Slanders inside Ustadz ABB Arrest

Indonesia’s public served by TVOne smothering scene with repeated publicity of KH Abu Bakar Ba’asyir (72 years) arrest who is familiarly called Ustadz ABB or Ustadz Abu. It caused Amir Jamaat Anshorut Tawhid (JAT) arrest at Banjar Patroman West Java Police’s yard was too show off (over acting)!. Ustadz Abu car entourage were surrounded, broken car glass, and the driver arrested like a criminal contempt. Whereas in the car there Ustadz Abu’s wife and the other grandmothers. Indeed it’s inhuman!

More over the demonstrative arrest came two days ahead of Ramadan 1431H. So for Muslims arrests the elderly cleric who always straightforward and explicit in his lecture that is present tyranny in greet the month of Ramadan. This was repeated intimidation Police Headquarters against the Islamic da’wah and the activists at the start of Ramadan last year. It was Kadivhumas Irjenpol Nanan Sukarna Police Headquarters announced that the national police will supervise the da’wah during Ramadan.

Those Repressive actions obviously leave pain in the hearts of Muslims who still have faith in their chest and highly appreciate the cleric institutions as the heir of the prophet (waratsatul Anbiya). And Ustadz ABB is a figure that could be called waratsatul cleric for his straight-istiqomah and explain about Islam like the way it is about aqidah, sharia, daulah, and jihad fi sabilillah, also because of the sharpness of the sentence and his hujjah, and simplicity of his life.

People who look closely at the figure of Ustadz ABB, certainly convinced that the allegations by police that he financed the military training in Aceh up to 700 million does not make sense. The reason that Ustadz ABB is very simple. When me together with Habib Rizieq and KH. Siddiq Mudzakir visited him at Police Headquarters a day after being arrested, he said with a chuckle said if I have those, of course it is better to build a secretariat JAT. He added, “For our JAT office in Solo we just able to rent for 18 million per year.”

After visited Ustadz ABB, I read a statement from FUI criticizing the arrest and judge them as lie made and prosecute on police to immediately release Ustadz ABB unconditionally. Cause indeed he was not guilty. And the police have no evidence except only witness of the members / former members of JAT who arrested. According to reports obtained by FUI, the children who were arrested were tortured. And testimony under torture certainly apocryphal.

It was a suspect for Aceh training named Lutfi Haidaroh i.e Ubaid who sings that Ustadz Abu involved. Ustadz Abu denied Ubaid witness and claimed that Ubaid had been kick out from JAT by him, because he have his own activities (out of control of Ustadz Abu). Being reported that Ubaid who also singing that Ustadz Abu met and and approve Amrozi cs. bombing to Bali in Solo so then he was thrown in jail because of it. So that Ubaid is suspect as a player.

Player who deserves accused most responsible for what is alleged to Ustadz ABB is a steered cop named Sofyan Tsauri. He who recruit and train young people from the JAT, FPI Aceh, and Jamaah Ustadz Abdurrahman Aman. According to reports received by FUI, in addition to successfully train young people to shoot with live bullets in Mako Brimob Palm Two, Sofyan Tsauri supplying weapons for military training in Aceh which was then presumed as terrorist training. FUI also get reports that Sofyan offers to the parties in Central Java for military training and offered money 500 million rupiah for it.

How a steered can train in Mako Brimob and supplying weapons?. There must playing with people who inside. Head of Public Relations Police Headquarters Edward Aritonang admit it. There are two other members actively involved with Sofyan, namely Tatang Mulyadi and Abdi Tunggal who handed weapons and ammunition from the armory (VIVAnews 10 / 8).

Thus it is clear for allegations that Ustadz ABB involved military training in Aceh is a slander. And his arrest who dropped of the dignity of a scholar who had been old is a slander. And slander is something oppressors who incurred the Wrath of Allah. Allah SWT says:

For those who persecuted the believing men and women and did not repent of it, there is the torment of Hell and the punishment (hell) that burns. (QS al-Burooj 10).

May big families of the national police understand the dangers of libel and keep themselves away from lie maker. Moreover public confidence in the national police has fallen with case of Bibit Chandra, Chief of Police has been lying in front of the Parliament of the existence of phone recording between Ary Muladi and Ade Raharja, and the Police found out “accidentally” processing A option in Century Bank case when Parliament set C option which must be handled . Former Kabareskrim Komjenpol Susno Duaji once said that related with lie made case of Bibit Chandra, Chief of Police lied five times a day. Wow-wow-wow.. If in front of the parliament Chief of Police can lie, what is in case of Ustadz ABB Ustadz not lying?. Wallahua’lam!

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