Russian special services tried to blow up NATO office in Tbilisi

Georgia said Monday it had foiled an attempt to bomb a NATO office in the capital Tbilisi ordered by the ex-Soviet state’s foe Russia in what it said was the second thwarted attack in the past week.

Police said they had arrested a man carrying explosives who was ordered by a Russian security official and police in Georgia’s rebel region of South Ossetia to target the NATO liaison office.

“Another terrorist act has been averted,” the interior ministry said in a statement.

Police video aired on Georgian television showed bomb disposal experts destroying the alleged explosive device.

“According to the suspect’s testimony, he was promised $ 2,000 to stage the terrorist attack,” the ministry statement said.

Last Thursday, the interior ministry said a man and a woman were also detained after allegedly planning to detonate bombs under the orders of Russian military intelligence officers.

Since the war between the two countries in 2008, Georgian police have arrested a series of suspects for allegedly setting off blasts or planning attacks on behalf of Russian military intelligence.

Three men were accused of trying to blow up state buildings in Georgia’s second-largest city of Kutaisi in March, while several more suspects were held on suspicion of staging explosions last year, including a blast near the U.S. embassy in Tbilisi.

It is to be recalled that earlier the American newspaper The Washington Post published an article about ongoing attempts by Russia to destabilize Georgia and wrong policies of the administration of Obama, who, according to the paper, encourages Russian violence against Georgia.

The newspaper points out that the US explicitly condones Russian in this political game, despite the fact that Russia really threatens the US interests.

Moreover, as the newspaper writes, Russia was planning to blow up the US Embassy in Georgia in 2010, but the terrorist attack was uncovered in time.

Today, as indicated by the newspaper, Russia is not only going to curtail terrorist activity against Georgia, but on the contrary – new plans, which should, according to Moscow, topple the power of Georgian president Saakashvili, are being developed.

source : KC


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