Syeikh Abu Umar Al-Baghdadi: “As for the Foam it Passes Away as Scum”

[The following was translated by a brother from Dar al-Tibyan. These are excerpts of Ameer al-Mu’mineen, Abu ‘Umar al-Baghdadi’s (hafidhullah) latest speech entitled, “As for the foam, it passes away as Scum” or فَأَمَّا الزَّبَدُ فَيَذْهَبُ جُفَاء. We have slightly edited the text since there were some grammar mistakes]

-Reminder to the people for the passing of over a year since the establishment of the Islamic state

-His admiration for the tribes, describing them as brave and generous and fighting back-to-back with the mujahideen until the enemy is defeated

-Refutation of those that say that the mujahideen have come from strange lands as if the Americans were from the tribe of Dulaim (famous Sunni tribe). He further asks these people what where they to do if it had been the prophet that migrated to them, certifying that what is happening today is not very different to that which happened to the prophet (saw)

-Certifying that the non-’Iraqi mujahideen in ‘Iraq are the most willing to give away there lives for the deen, so much so that only 200 non-’Iraqi mujahideen remain in ‘Iraq.

-Noting some of the statements issued by the so-called Political Council of the ‘Iraqi Resistance.

-That it would make the enemy extremely happy to hear of the disassembling of the Islamic State and for all the groups to return to there original state (i.e., Al-Qaa’idah in ‘Iraq and all the other groups) and the disappearance of the Islamic state.

-Reminding the Muslims that jihad is Fardh ‘Ain (compulsory upon every Muslim) and he brought forth proofs of this

-Warning of the selling of the Akhira (hereafter) for a small portion of this world

-A warning regarding forming alliances with disbelievers against the believers quoting Shaykh Ahmad Shaakir (RA) in his infamous Fatwah regarding the British and those who where in league with them during the British colonisation of Egypt. Also stating that to do this nullifies ones faith quoting Imam Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Wahhaab and Shaykh Hamood bin ‘Uqla Ash-Shuaybi

-Refuting those who say it is because the Islamic State that the mujahideen have become unpopular and are losing support in some areas caused by the so-called awakenings. He enquires: did not mass apostacy taken place at the time of the companions causing even some of the companions to fall into apostacy?? Did not apostacy taken place during the reign of Abu Bakr (RA) to the extent that there where only three places in the whole of the peninsula that Allah was worshipped in: Mecca, Medina and a small mosque in Bahrain? So can we blaim their apostacy on the Prophet or on Abu Bakr?! He also states that even some these arabs ended up following a woman (women who used to be burried alive before islam came) who claimed prophethood she led an army of over 40,000!

-He speaks of the causes of this apostacy placing them in the following categories:-

*tribal ignorance (jaahiliyyah)

*love of this world

*misconception advocated by “trusted” individuals, reminding the people about the fitnah of Israa and how it was twisted by the mushrikeen to confuse the Muslims causing some of them to apostate

-The Soldiers of the State are fighting a war with over a million hostiles from Crusaders to apostates to rafidites (shi’ah), and made mention of Awakening councils and the so-called honourable resistance.

-The role of the media in Fighting what they call the Global Salafi Jihaadi threat, especially in ‘Iraq.

-Giving glad tidings about the situation in ‘Iraq and that its going from good to better, saying that those who have apostasized are a miniority compared to those who have kept steadfast saying it was only the tribe of Dulaim and a small part of the tribe of Jaboor. He also stated that those who killed Rishaawy (leader of the awakening councils of Anbar) where his own kinsmen.

-He, hafithahullah, states that the Islamic State, in spite of this, is still in control of most of its regions and it was only small parts of Diyaala that the Crusaders have any presence, due to the betrayl of the so-called Hamas in Iraq and that the only stronghold left for the apostates is Ramadi and that it will soon be taken care of. Bearing in mind Kurkuk, Bejee, Salahuddin, Tal’afaar and Ishaaqi i.e., majority of the Muslim ‘Iraq are all places where Allah’s word is supreme.

-He also strongly admires the soldiers of the Islamic State in Baghdad and says that they are more stable than mountains and are stronger than steel.

-He, hafithahullah, declares the formation the Siddeeq faction to tackle apostates (in refrence to Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq’s war on apostates)

-A warning to the soldiers of the Islamic State to have no mercy whilst in combat with these apostates.

-Tells the mujahideen not to let their brothers blood go to waste and to hold steadfast to their posts and not to give away their land cheaply for every inch these apostates take, they claim they have taken it back from the Islamic State even though they claimed at the begining that we (i.e., Islamic State) control nothing.

-Asking the mujahideen to be weary of tribalism or nationalism

-Protecting Ahl As-Sunnah from the evil of these awakening councils for they have spread corruption and immorality in the areas they control

-He commands to severly punish those who collobrate with these people

-To unite the sunni people back again after they have been afflicted with these evil plots from apostates and traitors, returning the forgotten respect to the scholars and to the true tribal leaders.

-Declaration of a new Ghazwah “The Tribute of Martyrs Abu Umar Al-Kurdi”

-The purpose of this Ghazwah is fight all the apostates and traitors of the awakening councils who wear their light reflecting uniforms; he urges all the mujahideen especially those of the Islamic State

-It is the mission of every soldier to carry out at least three IED attacks or three attacks using exposives especially martydom operations. If that is not possible than at least to kill three apostates. This Ghazwah ends on the 20th of Muharam 1429 H


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