaah), made it seem as if the Mujaahideen chose the school bus full of children knowing that it was full of children instead of choosing the Pakistani military airbase that was right next to it.

These pathetic assumptions is the result of harboring hatred for Tawheed in the heart.

Let’s ask a few questions:

1. Which Islaamic group in Pakistan claimed they did it and that they intentionally targeted a school bus full of young Muslim children?

2. The deceiving ISI are very good at portraying the actions of the Mujaahideen as evil. So how do we know for sure that it wasn’t them who did this act in the name of tarnishing the image of the Mujaahideen?

3. How do we know that the Mujaahid – assuming that the driver of the vehicle was a Mujaahid – mistakingly pressed the button or slipped?

By just asking these 3 questions, we have destroyed the authenticity and validity of the media reports.

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