The Brigades of Tawhid Nigeria

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, the one who does not forgive shirk, yet forgives anything less than that for whomsoever he wills. And whosoever commits shirk, then he has indeed invented a tremendous sin and whosoever commits shirk, then he has indeed strayed far away. Peace and blessings be upon Muhammad ibn-Abdullah, the Imam of the Muwahhidin, the one who was ordered in the Qur’aan to follow the path of Ibraheem and the Da’wah of all the Mursalin in calling to the Tawhid of Rabb al-Alamin.

The Holy Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) taught us pride and dignity. He taught us to challenge the enemy and take the path of the honest people. May Allah Accept him and his powerful followers who abjured anybody who contradicted, the good Hanafi, no matter how close he was to them. They went around the world and faced danger in the desert and risked their lives as proof of this. They took over lands and countries to get them to worship the only deity worthy of the heavens and earth.

And for what follows;

Every conscious Muslim in this era of Neo-Jahiliyyah will definitely become perplexed as a result of events and happenings that are unfolding themselves. He will never seize to wonder about the pillars of Kufr that has its tentacles and branches all over the nooks and crannies of the world. Most at times, he might feel overburdened as a result of the vibrancy of Kufr and its strong agents that controls everything at his fingertips but anyway he must finally result to a conclusion that Kufr will never be extinguish except with the brigades of Tawheed. Those who are ready to sell this world for the hereafter scattered all over the world but with a unified goal of establishing the Tawheed of Allah on the surface of the earth such were the Brigades of Tawhid in Nigera.

Prior to the advent of western subjugation in the area that later became known as Nigeria, their existed the Sokoto Caliphate, a caliphate that was established upon the Islaamic Sharee’ah through the Jihad and unrelenting efforts of Shaykh Uthman bin Fodio in 1804. Many cities, villages as well as provinces were liberated from the worship of kings to the worship of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’alaa). They were liberated from obeying and following the orders of the kings to that of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’alaa). These existed for a long period of time and it covered most parts of the northern Nigeria. Islaamic laws were highly implemented; the Sharee’ah of Islaam was strictly adhered to as well as Islaamic education, principles and practices. All of these were flourishing in northern Nigeria before the emergence of western warlords who embarked on massive subjugation of the territory. They finally invaded and conquered this Caliphate just like what was carried out to other lands of the Muslims in 1903 at the event of the battle of Burmi where the Brigades of Tawhid under the leadership of Shaykh Attahiru Muhammad got their martyrdom without compromising their stances on the Tawhid of Allah at a fierce battle with the white dogs.

After this events, the western monkeys embarked on their mission geared towards re-socialization of the Caliphate as the land that was known for rejecting any law that contradict Islaamic Sharee’ah soon became a land that house alien laws even when they contradict Islaam with the help of their stooges and puppets who forcefully impose these laws in the Caliphate. Alien laws that contradict Islaam became the order of the day as Islaamic laws gradually became a history of the past. However, they begin a gradual process of transformation in this Caliphate through the suspension of Islaamic laws, silencing the callers of Tawhid as well as suppression of Islaamic education and introduction western education which became an instrument of coercion. To further frustrate this Caliphate, they amalgamated it with that of the southern territory that has already been drowned into western colonization for the purpose of strict supervision and domination. Western education became the yardstick for the control of resources, revenue, appointments as well as supervision of the administrative structure of the Caliphate. However, it should be understood that the impact of this system of education was highly detrimental to the religion of Islaam and its practices in the Caliphate as virtually all that was introduced by this education contradict the already established principles of Islaam. At this point in time, the already subdued Caliphate and its people became drown into confusion as to whether or not to partake in this new phenomenon. Majority of the Emirs, scholars and even the masses who prefer to maintain their fitrah rejected the western law and their system of education and in most cases they were killed, persecuted or imprisoned.

The aftermath of the amalgamation witnessed total subjugation of the northern territory by its southern counterpart who at this time was very vast in western education which was the dictator of affairs. At this juncture, as a result of the apparent reality, most of the Islaamic scholars gave verdicts for the permissibility of Muslims to partake in the western education but with the intention of Islaamizing it so as to lift up the domination from their southern counterparts, other scholars never supported these ideas because they referred to it as submission to Kufr which they say can nullify one’s Islaam.

