Regarding those who say the Mujahideen turn away from the ‘Ulema

The Commander, the Fighting Scholar, the Adviser, the one whom Allah chose for an escape from America’s toughest prison, Abu Yahya al-Libi, حفظه الله, said:

“I am sure that you know that the most difficult of affairs faced by the Mujahidun is in the arenas of Jihad, is the lack of – if not total absence – of truthful scholars who practice what they preach, those who were supposed to stand side by side with their sons. So that they can drink from their fountain, taking from their knowledge, learning from their manners, taking advice from their guidance and following the guidelines of their verdicts.

The Mujahidun, by the grace of Allah, without a doubt trust in your likes. Those who stand firm upon the truth in face of opposition, they love you and respect you. You may not know what they feel in their hearts, when they are told of your supportive words and advices.

How would it be if you were with them, in each others sight, listening to your advice without intermediaries ?

By Allah, O noble Shaykh, the arenas of Jihad with your sons and your loved ones. You will find the utmost respect, that which you have seen nor heard of.

By Allah! And I reiterate, by Allah!

You will find that your knowledge and foresight, on top of what Allah has already given you will be multiplied greatly. Our noble Shaykh, may Allah increase you in your virtue and raise your station in both worlds. Indeed the arenas of Jihad are filled with new unheard of issues. Most of which require a speedy response, not able to be postponed.

The Mujahidun are in much need of good scholars of your likes, to refer to in these manners. And you are the ones able in this, and we think there is much good in you.

If not, then at least we must be able to seek your counsel, refer to you, seek your opinions and verdicts in the issues we face.”

[“A Message to a Scholar,” As-Sahab Media]


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