Robbery To Jihad: The view between Al Qaeda and action their admirers in Indonesia

Action rob for jihad, aka to make proceeds of robbery as a fa’i treasure, recent being discussion. Not only the security forces who participated busy discussing and explaining the term of fa’i, various groups and Harakah Islamic activists also conference to discuss it. There are pros there are the cons. Here’s an article that discusses wealth of fa’i in perspective of Al Qaeda and the supporters.

We had both heard the information from the wicked kufr media that has been a break with the motive to find funds to finance acts of terror (jihad). Opinions formed in such a way as to deliberately make a bad image for the Mujahideen. On this occasion we will discuss how the position of robbing (taking Fa’i) to finance the jihad with the assumption if its true that perpetrator of robbery is Mujahideen who want to follow Tanzhim Qoidatul Jihad (Al Qaeda) in staged a jihad.

Before we discuss the assumption that the culprit is the Mujahideen, nothing wrong if we look briefly conspiracy theory in this case, given the still warm conversation around the Aceh case series which loaded with the conspiracy together emergence controversial figure Sofyan Thaury. For this robbery case there is some analysis of them,

1.That case was made by government officials in this case the joint army / police with a national institution anti-terror lead by Ansyad Embay, the interest they make this case is to form public opinion in such a way that would harm the “terrorists” who are getting into, but Detachment 88 has been working hard to arrest and even kill those who are suspected of “terrorist” even with the obscure identity had been killed (like two shooting victims in cawang) so they have a compelling reason and hoping the community support that has been scared by them to re-enact a kind of subversion law as in the New Order, but it specifically applies to the Islamic movement which potentially hostile nations while other movements such as the communist ideology no need applicable law because the fact is sensible communist activists are left to roam spread communism on campus and the community under the guise of social NGOs.

This can be seen through the statement-statement Ansyad Embay as a national anti-terror commander to re-impose direct provocative similar subversion laws during the New Order began with watching the mosques that are considered the recruitment of “terrorists”, in addition to TVone as “TV Police” was also not lose to form similar opinion similar with interviewed of former Pangkopkamtib Sudomo during the New Order in order to expose the “success” NKRI security guard.

2.That case was made by TNI because feel like being stepchild in terror prevention efforts in Indonesia, while the police like a hero leading in the fight against terrorism, of course, also coupled with millions of dollars that police obtained from the U.S. and its allies.This causes the TNI needs to form an opinion that the police has not been enough to tackle terror by making the case so that later the military would be involved. Red thread can be seen with a main anti-terror joint exercises with Kopassus elite Australian troops in Bali recently. It should also be remembered that these two institutions (army / police) have a track record like Tom & Jerry that until today there has been no word permanent peace between them.

3.This case police self-made in order to maintain the figure of the terrible named terrorist so that this police project continues to receive funding from the U.S. and its allies, one that reinforces this analysis is the Police in a short time immediately have pictures with clear image focus  which impposible the pictures were taken from CCTV because the pictures quite clear, from several sides with the assumption that the distance image capture approximately 15-20 meters from the scene, who took very good photos with it? It may be that it was the scene of the narcissistic cop posing as a robber and ask to be photographed by his own friend.

The three above analysis adequately represent the adherents of conspiracy theory besides many other analytical work around this case. But not just always look at the case of these glasses because if we admit the ball of fights is always in the hands of the enemy which makes them free play. Now we return to the initial assumption that if the culprit was the Mujahidin.

The emergence of roots understanding of Action Robbery (Taking Fa’i)

Of the few cases amaliyah jihadiyah in this country, started bombing, the military training to the robbery in order to take Fa’i always bring up the first dichotomy which that sees this country is the conflict areas (areas where there are clear boundaries between who is friend who the opponent) and non conflict area. Those who aggressively apply amaliyah jihadiyah said that Indonesia is an area of conflict refers to the global ijtihad war waged by Al Qaeda therefore obliged to implement amaliyah jihadiyah also considering law of jihad which become fardhu’ain today.