However, it should be understood that those who designed this education hated Islaam and were ready to extinguish its growth and development as those who partake in this education were restricted in their observance of Islaamic practices. They were exposed to Christianity, western ideologies and within a short period of time some were converted to Christianity and were taken to Europe to further their study. Islaamic practices were strictly not adhered to and this became a problem as those with high Islaamic spirit for reformation who took part in this education gradually became sheeps who submitted wholly to the system and its practices even when they contradict Islaam as Allah (subhanahu wa ta’alaa) said “Fain would they extinguish Allah’s light with their mouths, but Allah will not allow but that his light should be perfected, even though the unbelievers may detest it” [At-Tawbah v. 32].

The northern territory that was known for its strict observance of Islaam gradually became loose as western ideas became the dominant ideas in this territory. Several people who hated this domination started to make vibrant preparation to conquer the white dogs which led to the formation of several Islaamic resistance movements most of which could not live up to limelight.

At this juncture, the territory has lost its foothold on Islaam as majority of the emirs, scholars as well as the masses became the followers and lovers of the white dogs and its system of operation. It became so surprising that the inheritors of Islaam and those who claim to be following the Manhaj of the Salaf could call to the submission to Kufr and its laws and practices all in the name of maslaha and necessity up to the extent that it became an inherited custom in this territory that lost martyrs and great heroes who fought tirelessly to sustain the dignity of Islaam in it. As Shaykh Abdullah Azzam once said “Indeed Islaamic history is not written except with the blood of the Shuhadaa, except with the stories of the Shuhadaa and except with the examples of the Shuhadaa” such examples were the great heroes of the Sokoto Jihad.

In the course of time, this inherited custom became the order of the day as no scholar or emir could speak publicly against Kufr and its practices but rather they all submitted to maslaha and necessity which will never bring back the glories of the Deen. This is so because the Deen of Allah can never be victorious by culture and teaching only or by political information and analysis or by speeches on the pulpit but rather by undergoing esteem efforts and hardship in the cause of Allah. This was the situation of the territory before the emergence of the Brigades of Tawhid. The lovers of Allah and his Rasuul (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) the one who was never pleased to be ruled with laws that contradict the Sharee’ah of Islaam; the one who have engaged in serious hardships geared towards raising the banner of Islaam once again in this territory. The ones who bring back the fresh memories of the people of the ditch, the people of the cave, the Rasuul (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) and his companions such were the Brigades of Tawhid under the leadership of Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf (may Allah accept his martyrdom) and all those who died in the cause of establishing Allah’s Tawhid.

They made their first public appearance around 1995 with a stern Da’wah of remembering the people of Tawhid and the history of their fatherland bringing back the fresh memories of the leaders of the Sokoto Jihad men of resolve, honor, steadfastness, determination those for whom the akhira was the goal and dunya was their hate. Those who submitted the whole of their affairs in pursuance of the Jihad. For a long period of time, this was among the first attempt to make clear bara’ah from Kufr publicly in this territory. Wallahi, the land of the Caliphate have produced little or no example of these Brigades of Tawhid ever since it’s collapse. Those who are harsh on anything that contradict Islaam and were never built on compromise. Their Da’wah was a clear bara’ah from the shirk which the people have beautified and have submitted to. They are the people who are ready to pay the price of striving upon the Millat-e-Ibraheem and this could be understood from their Da’wah as well as their publication such as “This is our Aqeedah.” Nobody except a person who has nifaq in him would not be touched from their Da’wah. They are sincere people who don’t only speak but also acted upon their speeches after the Ummah has been drowned into loss as a result of the incapability of the scholars to stand upon the truth and the ignorance of their followers.

