Some facts of the genocide against the Muslims in Burma

( – Why did this genocide begin?

The Buddhist Rakhine made the false claim against the minority Muslim Rohingya that three Muslim youths raped and murdered a 26 year old woman. It was totally wrong as the minority Muslims did not do this against the Buddhist Rakhine. The woman was raped and killed by a gang of Buddhist Rakhine, one of whom was her boyfriend. There was a dispute between the woman and her boyfriend. The boyfriend tried his best to convince her to be his girlfriend again, but she refused and took a new boyfriend. Then, the ex-boyfriend, accompanied by his two close friends, took revenge by raping and killing her.

The Buddhist Rakhine killers placed the dead body near a Muslim village without any knowledge of the murder. The Buddhist Rakhine and the Quaffer Burmese (Myanmar) authority accused Muslims of killing the woman. As a result, three innocent Muslim youths were arrested. One was beaten to death, and the other two were sentenced to death by the court. The government has shown the world that they created a fake issue to instigate a real event against Muslims.

The situation of the Muslim Rohingya prior to the beginning of this genocide

In recent months, Rakhine extremists and xenophobes have released anti-Rohingya propaganda inside and outside of Burma by harping on the old slogan, “Rohingya is not a nationality in Burma. They are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh,” with intent to exterminate them ultimately.

Surprisingly, these organized efforts have been carried out in line with the recent statements of some responsible ministers and authorities of the ruling government.

How did this genocide start and what happened afterwards?

On June 3, 2012, eight Muslim pilgrims along with one escort, one bus helper, and one woman were killed by a Rakhine mob in Taungup township in southern Arakan State. Five others escaped the massacre. The victims were Muslim pilgrims returning to Rangoon on a bus after completing their spiritual service at Thetsa Masjid of Thandwe in southern Arakan State.

The gang of Rakhine terrorists stopped the bus, which had the license plate 7 (Ga) 7868, at an immigration gate, and called, “Come down all, if there are any foreigners,” while holding lethal weapons. The escort and helper requested to the Rakhine terrorists not to cause any harm to the passengers, but the terrorists forced themselves onto the bus and shouted that there were foreigners.

Then, they started to beat the Muslim pilgrims and dragged them from the bus to the road, where an organized gang of more than 300 Rakhine terrorists beat the Muslims until they died. The gang had been standing at the immigration gate, but no authorities came out to stop the massacre.

According to the list circulated when they left from Tachan Pai Mosque to Thandwe, the eight Muslim victims were from central Burma and are identified as;

1) Muhammed Sharief @ U Ne Pwe s/o U Ahmed Suban, 58 8/Ta Ka Ta (N)095548, from Taung Twin Gyi
2) Muhammed Hanif @ U Maung Ni s/o U kay Pe Sufi, 65 8/Ta Ka Ta (N)095530, from Taung Twin Gyi
3) Shafield Bai @ U Aye Lwin s/o U A Hpoe Gyi, 52 8/Ta ka Ta (N)093573, from Taung Twin Gyi
4) Aslam Bai @ U Aung Myint s/o U Hla Maung, 508/Ta ka Ta (N)094557, from Taung Twin Gyi
5) Balai Bai @ Tayzar Myint s/o U Yakub, 288/Ta ka Ta (N)189815, from Taung Twin Gyi
6) Shuaib @ Tin Maung Htwe s/o U Tin Oo, 218/Ta ka Ta (N)231084, from Taung Twin Gyi
7) Salim Bai @ Aung Bo Bo Kyaw s/o U Tun Tun Zaw, 2614/Ma La Na (N)231084, from Myaung Mya
8) Lukman Bai @ Zaw Nyi Nyi Htut s/o U Ibrahim, 3314/Ma La Na (N)148133, from Myaung Mya

And the two other victims were a husband and wife from Thandwe township and related to driving.
The bus with plate number “7 (Ga) 7868″ was also burnt and destroyed.

The other five Muslims were able to escape from the brutal killing. The culprits celebrated their triumph by spitting and tossing wine and alcohol on the dead bodies lying on the road. But no one was arrested, and no legal action has been taken against the killers yet. The corpses were buried in Thandwe on the evening of June 3, 2012.

A security force of Rakhine loot and burn Rohingya property under Act 144

Under Burmese authority imposed by Act 144, the Rohingya community from Maungdaw are not allow to go outside of their residences, while the Rakhine community moves freely.

The security personnel were protecting the Rakhine community when the Rakhine set the Rohingya’s houses on fire. 

The security personnel fired into the Rohingya community who were trying to protect their property, according to an elder from Maungdaw.

Security personnel and the Rakhine community set the house of Razak, Lalu, and Syed Ahmed on fire. More than five clothes shops were looted which were worth more than 150,000,000 kyat, and one mosque in Sawmawna village was demolished. More than 200 Rohingya were wounded in different villages in the evening of June 8, 2012.

On June 9, 2012, an estimated 100 Rohingya were killed, and nearly 500 were wounded by Rakhine racists and security personnel.

The Muslim genocide continues in Arakan after the army declared its control

Muslim Rohingya are fleeing to Bangladesh from Akyab because of violence in Arakan State where Rohingya villages were burnt down, and many innocent Rohingya were killed by police, security personnel, and the Rakhine. The Muslim Rohingya thought that Bangladesh is a Muslim country and that it would help them during this situation.

Unfortunately, the Taghout Bangladeshi government and army are not allowing the Muslim Rohingya to enter Bangladesh. If any local Muslims give shelter to the Muslim Rohingya, then the Taghout Bangladeshi army arrests them and deports the Muslim Rohingya. 

The Burmese authorities recently established a special courtroom inside the Maungdaw police station. An elder reported, “The special court is used for Rohingya who were arrested by the police, the Nasaka (border security force), and the army with allegations of creating problems inside Maungdaw since June 8. There are no arguments in the special court and the judge only reads the statement and sends them to jail.”

No relatives were able to find their beloved ones who were arrested by the authorities, and they have no knowledge of the special court, said a politician from Maungdaw.

The Buddhist Burmese authority is using a new tactic of rape in the Rohingya community which made no place safe for the Rohingya women in Maungdaw, said a politician from Maungdaw. “From June 8 until June 19, more than 60 women were raped in Maungdaw by security personnel – police, Hluntin (security forces), Nasaka, and the army – together with the Rakhine and the Natala (new settlers).”

Most of the Rohingya women were raped by security personnel and the Rakhine and Natala. While all the men were at a meeting called by the security forces, another security group entered the village and raided each house and destroyed all household items and looted only the valuables – gold and money. At that time, all the Muslim Rohingya women were in the house and were raped by the security forces, the Natala, and the Rakhine, said a victim from Paungzarr.

“The security forces – the army and Nasaka – entered the village at night to check a list of families where the forces raped the Rohingya women in the houses, as no men are living in the houses for fear of arrest.”

Muslims are not protected in Arakan – Maungdaw and Akyab – by the security forces – Nasaka, Hluntin, and police – which have become killing forces. Instead of protecting the helpless, controlling the situation, and restoring law and order, they rampaged and burned the Muslim villages and shot at the fleeing people from the burning houses. A curfew has been imposed just to carry out systematic killing of the Muslims in the city of Akyab and the town of Maungdaw. After the curfew, the hooligan Rakhine of Arakan took to the streets together with the so-called security forces and police and intruded into

Hasbunallah Wani’mal Wakil….

Shaban 1433
Juli 2012
Source: (Echo of Jihad Center for Media)
Global Islamic Media Front
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