Person who believes Indonesia is not a conflict area said that its not the time for Indonesia carrying out amaliyah jihadiyah by observing the reality of situations and conditions in Indonesia without rejecting the fatwa of Al Qaeda and the general concept that the jihad has become fardhu’ain with the occupation of country of the Muslims by the kuffar and the alien  from the local authorities. The point of the problem is only a matter of time and proper conditions and measured for jihad declare against the international and national evil in order Iqomatuddin.

When this difference happen then there’s view of next consequences to face one law related also with jihad issues would be different, including taking fa’i. For those who regard Indonesia, including conflict areas then obviously take fa’i not doubt its halal status, while those who regard Indonesia is not a conflict area then take Fa’i need to be reviewed (although not required fa’i decision must be in a state of war) considering in Indonesia there is possibility of mixed property believers and unbelievers in the business institutions such as Bank and others, then the facts in Indonesia is still moving the process of tarbiyah to ummah for introducing Islam kaffah after the ummah had been made in to a priori for 32 years of discourse shari’ah Islam, of course, at this stage we need to consider the harm that can disrupt this tarbiyah process with the emergence taking action of fa’i where lots Muslims ummah are still not understand the fa’i problem and then eventually the enemies of Islam having opportunities to make character assassination against the Islamic movement, the consequences tarbiyah process getting harder with big syubhat increase among the ummah.

Taking halal Fa’i In Islam

Fa’i by language implies restore or collect. In syar’i meaning things which are taken from infidels without through a war such as treasure that left behind by infidels because of fears, including property of dzhimma who have no heirs. (Al Jihadu Sabiluna, Abdul Baqi ‘Ramdhun)

In this context, the property of infidels out of dizimmi infidels (unbelievers who submit to Islamic government and pay the jizyah), musta’man infidels (unbelievers who have security guarantee), mu’ahad infidels (unbelievers who are bound into an agreement with the Muslims) to be allow for taken as fa’i with due regard to the syar’i limitations (here is not enough to discuss more details)

Among the arguments are,

وما أفاء الله على رسوله منهم فما أوجفتم عليه من خيل ولا ركاب ولكن الله يسلط رسله على من يشاء والله على كل شيء قدير

   ما أفاء الله على رسوله من أهل القرى فلله وللرسول ولذي القربى واليتامى والمساكين وابن السبيل كي لا يكون دولة بين الأغنياء منكم وما آتاكم الرسول فخذوه وما نهاكم عنه فانتهوا واتقوا الله إن الله شديد العقاب

6. What Allah has bestowed on His Messenger (and taken away) from them – for this ye made no expedition with either cavalry or camelry: but Allah gives power to His apostles over any He pleases: and Allah has power over all things.

7. What Allah has bestowed on His Messenger (and taken away) from the people of the townships,- belongs to Allah,- to His Messenger and to kindred and orphans, the needy and the wayfarer; In order that it may not (merely) make a circuit between the wealthy among you. So take what the Messenger assigns to you, and deny yourselves that which he withholds from you. And fear Allah. for Allah is strict in Punishment.

(Al Hasyr 6 -7)

From the above verses can be concluded that the allocation of fa’i is to the benefits of Muslims including jihad which is a tool to obtain the safety from enemy of the Muslims. Surely based on this context considerations of the safety and harm become important to be notice.

Among the Evidence of the local Mujahideen doing Robbery

Theorem that is strong enough as a base by Mujahedin (once again if true they did it) in robbery action is the story of Abu Basyir and Abu Jandal and their team Radhiallahu’anhum Ajma’in, when they were unable to enter Madinah after the agreement of Hudaibiyah they finally make camp near the beach, then every person who run from Mecca join them with the reason could not enter Madina. As long as they inhabit a place that none of the idolaters of Quraish who pass it but they kill and seize his property, until then Rasulullah Shalallahu’alaihi wasallam let them in to Madina on behalf complaint of Quraish polytheists because their security is threatened. (Sahih Bukhari I/378-381, Saheeh Muslim II/140 0.105 to 106, Sira Ibn Hisham II/308-322, Zadul Ma’ad II/122-127)