However, it was something to expect ever since their emergence and the nature of their Da’wah that was straight to the point and their call to the Millat-e-Ibraheem that they will be the greatest enemy of the people of falsehood and authority and this is what differentiate them from other groups in the country that claim to be calling to the likes of what the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) used to call to and his methodology. It is so clear that the people of desires and authority will never be pleased with their Da’wah because it is a direct clash against their current positions. Their Da’wah is a clear bara’ah from their deities and their manifestation of shirk. These are brothers who are so devoted and have submitted their affairs to Allah (subhanahu wa ta’alaa). All other groups that claim to be calling to Tawhid are highly enjoying luxurious and have inclined towards this dunya. You will never see traces of trials upon them and they are not regarded as threat by this authority rather they are been pleased with them and even sponsoring their programmes and we will begin to wonder when Kufr will become please not to talk of sponsoring the Muwahhidin. Many sincere brothers who were ready to work and establish their lost Caliphate joined these callers of Tawhid.

It should however be understood that these brothers were not only preaching the Tawhid of Allah but they are also grooming the people towards crushing the tawaghit in the country and all their allies. It is to this reason that any brother with this mindset will often be harassed and molested. Even the leader was in most cases imprisoned and interrogated by the intelligence agencies who are so inquisitive about his mission which have never been done to any of those who claim to be following the Manhaj of the Rasul (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) but rather the tawaghit is pleased with them. Most of the brothers suffered seriously from the government when they began a campaign of blackmailing and tarnishing the image of the brothers alongside their puppets scholars.

***although,the approach of the Jama’a seems very traditional in the sense that their approach to estimates Kufr as that of the old times. The Kufr in our own time is different from the one Shaykh Uthman bin Fodio faced in his time. Our own Kufr has everything in its disposal from technology, media, viable military army and a lot of agents which therefore requires a lot of strategy in planning for its collapse.

In 2004, there emerged a misunderstanding among the brothers. Some felt it was time to launch a Jihad on the tawaghit but others went against the idea but suggested more preparation against crushing the tawaghit. As a result of this misunderstanding, there emerged a split among the brothers and those who felt it was time to launch the Jihad actually launched the Jihad in yobe state but they were all crushed by the government. These incidents increase the security consciousness of the country as it bacame apparent that the tawaghit were about to face their doom just like their counterparts in somalia and the middle east. However, the brothers continued their Da’wah despite the opposition from the scholars of the tawaghit those whom can even shed tears for the destruction of the taghut. The brothers did not fear the blame of the blamers and were never ready to retract from their call to Tawhid even if the taghut detest it. The scholars of the government embarked on their massive blackmail, opposition as well as tarnishing the image of the brothers. They were proudly supported by the tawaghit who felt threatened by the brothers so as never to make the people to ponder upon their religion but rather to continue to regard the Islaamic texts as book of history.

Since the 2004 incident, the activities of the brothers have been closely monitored by the intelligence agencies. Many traitors, betrayals and even infiltrators camouflaged and joined the ranks of these brothers. The military agencies were always alerted about the activities of these brothers before the emergence of the final showdown on these brothers that was tagged by most Kufr-oriented media as “The Boko haram in Nigeria”.

Before this incident, on a fateful day some of the brothers were coming back from a jana’iz before the security operatives confronted them on their refusal to put on an helmet which is a new law established by the tawaghit for all motorcycle riders. The brothers refused to put on the helmet and it provoked the security operatives before they launch an attack on the brothers killing 18 of them. It was this scenario coupled with series of incidents of harassment that the brothers do encounter that provoked their actions.they decided to confront the security operatives so as to revenge for their lost ones. This was the attack that lasted for almost one week and which revealed the hidden agenda of the tawaghit and their Kafir paymasters.

At this juncture, I would like to give a vivid explanation about the structure, composition and organization of Nigerian army which is similar to other army of the colonized states. In Nigeria, the military artillery, arsenal as well as weapon storage of the Nigerian army are all concentrated in northern Nigeria. Likewise, majority of the military and para-military training school are also situated in the north. The reason to this can be derived from the fact that it is only this territory the white dogs fear that an uprising that might dismantle their imaginary boundary may arise from. So therefore they have made an adequate strategy and preparation to curtail such uprising in case it occur. The Nigerian army is an army that prevent the observance of Islaamic practices for its recruits and ranks but this is not surprising since it is an army of Kufr. Most sincere Muslims will never wish to partake in this army that fight against Islaam but always wants to promote tawaghit laws as well as nationalism. Even if the Muslims participate in this army, their nature of training is enough to instill the hatred of Islam in one’s heart. As a result of this, the army is mostly composed of the unbelievers those who hate Islaam, those who wish to extinguish the flame of Islaam; the enemies of Tawheed and the troops of shirk.

