Samir Khan: "What does it mean to have freedom in the West?"

(This is one of the very old posts by our brother Samir Khan (rahimahullah) before his blog was shut down)

This is a burning question that the Muslims in the West must understand clearly since a very pseudo understanding of “freedom” has dominated their thinking. The type of “freedom” that they were bombarded with is one in where materialism takes roots; it is the one in which one is able to follow his or her lusts as much as they want. It is this type of freedom that helps rot the society from within till it can no longer be consciously called, “A moral civilization.” Just pause and ask yourself: when was the last time a foreigner called America, “A moral civilization”?

The problem with freedom in the West is that it has no limits; by no limits, we mean no enforcement of morality. There’s a famous saying that “too much of anything is not good for you.” This comes true when on the subject of freedom. To expand on this concept, let’s take a simple example of a mother and her child. In this special relationship, the mother let’s the child do whatever he or she pleases provided that it is within the boundaries or set limits that the mother had given. Once the child crosses those boundaries, then the mother punishes the child. If her child were to get into a fight with a cousin, the mother would punish her child. This is part of the fitrah (human nature) all throughout the world that Allah has enabled within the human beings.

But what if we were to change that up a little? What if we said that the mother had given no limits or boundaries to the child and let the child do almost whatever it pleased? That would be insane! The child would grow up to become corrupt and make the world a more corrupt place. This is what America calls freedom. Islam calls it fasaad (corruption). America gives the excuse that “every man and woman has the freedom to choose between good and evil.” It is like they are playing as God himself! Instead of making it easier for the people to live a righteous life – like how Islam does for both the individual and state level – they make the temptations of the world appear more favorable with their culture of pornography, homosexuality, alcohol, and murder, and then slap on the label, “It is your freedom! So choose!” Naturally, the people follow their desires and make America what it is known for today: a hypocritical, despotically immoral nation led by crooks and baby killers that have horrific intentions to make the world follow their path because of its diversity in evil and deception.

In Islam, however, freedom is to be able to practice your Religion as much as possible, which includes establishing the Shari’ah and waging Jihad for the cause of Allah. Freedom is to be able to stand up to the tyrants and tell them,

“”Verily, we are free from you and whatever you worship besides Allah.” [Al-Mumtahinah, 4]

Free from your wretched laws, methodologies, constitutions and values… free from your repugnant governments, courts, distinguishing characteristics and media…

“We have rejected you, and there has become apparent between us and you, enmity and hatred forever, until you believe in Allah Alone.” [Al-Mumtahinah, 4]

When one is able to live a life that doesn’t imitate the disbelievers, then he is free. When one is free of peer pressure to do evil whether it is from schoolmates, colleagues, or family, then he is free. If one is free of the mindset and worldview of the disbelievers, then he is free. If one receives insults and persecution for his beliefs, then he is free. When one is able to live a life of righteousness more easily than a life of decadence, then he is free. When one is able to forbid and eradicate evil without fearing the fingers of the people and their tongues, then he is free. When one is able to stand up and enforce the correct way of thinking and life without fearing men, then he is free. And the highest of all these is when he is able to stand in the face of the tyrant governments and their ocean of soldiers whilst not fearing their overwhelming weaponry power since his faith is in his Lord alone and he knows how powerful his Lord is, then he is free.

When morality is taken over by evil and called freedom, then this is only a disaster to the nation as it would then have to preach to its children, “righteousness is bad, and evil is good.” This is so because evil sells. And if America stops selling, then there wouldn’t be an America.

What a curse upon a nation!

Freedom is only found in Islam; it is not trapped by a spider-web of evil marketing scams, nor is it dominated by the desires of a corrupt king. We are free men and a free nation. We roam our lands with our heads above the nations of evil whilst simultaneously our foreheads are on the soil worshiping the one and only Lord, freely.

We do not want the freedom of the Americans since it is slavery. It is slavery to ones whims and desires. It is true that we hate your freedoms, but not because we are jealous or that we desire the same. Rather, we hate it because of how greatly you have corrupted not only your own selves, but the many nations of the world. Therefore, we will continue to show hostility and hatred towards you forever until you believe in Allah alone… and freely.

This is what we invite the Americans to.


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