Secret war in the mountains of Chechnya revealed

KC sources report that clashes have been taking place in the Vedeno district of the CE province for several days. The details are not known. Local residents report that gunfire was occasionally heard in the mountains, they saw helicopters shelling forests.

It is also reported that a corpse of a Kadyrov’s minion was brought to the village of Sary-Su (Shelkovskoi District) on Tuesday. Relatives who came to the funeral told that the minion had been killed in the Vedeno district on Monday.

According to a source of the KC, another Kadyrovite was fatally wounded in the same area, in the town of Greben, 4 days ago, and is reported dead. He was also wounded in combat in the Vedeno district of the Province of Nokhchicho (aka Chechnya/Ichkeria).

It is to be recalled in this context that on June 20, Russian sources reported that an operation against the Mujahideen had been carried out in the village of Marz-Mokhk in Vedeno district. It was also stated that as a result of explosion 2 invaders from the gang of “special forces of interior troops” had been seriously injured.

Meanwhile, some Russian sources freport that on June 20 , the Mujahideen attacked a detachment of Kadyrov’s minions near the village of Benoi and seriously injured 2 of them during the battle. No information is available regarding the losses of the Mujahideen.

It is also to be noted that the intensification of fightings in the Vedeno district may be related to the fact that the minions began their so-called “preventive operations” against the Mujahideen, trying to halt their attacks.

The sources indicate that, most likely, Kadyrov fears a major operation of the Mujahideen, like last year’s martyrdom attack on his lair the village of Khosi-Yurt. That is why he drove into the mountains his gang formations. At the same time, the ringleader of Chechen minions is trying to conceal the fightings in the mountains of Chechnya, making the “operation” secret, but nevertheless the information leaked to the media.

It is to be recalled in this connection that Moscow is extremely sensitive to any leakage of information from Chechnya about clashes or sabotage operations. The official version of the Kremlin, which has been repeatedly reported by Putin, is that there is no war in Chechnya, and only post war recovery and prosperity reign there. Therefore, Moscow is encouraging Kadyrov’s efforts to block information about the real situation in the province.

source : KC


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