Shaykh Abu Qatada on Sayyid Tantawi

It’s quite hilarious to see what Shaykh Abu Qatada had to say in an interview last year about the al-Azhar Scholar, Sayyid Tantawi:

“…This is a man who is a failure in every sense – in terms of his character, his faith, and his knowledge. In fact, he is also a failure in terms of his manhood. He is a lowly man, and I cannot find it within myself to say except what Allah has Said regarding his likes: {“Indeed, those who turned back after the Guidance was made clear to them have been decieved by Satan…”}…and here, I put on the record the obligation of faith for the scholars of al-Azhar to declare their disavowal from this lowly, despised Sayyid Tantawi, and to establish for themselves a spirit that is far from him and his authority…

I mention this judgment upon this man because I know that the Muslim who follows his verdicts and actions will not be surprised at what I’m saying, as the proofs for passing this judgment upon him cannot be contained in a single volume. Rather, this requires many volumes of books. However, in case there is a reader who has not followed his history, he might request of me some examples displayed by this man known as Shaykh al-Azhar…”

And he then went on to mention his many, many blunders and mistakes.

source: revloution weblog


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