Sometimes the Jihad Media recede, but never die

( – The Jihad information media have an important role in Jihad itself. We know that the enemies of Islam do not only launch physical wars against the Muslims, but they also launch non-physical wars, one of them is the media war. The enemies of Islam have very strong media circles, that they easily spread their propaganda to mislead the opinion of the public in the framework of discrediting Islam and the Muslims, especially the ones related with Jihad. It is here that, Islamic media -especially the jihad and pro-jihad media- play the role of countering the rotten propaganda launched by the kuffar and munafiq.

Many people doubt the jihad media, thinking that the jihad media have no influence on the enemy’s moves. Is it true? If it is true, then what are the reasons that the West and their henchmen are attacking the jihadi websites and implanting their spies in them. That the jihad media are oftentimes made as targets of Cyber Attacks by the ‘invisible enemy’, is one of the proofs of the influences of the jihad media on the enemy’s move. The following is an explanation by Sheikh Abu Sa’ad al-Amily hafizhahullah concerning the activities of the jihad media in the world of global information to fight the media war launched by the enemies, “Sometimes The Jihad Media Recede, But Never die”:


Alhamdulillah the Rabb of the mustadh’afin (the weak people) and He is the One Who honours and helps them, as well as humiliates and destroys the mushrikeen and the munafiqeen. I say salawat and salam to the Messenger for the whole worlds, the Prophet who was blessed and prepared to confront al-malhamah. I also say salam to his family, sahabahs and his followers until the end-times, ama ba’d:

The existence of i’lam (information media) and especially the jihadi i’lam can never stop until the Judgment Day. The position of the media becomes very important as a broadcasting and manhaj-raising tool in making the program of the da’i or jama’ah successful.

Sometimes the callers of truth or jama’ah experience unedurable recession caused by internal and external factors, thus psychological readiness on the part of the callers or jama’ah is required to mend this problem and overcome the obstructors so as to remain firm in voicing out the truth until it can influence the hearts of the people.

Due to that, it is hoped that all forms of bad prejudices against every individual who rises up to unite in the field of i’lam can be minimized, and then try to remind them to improve (at-tashih) their work and understand the field of this job. We must believe that every one of our ansar have a good intention in the framework of helping His Dien and trying get himself positioned in the fortress from the many varieties of fortress of Islam, which includes the fortress of al-i’lam which now becomes an influential and most dangerous weapon in this critical phase throughout the history of conflict between us and our enemies.

The external factors for this recession are the blockades that strike the jihadi i’lam deeds which work to restrict and obstruct the moving space of the ikhwans. I am not overstating if the i’lam war is really happening. The enemies are using all methods and technologies that could endanger and injure us and that could distance the public from us, where today they are very intensely doing it, compared to the past.

The internet networks was invented by the enemy as a tool for sorcery, and then they realized that the internet became an important tool to change everything, so much so that with it, destruction takes place on Earth for the sake of their interests to confine freedom, rob the wealth and destroy the values of the nations especially the Muslim nation. 

However, Allah is the All-Determiner with His Wills, He unleashes the hidden soldiers whom the enemy did not portend. These invisible soldiers right away seized and triggered those weapons and immediately shot right back at the necks of the enemies of Allah. The invisible soldiers changed the internet network to become a backfired weapon that terrifies the enemies of Allah, changing the activities of the war and killing off the goals proclaimed by their institutions which, despite looking strong in the eyes of the majority of mankind, but in truth are weak.

The internal factors for the recession of the works of the ansar are on the weakening of the conviction that should have been continually sustainable, the unreadiness to become the hidden soldiers and the doubts that they are not on the right fortress but only as if they on a temporal fortress of fantasy. Whereas, there cannot be any doubt at all that the arena of i’lam is a right fortress.

The majority of us also believe that, uniting in the arena of i’lam is only as a nafilatul amal (sunnah ibaadah) or only limited as a part-time job, a snappy activity, a meaningless routine or at most limiting oneself to following the postings by feeling stingy to pray do’a for the author, let alone to contribute useful commentaries to a topic as a broadening of the knowledge horizon and the development of a discussion.

As long as we do not have full confidence that we are the true ansar, we are the “garments” for our Mujahideen brothers and that this deed is a deed that is fardhu ain as opposed to amal nafilah, which we may or may not do as we like…, I say to those who are not convinced and where this understanding has not permeated into their souls, we will only become elements of the ansar that give rise to negative impacts, in fact we could even become the thorns in the arena of jihadi i’lam and we do not produce anything except mirages.

We are all leaders and we will all be asked accountability for our leaderships, it is time we prepare to face and receive the big challenge. Allah is always with us and He never wastes the reward of the best deeds.

I have emphasized what I am saying in the previous paragraph, i.e. the internet is not the only tool that we have in the arena of jihadi i’lam, even though it is the most quick and effective means. There are means other than the internet, though traditional it is able to meet the needs and bear good results while waiting for the subsequent displacement of many of the obstacles. If indeed obstacles are very disturbing, then we could go back using the internet as a tool that is easily operated.

The ansar should also plunge into the arena of da’wah, occupying themselves with i’dad that is good, targeted and comprehensive. The situation today is getting complicated and chances are getting slimmer, whereas we need the extra strength and expansion of work. This is what requires us to invite all ansar and the Mujahideen to endeavour seriously, namely by crowding all the available fortresses for the expediency of our da’wah in the framework of purifying the manhaj for those souls who still want to be the victims of the Jewish-Crusader media and victims of the Crusader’s education. We get down to save and lift them out from the quagmire and then galvanize them so as to become the forces of al-haq and battalion of al-iman who would immediately speed toward the arena of jihad and martyrdom.

Now in front of us clearly lies the field of i’dad, the arena of tarbiyah and the construction of infrastructure that have many branches of specialization. Imbibe all the branches of knowledge as maximal as possible and be the experts in every art of science and field. However, if the ability of the enemy cannot be outmatched, then indeed Allah is Most High, He is able to open up for us the other abilities, thus we can weaken the enemies who hamper in front of our faces. This Earth of Allah is spacious, the arena of righteous deeds also unfolds extensively and numerously, let’s not narrow ourselves over what Allah has made spacious. Because on every good deed and seriousness, the sincerity of intention for Allah Ta’ala is required, so it will not vanish but its rewards will remain perfect with Allah and Allah will make this deed as a goodness that is beneficial for mankind.

Walk upon the barakah (blessings) of Allah, do not despair and be sad because Allah Ta’ala never forgets, and He Knows all things unseen, nothing escapes His supervision. He is the One Who is capable of crushing the mouths of our enemies, and every one who takes advantage of this mimbars will undoubtedly strengthen and add to the ansar and supporters which causes the enemies to lose.

It is a part of the sunatullah, sometimes we recede and stumble, but we will never be destroyed and we never ever die. Victory and tamkin (state of being well-established – ed.) must be traversed with trials and and tsabat (consistency).

Salawat and salam from Allah and His barakah be upon our leader Muhammad, his family and the entire sahabahs.

The end of our call is by saying al-hamdulillaahirabbil ‘aalamiin.

Author: As-Sheikh Abu Sa’ad Al-Amily may Allah forgive him
Jumadil Ula 1433 Hijriyah

Translated by Theunjustmedia



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