Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the bloody tragedy of the Muslims of Burma

AFGHANISTAN ( – The Muslims of Burma have been facing such oppression and savagery for the past two months never previously witnessed in the history of mankind.

Mercilessly burning children, women and men like toasting sheep on fire is not only against every known law but something no man with any conscious can ever accept but unfortunately the Muslims of Burma are targets of such a gross crime. Not only that, but they are also being expelled from their lands, forcefully ejected from their homes, their wealth is being usurped! and their honor looted while the whole world turns a blind eye to their plight.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, besides considering this crime a black scar on the history of mankind, calls on the government of Burma to immediately put a stop to this savagery and barbarism and halt such heart rending historical violations against humans and humanity. They should realize that this is not only a crime against the Muslims of Burma but against all humankind and especially an unforgivable crime against the entire Muslim world.

Alongside this, the Islamic Emirate calls on the international community, especially all human right organizations and groups and all the governments and nations of the world particularly the governments and people of the Islamic world and primarily the Arab nations to take immediate actions against this tragedy. It is very deploring that thousands of humans, mostly women and children, are savagely burnt publically without anyone taking any notice.

The Islamic Emirate also calls on all international media outlets especially Al-Jazeera network to fulfill its moral and humanitarian obligation by exposing this barbarism and informing the people about its realities.

Similarly, the international educational centers especially those of the Islamic community, the scholars, politicians, intellectuals, writers and in fact all people should fulfill their obligations against this cruelty and terror on un-proportional levels.

 The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan







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