Takbeer! Mujahideen launched two rockets on the Bagram air base

AFGHANISTAN (Arrahmah.com)Allahu Akbar! A report said that Mujahideen has launched two rockets towards the Bagram air base, the largest US facility in Afghansitan.

That rockets hit on the heavily fortified site, located 11 kilometers (7 miles) from southeast of the city of Charikar, Parwan province, it’s occurred at 8 pm, Saturday (10/3/2012).

Taliban Mujahideen (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) claimed for the attack on the enemy air base in a statement by spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, he said that a number of foreign soldiers were killed in the assault and the US air base has suffered damaged, as reported by presstv.

Bagram air base has often attacked by Mujahideen despite the Pentagon is often denied, and this latest incident the Pentagon was not confirmed. (siraaj/arrahmah.com)


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