In that story is not meant denying lawful agreement with the kuffar, because the Prophet Shalallahu’alaihi wasallam still do not allow Abu Basyir Radhiallahu’anhu in Madina, saying “Alas, he could be a trigger war if have one more friend” when one of Quraish who arrested Abu Basyir complained to the Prophet Shalallahu’alaihi wasallam because his friend had been killed by Abu Basyir, then Abu Basyir Radhiallahu’anhu aware that the Prophet Shalallahu’alaihi wasallam still would not let him enter Medina with the sentence, in other words Abu Basyir out of The Prophet shalallahu’alaihi  wasallam, on the contrary it is the responsibility of infidels of Mecca to catch it if able. From the sentence of the Messenger Shalallahu’alaihi wasallam above we can take the significance of each model of action (as did by Abu Basyir Radhiallahu’anhu) need to see political considerations should not trigger a war that could be in a condition detrimental to the Muslims in general.

In connection with bank robbery in this country, used the story of Abu Basyir Radhiallahu’anhu as arguments need to re-research considering the condition of Abu Basyir Radhiallahu’anhu as part of the Muslims when it clearly looked Quraish as the enemy according to the fact that there have been two major wars ( Badr and Uhud) previously between the Muslims and the polytheists of Quraisy, while in the context of reality of Indonesia, concluded that the Bank CIMB Niaga particularly as part of the enemy is too early conclusion.

The view of Al Qaeda In Fa’i Problems

A reality that is difficult to argue that the spearhead of the international Islamic movement concerned with the issue of jihad and inspire various jihadi movements in lots country is Al Qaeda, even so in Indonesia based on the facts revealed by the local mujahideen publications around the inspiration of their resistance derived from Tanzhim Qo’idatul Jihad (Al Qaeda). Based on these facts, it is important we see how to view one of follower that fairly represent the thinking of Al Qaeda that is Qodatul Mujahideen Ash Shaykh Abu Mus’ab As Sury Fakkallahu Asroh in his phenomenal book Da’watul Muqowwama Al ‘Alamiyah Al Islamiyah, here’s the following quotation,

Previously we have mentioned chapter of the laws of jihad in syar’i in the third chapter, namely Chapter Education Perfect For A Mujahid. Therefore, here we mention a little without having to specify again. We said, The laws of jihad is leaning to the fact of syar’i is now happening in Muslim countries, the explanation has also been discussed in the second chapter of article Syar’i Law Applicable In Reality Muslims today.

Bottom line: governments are now upright in Arab countries and the status of Islam today is a government that does not syar’i and fall caused of those rulers who out from islam are loyal to disbeliever, arbitrate to other than Allah sent down, make the Shari’a ( laws) that against Shari’a of Allah, and other causes which increasingly strengthening this legal status.

Intinya: pemerintahan-pemerintahan yang sekarang tegak di negara-negara Arab dan Islam hari ini statusnya adalah pemerintahan yang tidak syar’i dan gugur disebabkan murtadnya para penguasa tersebut yang loyal kepada orang-orang kafir, berhukum kepada selain yang Alloh turunkan, membuat syariat (undang-undang) yang menyelisihi syariat Alloh, serta sebab-sebab lain yang semakin menguatkan status hukum ini.

On that basis, concluded about several laws:

1.Permitted the property of apostate government and public assets they have, and the assets of the leaders.

2.Permitted the treasure of all foreign infidels in the Muslims country, because their security guarantees fall (not applicable in syar’i) along with the death of the validity of existing government in syar’i so that this government has no right to give security guarantees and protection, or to bond covenants and agreements with infidels.

3.Permitted the treasure all non-Muslims which living in the land of the Muslims, with the same cause with the previous point.

4.Permitted the treasure those apostates, those who openly declare their cooperation with the occupying army and help them against the Muslims.

5.Permitted the property of infidels who living in the country harbiy (who fight the Muslims), because the status of a war between us and them have been upright, and there’s no agreement between them with the Islamic government that syar’i requiring people (the Muslims ) keep the promise.

This is description in general.

For information based on syar’i in detail can be seen again a special article about it, as already mentioned, as well as a detailed description of the interests of political terms while avoiding attacks on the part of the original target to be attacked.

