Security forces captured more than 70 young Muslim Rohingya people

( – Arakan news reporter: Muslim telephone: news of the day in the city of mwanghdao: security forces in cooperation with 50 young Rakhine and Indians captured more than 70 young Muslim Rohingya people, filled three trucks, the witnesses said Muslims what tried to flee from arrest fired shot at their legs and arrested and taken to an unknown fate, this is what happened today 4/7/2012.

They RAID a village-by-village mstmerwa since the beginning of the sedition 3/6/2012 early last month, yesterday also killed seven In the city of mwanghdao the ugliest and mutilated their bodies where separated with swords of flesh to head four of them, three were seriously hurt, hospital for treatment, apologized and here atsal why use troops hunted down in Rakhine State youth? This shows anything God used, dear brothers yet to come time we publish news welaizn that it has followed the news brothers conditions are bad to worse. God used.



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