Also during the showdown, most of the armies that were deployed to attack these brothers were from the neighboring plateau state that has the largest composition of unbelievers in its ranks those who are drowned in the hatred of Muslim and who are mostly christian association of Nigeria (can) members.

The media also played a more sinister role during the showdown. They all engaged in massive campaign along with the government with an already prepared label of “Boko haram sect”. It is true that the brothers went against western education but they never went against knowledge as most media houses portrayed it. They only oppose the way the western education was practiced and the ills it has brought to the land of the caliphate as less priority is now been given to Islaamic education, laws and practices.

This was the event that took place in the northern Nigeria and at the end of the showdown the president of the tawaghit gave an open speech before his departure to Brazil for vacation. He said “Do not pity the Boko haram sect they are violent people who want to threatened the security of our nation, don’t pity them.” It is expected that this will come out from him since these Brigades of Tawhid are a threat to his leadership. He ordered that any Boko haram member caught should be killed at sight and also a house to house search was conducted in maiduguri leading to the death of over 700 people (May Allah accept them as Shuhadaa).

However, what worsened the situation of this incident was the role the custodian of the Deen played during the showdown. They came out in mass to protect the fall of the tawaghit. They gave speeches and sermons to further blackmail and also instigate hatred for the Brigades of Tawhid. And as usual just like their counterparts all over the world those who are more attached to the taghut, they labeled the brigades of tawhid with deviant names such as khawarij, jamatul takfir wa hijra etc. Some of them even advice the muslims to submit these brothers to the troops of Shaytaan for persecution. They appeared in various media ranging from newspapers, t.v, and radio to proclaim their condemnation of these brothers. However, it was also not surprising since majority of them are been fed and sponsored by the government. They have sold the dignity of this Deen for a cheap price and are even pleased to be silenced over Kufr for the sake of maslaha. They have misguided this Ummah and you will wonder whether they even understand this religion as a result of their strong alliance to Kufr. They scared many people away from these brothers with their sweet tongue and as usual many were carried away.

O brothers of Islaam! What a shame for this Ummah when even those who are to light the path for the Ummah are themselves obstacles for the Ummah. As a result of misguidance from the scholars majority of the Muslims most of whom are blind imitators also hated these brothers. They spoke brutally without facts and even attacked these brothers with false accusations. The situation was too complex as majority of the scholars, the Muslims as well as the unbelievers began to jubilate and celebrate after the showdown between these brothers and the armies of shirk and Kufr. O brothers of Islaam! This scenario can never take place within the unbelievers. Never will the unbelievers be happy not to talk of jubilating over the death of their fellow unbelievers despite the fact that they are all on falsehood. Even if these Brigades of Tawhid have made mistake it is not our right to condemn them, they are not Kafirs but rather the best of the believers.

O brothers of Islaam! Where are the Muwahhidin, where are the true Salaf, where are those people striving upon the Millat-e-Ibraheem they are all scattered all over the world but with a unified goal such are the vibrant brothers of Chechnya, the unrelented gladiators of Afghanistan, the fierce brothers of Iraq, the troops of Muwahhidin in Somalia and the Brigades of Tawhid in Nigeria.

At the end of the showdown, the government concluded a resolution that henceforth religious preaching will be regulated and monitored so that the colonial creation of lugard will be maintained.

One surprising thing about Nigeria is that a region in the country known as Niger delta have been in a long fierce battle with the government and even causing drastic loss to the Nigerian economy but never was Nigerian troops deployed all over the country to extinguish them rather they were even granted amnesty together with large sums of money to lay off their arms but it should be understood that they were fighting for their worldly benefits but such was never the case of the Brigades of Tawhid who were martyred upon striving to establish Allah’s laws. The situation of the Muslims in Nigeria is so pathetic but this malady stem up from the misguidance of the scholars. They have preferred to engage in shortcut activities to attain jannah and have always preferred to be silenced over kufr.