And here I remind some important things:

1.Forbidden (strictly) the treasure and blood of the Muslims wherever they are, both in Muslim countries or in the land of infidels, for any transgression, disobedience and disadvantages they have, even when there is doubt about the object of faith (ashlul Faith) that they have though, because of doubt does not eliminate the sense of conviction. Sure here is they’ve syahadah La ilaha illalloh Muhammad the Messenger. Therefore, should be avoided completely in terms of blood, treasure and honor of the Muslims, because all this is forbidden and sacred.

2. Whoever having personal relationship with the kuffar, whether in contract to provide security guarantee, then he should not cancel his promise, or guarantee of protection and safety, whether he was in the country both Muslim and kuffar country. Allah Ta’ala says:

يا أيها الذين آمنوا أوفوا بالعقود

      “O ye who believe, stick to the promises.” (Al-Maidah 1)

 وأوفوا بالعهد إن العهد كان مسؤولا

“… And fulfill the promise, really promise it will be called to accountability.” (Al-Isro’34)

3. Security guarantee of the jihad leaders and the Muslims, if they are in the areas of those who disbelieve power, then security must be respected. The members must also meet protection and security guarantees given by their leaders to unbelievers.

4. What I mentioned earlier this is the law of halalness property infidels and apostates in syar’i following terms. The application of these laws and treat ghonimah status to their property, it must be run after a study of benefits and mafsadah from the political side when was about to attack a target in a location and at a certain time. If it turns out it was caused real damage to Islam and the Muslims, then it is haraam conducted offensive operations. Not because the original forbidden, but because of the damage caused.

For people who do not know estimates like this, then he should not go without science. But he should ask the scholars who they believed, that is, people who understand the syar’i laws and the politically correct according syar’i, which their Islamic, understanding and their jihad trustworthy.

Then Shaykh Abu Mus’ab As Sury said,

Back to the context of the discussion, we say that the main funding source teams global Islamic resistance after the personal property of the Mujahideen and unconditional donations from good muhsinin, is from ghonimah and fai derived from,

1. The property of harby infidels who live in their own country or in our country.

2. The property of apostate government in collaboration with occupying forces, to remain careful not to spill the blood of the Muslims who work on their assets are.

3. Peoples who proved of their apostasy, because to give loyalty and assistance to those who disbelieve in order to fight the Muslims. Treasure of these people is lawful, the same as the status of their blood. Because they have committed acts riddah. After excerpt from Da’watul Muqowwama Al ‘Alamiyah Al Islamiyah.

From the above quotation clearly seen how the views of a prominent Al Qaeda around the implementation of the action takes fa’i, where as a level  Al Qaeda are so careful and full consideration in these rallies.

Need to research in details do not there is wealth of the Muslims (Ahl-ul-Qibla) who participated in rallies fetched or even Muslims who were killed. Especially in the country such as Indonesia’s Muslim majority in zhahir then need to be high level of carefully even if civil servants (Civil Affairs Officer), for example, we can not direct a verdict apostate and lawful property, as well as the Bank that it is possible mixed property of the Muslims and infidels despite The bank is the Bank of usury because usury is disobedience not kufur that caused the people who implement lawful of their treasure and blood.

Global Jihad Fardhu’ain, the predatory purpose call of Qodatul Mujahideen of Al Qaeda’s l

In the discussion above has alluded to a little background understanding of amaliyah jihadiyah in Indonesia, which calls for global jihad fardhu’ain, until then some people ease themselves in taking fa’i (rob people or parties who considered enemies and infidels) to finance on this jihad that fardhu ‘ain.

In this section let us refer quote fatwas Asy Shaykh Abu Abdurrahman Athiyatullah Al Libbiy Hafizhahullah, an ulama who concern in the field of study Ilmiyah to Tanzhim Qoidatul Jihad (Al Qaeda) to follow his predecessor’s role Asy Shaheed Shaykhul  Battar Yusuf bin Salih Al ‘Uyairiy Rahimahullah, surrounding the meaning of Jihad in treatise Ajwibah fi Hukmi An Nafir Wa Syartil Mutashoddi Lit Takfir which published by Media Nukhbatul I’lam Al Jihad.

