Successfully Retaken, Pontianak Conducive: "Thousands of Muslims Responded To The Call Of Jihad" Allahu Akbar!

PONTIANAK ( – “The FPI is a part of the Islamic ummah, those who disturb the FPI, means they are disturbing the Islamic ummah… the Muslims do not attack, but they are attacked first!” 

Thus was what the central Chairman of the FPI Pontianak, Ustadz Ali Al Muntahar, emphasized from his residence. It is not just a mere utterance, it was proven by the gathering of thousands of Muslims from different cities and towns without being commanded, to unite with the ranks of the FPI when hearing that there would be an attack by the Dayak people against the headquarter of the FPI which is driven by the elements of Dayak activists.

“Who called those people? Not the FPI! No! But Allah! So this is not the problem of the FPI anymore, but the problem of the Islamic ummah! They raided the women who wear jilbab by holding up spears and mandai (Dayak traditional weapon – ed.), as well as pelting the houses of worship of the Muslims with stones, this is fighting against Islam! The Muslims would not back off if this is the case!” he explained.

With regards to this, one of the Muslim community leaders who just happened to be beside him said , “Solat is done, Zakat is done, Fasting is done, Performing Hajj is done… but where is the Jihad???” He said this to motivate the Islamic ummah of Pontianak to do jihad defending life and religion. The same thing was stated by Habib Rizieq in his SMS, “Say to them (the Dayak elements), You Come We Receive, You Sell We Buy.”

Nevertheless, the Muslim community is still offering the opening of a dialogue, “We are asking Cornelis as the Chairman of DAD West Kalimantan, not as a governor, to be present, Ibharim Banson, Mr. Barnabas Simin, Yakobus Kumis, Yusuf Undun, David undun, Dr. Hanis Rafael, the sultan in West Kalimantan, as well as the Muslims who were present in the earlier meeting, namely the FUI, FKUB, etc.. to sit again and discuss about this problem,” he asserted.

Sholatul Jum’at Like In A War 

The Muslim community in the area of Ambawang, which is located near the Dayak community, performed the sholatul Jum’at in turns, some were on guard while some others were performing the sholatul Jum’at. The khutbah delivered was also purposely shortened. In this regard he answered, “It ever happened in Ambawang, we are praying the solat jum’at, they (the Dayaks) went out burning. This is not to provoke the Muslims.. but we are only anticipating.. do not be off guard, unite the ranks…”

The Apparatuses Are Asked To Be Firm 

“Come on kalopda (Head of Regional Police – ed.), you lots must be independent, and truly upholding the law. The Haq is haq, batil is batil! Even until now, the burning incident in the area of Ambawang by the Dayak community has not been solved completely,” he explained.

Before this, he was also disappointed with the attitude of the apparatuses who appeared to allow the clashes in Veteran St., “At that time the Dayak people were already attacking the Muslims, we withdrew, the apparatuses were silent.. however, as reinforcements arrived from our rear, the Dayak people ran off, when chased by the Muslims, only then the apparatuses fired warning shots so that we would halt, what’s this?!” he said.

This is the work of just a handful of the Dayak communities

Regarding the news that circulated widely in the society, so the FPI Pontianak clarified that the act of the Dayak people yesterday does not represent the Dayak community as a whole. “There is Dr. Hanis Rafael, who is a very respected leader of the Dayak customs, he in fact rejects this kind of act. He deeply regretted that this could happen. This is obviously the works of some elements, not the Dayak community as a whole. The FPI has been in this Pontianak for 10 years, we with the Islamic ummah have never disturbed the Gawai Dayak (Dayak Celebration -ed.) event, we have never disturbed their activities. There are some elements that deliberately take advantage, and the arrival of Habib Rizieq have a selling value for that,” explained Ustadz Ali Muntahar

Successfully Retaken, Pontianak Conducive 

On Thursday afternoon, when the police blockade was lifted, the Muslim communities then moved and carried out the”sweeping” looking for the Dayak elements that harassed the Muslims. It was done into the center of the concentration of the Dayak masses at Betang House (cultural center). In the action, two mischief-makers were reportedly wounded and another one in a critical condition. In fact, hundreds of those mischief-makers who had terrorized the Muslims in the streets, have gone out of town. And it was ascertained that from the Muslims’ side, only one was lightly wounded due to a fall. The banner with the provocative words, which earlier was paraded by the hundreds of Dayak elements, is now in the hands of the Muslims. Allahu Akbar!




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