O brothers of Tawhid! Know and may Allah assist us that we will never relent in our efforts, we will never be silenced over Kufr and we are going to make esteem preparation and strict strategies to dismantle the tawaghit. We are happy with our stance and we believe our abode is paradise. We will always reject your taghut and your parliament which you worship along with Allah and remember there has emerged between us and you hostility and hatred forever until you return to the Tawhid of Allah.

O my Muslim brothers and sisters! This is our situation and the vibrancy of the pillars of kufr. Be prepared and be ready so you will not be caught unaware.strive upon the Milla-e-Ibraheem, strive upon the establishment of Allah’s Tawhid that is the best for you. Do not be carried away by our scholars who call to democracy, who beautify it and who are even preferred to be ruled by it. Disbelieve in democracy for it is the way of Shaytaan and know that revival will come through the methodology of knowledge, military preparation and jihad. Beware of the scholars who are friends to the gates of the tawaghit and who prefer to accommodate Kufr and be silenced over it. Rather, i advice you to listen to the scholars who do not fear the blame of the blamers nor the sword of the oppressors.

O brothers of Islaam! The truth is within the texts i.e. Qur’aan and the Sunnah; search for it, tell people about it even if the scholars refuse to preach it. Be harsh against all those who have replaced the shariah with evil man-made laws and have spread corruption on our land. Be watchful and do not be beguiled by the activities of the Dunya. Know the truth and you will know those on the truth. Remember Islaamic texts are not book of history rather they are to be implemented above any alien laws.

As for the government, why have you decided not to learn from examples, even if you decide to regulate all religious activities these can never stop the activities of the Muwahhidin. They will never cease to criticize your shirk. Greater nations have tried all this method but it accorded them failure rather than success. This is an Islaamic rage that does not recognize threat from the tawaghit

Your days of destruction is so close you should better be prepared and in case you don’t know Nigeria will soon become another Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq etc if Allah wishes. The Brigades of Tawhid are out for you except you return to the Tawhid of Allah and you abandon that which contradicts Islam. We love our religion and we are ready to die for its sake. Be prepared, train your armies of shirk because they will soon be extinguish and their bones will be sent to your villa. Keep your best armies and stop sending them to Somalia because their assignment will soon commence here in Nigeria if Allah wishes. Be aware of the fact that the best of the brigades of Tawhid are yet to be unveiled, the best of the radicals and fundamentalist will never be extinguish even if you spend all your resources on security for superior nations, world powers who are well equipped than you have learnt their lessons and others are still learning theirs. Remember this is just the beginning ………………………….the worst is still to happen.

As for the scholars, what a shame how can you also support the regulation of preaching so that submission to Kufr will become the order of the day and the message of the Tawhid of Allah will become blocked but you should know that this methodology will fail. Don’t forget you are going to be questioned about your knowledge and how you worked with it. Remember the amanah on your head, be a shining example of the salaf who died defending Allah’s Tawhid and remember the Tawhid of Allah is more superior to our lives learn it, speak about it and be ready to defend it.

As for the media, O you agents of Kufr, you have eaten the flesh of our Mujaddid. You should better beware and remain silence rather than speaking of what you have little or no knowledge of even if you are forced to do so.

And to our martyrs, those who sold this world for the hereafter will believed that you are not dead as Allah (subhanahu wa ta’alaa) said; “Think not of those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead. Nay, they are alive with their lord and they have provision. They rejoice in what Allah has bestowed upon them of his bounty, rejoicing for the sake of those who have not yet joined them, but are left behind that on them no fear shall come nor shall they grieve.” O martyrs you have fulfilled your covenants but we are on the path of fulfilling it as Allah (subhanahu wa ta’alaa) said “From amongst the believers are men who have been true to their covenant that they made with allah and amongst them are those that are still waiting but they have never changed in their determination in the least.” O martyrs! You have watered the tree of Islaam that had been long forgotten in Nigeria. O Brigades of Tawhid! You have put courage in our hearts and have lifted fear from our minds and we will live to remember your blood which you shed as a sacrifice for the cause of Allah. We love you but you are more beloved to Allah.

May the peace and blessings of Allah continue to reign upon the Muwahhidin, Mujahhidin all over the world and their Shuyukh and all those who support the cause of Allah. Ameen.

Jazakallahu Khairan.

Abu Umayr,

on behalf of the brothers at

The Brigades of Tawhid



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