State language of Caucasus Emirate has to be language of Quran

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds, the blessings and peace be upon our messenger Muhammad, his family and his companions!

A language in the life of a Muslim is a tool for communication, and a Muslim can know and use any language.

Our religion encourages even know the language of the enemy and, nevertheless, only a single language of the Muslim has a special status – it’s Arabic language.

It is not a secret to anyone why Arabic is so important. It is the key to a proper understanding of the religion of Allah. Allah has sent down His treasure in Arabic.

If we talk about what language should be official in the Islamic state, then the issue should be considered religious too and turn to the revelation of the answer.

Since the times of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and welcome, Islam was, and remains today, closely related to the Arabic language. Muslims tried to get know better Arabic, and this enabled them to better know their own religion.

Such an attitude towards the Arabic language should exist in all Muslims everywhere, always and in all political and other circumstances.

Our strength lies in our religion, and the way to its detailed and true understanding – is Arabic! Thus, the language of the Quran will become not only the language of communication between peoples, but also one of the most important elements of strength and stability of the state.

Knowledge about Islam extensive and it is not just. When a sincere Muslim knows more about the apparition, he correctly observes it, and becomes less vulnerable to Satan and enemies.

It is clear that in the Islamic Emirate of Caucasus today a few people speak the Arabic language and the spoken language for some time will be Russian. But if you take up the matter thoroughly and lay the foundations of schooling in Arabic, given the duty of Muslims to learn the language of the Quran and Sunnah, then in a generation with the help of Allah we can make great progress.

source : Kavkaz center


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