Ash Shaykh asked,

Assalam alaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Syaikhuna Al Karim (our teacher Noble), by Allah, I love you for the seek of Allah

Our noble teachers, I have some problems

I had a discussion with one of ikhwah (he never wage jihad in Afghanistan after Sept. 11) about the problem to go for jihad and its legal. I mentioned that the ruling Fardhu ‘ain. He said, “Do mujahideen need you as a person?. What I do know they need more funds than men. Quite the contrary. A week ago I was communicating with one ikhwah. He mentioned just finished tadrib. There has been six months without ever down join the battle. Offered participate amaliyah istishadiyah but not interested. Until now, never took to the battlefield. ”

Are his words true? In that case, whether the law go to jihad fardhu ‘ain or fardhu kifayah? If his words are not right, whether legal fardhu ‘ain? And do i have to ask permission to both my parents or not need?

Ash Shaykh Abu Abdurrahman said,

Wa ‘alaykum salam Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Wa ahabbakallah alladzi ahbabtani FIH (may Allah loves you, makes you love me because of the Essence of His). Praise be to Allah. Hopefully shed blessings and greetings to the Prophet, his family, his Companions and those who followed him.

Wa ba’du,

Yes, at this phase (I emphasize “at this stage”, because it could be changed to another phase), the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and Pakistan do not need a mujahid Muqatil in large numbers.

Alhamdulillah, the number of existing muqatil mujahid from the muhajirin and anshar (local residents) a lot. However, due to capabilities of terrain and the jihad system (jihad pilgrims who exist there) that can absorb people from the arming, training, teaching, religious understanding, and improving their quality of psychological and consciousness, and so on. Even their absorption from the side: the provision of shelter, security of life in the sense the cost of eating, drinking, etc..

Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban), Al-Qaeda or other jihadist organizations do not have the ability to absorb large quantities of all. Because of this reason, namely the lack of financial and similar abilities, and to problems related to the ability of geographical conditions. Therefore we look, we’re in the phase of selection and election. So we invite specialized cadres (specialists) who first needed jihad. Then, ordinary Muqatil as needed based on the decisions taken by commanders and leaders.

We accept person little by little and with the selection and recommendation. In the hands of Allah is all taufik.

This is in connection with our field here. Meanwhile, other fields, each of which adjust the situation and condition. There may be a field that requires a lot of personal while at the same time there is another field that does not require it. So forth.

However, whether this makes us believe that jihad is now fardhu kifayah? In my opinion, this opinion is not correct. And I absolutely can not argue that the present jihad fardhu kifayah. Because the adequacy did not materialize in reality. Because, meaning kifayah, as described by ulama, expulsion of the enemy, or the fulfillment of the amount by which the enemy be driven out and it really has not materialized. I am talking about the adequacy of this we return to our inability to absorb large amounts of personal.

This factor is the biggest mistake because wealthy people in ummah, and mistakes the people who have the capacity of science, the leaders and cadres who have been given the choice a lot of expertise. If not, please give me the funds and the cadres of choice, then you will see the fronts and training camps that we’ll go to them and you will see what will we do against the enemies of Allah, of course, with Allah help.  Wallahul musta’aan hasbunallah wa wa ni’mal wakiil (Allah is the place to ask for help and Allah suffices and He is the best helper.)

Then, because adequacy is temporary so I say to you, right now we do not need a lot of personal. However, could one day so I will be calling and saying, “Come here, O youth of Islam, we need Muqatil as much as possible. Because this is war. The war will take many casualties. And Allah the Almighty Protect.

Likewise fronts, it will be opened depending on the ability and wisdom as well as the interests of (serious benefits.) It should be noted.

Then other things that need I remind you, I limit with our field and similar fields, but what about the Islamic countries, even the whole world? First (Islamic country), is no doubt that many Muslim countries were colonized and ruled by infidels and some part been going on for centuries. Wallahul musta’aan. From start to Andalusia in the west, the coast of Southern Europe, Central Asia, Balkan Peninsula, the Caucasus and beyond, to South Turkestan in China, to many Southeast Asian countries, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and others. Even India or most of it and other countries. All these countries used to be once the nation of Islam and Islamic countries, but was deprived of the enemy. And the obligatory upon the Muslims to return and release them from the hands of the infidels apostates from our own nation.Mandatory wage war and jihad against them. Anyone who is capable shall perform it. By syar’i, legal origin, fighting them more precedence than attacking infidels original in their countries. As for when a higher priority now fighting the infidels original (United States and its allies) because there are factors that require such. So who wage jihad against them? And how do we say fardhu kifayah legal jihad! If we do so, we really people who are too brave!

Second is what I said, even the whole world. Because the whole world waiting for us to conquer it with Islam in a way to fight infidel countries and conquer it so that none of the slander and all deen belongs only to Allah and that infidelity does not have the mighty power that prevents people from Islam.

In this original ruling fardhu kifayah over Muslims. But you can see, he is wasted and not an implement. So, it all gets threatened sanctions unless the person giving udzur to Allah with the practice what one can do.

Maybe we could add other obligations, such as freeing prisoners. This is fardhu kifayah of this people with all the prescribed path. From start to redeem them with wealth or freed by force, war and weapons, or by espionage and deception.

The obligator to enforce Muslims Khilafah and the Islamic Daulah as much as possible to unite all Muslim elements. and other obligations.

Therefore, we say, an explanation the meaning of jihad Fardhu ‘ain upon us right now is that it is obligatory upon every Muslim implement it according to its ability and in accordance with the conditions and according to what is obligatory for him.

In summary, as I often say, are sentences Sheikh Abdullah Azzam Rahimahullah in the book “Ilhaq bil Kafilah”: Anyone who joined the kafilah of jihad and the mujahideen by sacrificing himself and prepare himself, his actions say verbally, prior to his verbal, here I am one of the arrows Muslims please the leaders of the Muslims I arbitrarily throw you. Then say to him: O so and so you go to this place, you go to Chechnya, because they need people like you and because going there for you easily, for example. You are and so go to the place, and you still stay in your place, work in the field of economic, financial, business, writing, lecturing, preaching, and the media or studying, you are oh so and so you have to do this. Any person who allows touch with the commanders of the jihad so that he could explain to him what was appropriate and required for him with sincere, honest and ikhlas, this is clear (do not need to be discussed). And whosoever can not afford, but it mostly, the people of this kind should be run in accordance with the general strategy that has been known, according to its ability to devote hard work, be cautious to Allah, consulted with scholars and great mujahid and trust in the deen and knowledge. May Allah give him taufik and instructions. With that, he has fulfilled its obligations and are exempt from inshallah. Allah accepts those deeds cautious. Therefore, the correct opinion, jihad today is not obliged to ask permission of both parents. Allah knows best. Wa laa haula wa laa quwwata illaa billaah.

(… Then Sheikh clarified ikhwah around questions about the condition of six months in afghan and have not yet descended to the front…) done answers by Sheikh.

From the fatwa of Sheikh Athiyatullah Hafizhahullah clear that interpret the global jihad fardhu’ain until Andalusia back into the hands of the Muslims does not mean to directly perform such jihadiyah amaliyah can perform their prayers anytime anywhere when entering time directly carried out, the prayer also appeared to also need to prepare like how the wudhu, where prayer feasible or not and so on. When jihad fardhu’ain is understood essentially mandatory amaliyah there will be a concept of “the important thing is jihad” without considering the calculation of sufficient ability, situation, condition waqi ‘, political considerations and sustainability of jihad itself. If prayers are fardhu’ain need quite such preliminary ablution and others, what about the jihad which associated of permitted with blood, treasure, also in order to iqomatuddin, it certainly should be more prepared and more consideration again.

Finally, we can see how Al Qaeda is extraordinary in jihad action how wise in addressing the reality and very careful in the action, for us in Indonesia is clearly not comparable with them then we should take many lesson from them to repeat their success in this country. We all miss the establishment of Islam through one of the course that called jihad should be aware that there are still many things we need to prepare more for the later realization of jihad in Indonesia as Tanzhim Qoidatul Jihad (Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and fronts others. Wallahu’alam.  (Sofia Azzahra/arrahmah english section)


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