On the 5th anniversary of the attack against the UK on the 7th of July 2005 it is clear that the British regime and the general public have not made progress to avoid another such calamity befalling them. Rather more fuel is being poured onto the fire and more seeds are being sown for further potential attacks which could result in serious civil unrest spilling onto the streets of Britain.

The reasons why the attacks on 7/7 took place are clearly outlined in the wills of Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer i.e. the foreign policy of occupation of Muslim land in Iraq and Afghanistan and the murder of Muslim men, women and children in Muslim countries. Hence unless the British regime withdraw all their troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and stop supporting the pirate state of Israel, no doubt we can expect more of the same. The solution to avoiding more horrific attacks on the UK mainland are therefore in the hands of the British public and the government that they have elected to do their bidding, as well as the Muslim community to warn the masses about the potential consequences of their actions.

To suggest that the presence of UK forces in Afghanistan is in some way a cause for security back home has been rubbished by all serious commentators and must now be accepted. Rather the occupation of Muslim land and the atrocities being committed against Muslims in the name of freedom and democracy is the cause of instability in Muslim countries and a cause of insecurity here in the UK. Measures such as control orders, internment, stop and search, the glorification of terrorism and other amendments to the terrorist legislature will not prevent those who have resolved to carry out military operations against the UK but will instead provoke them further, rather the only measures which can help the British to avoid more casualties is to do the rational thing and to withdraw their troops from Muslim countries and stop supporting the ‘war against terrorism’, which every Muslim knows is a war against Islam and Muslims.

The report by the Centre for Social Cohesion on home grown terrorism in the news today suggests that the majority of those who have been associated with terrorist attacks in the UK are firstly native British born citizens and secondly that they are mainly linked with Al-Muhajiroun. Although this supports the fact that the foreign policy of the British regime is the main factor behind the insecurity this country faces, the specific link with Al-Muhajiroun has no cogent evidence to support it. As the former UK head of Al-Muhajiroun I can reiterate that no members of the organisation have ever been involved in military operations in this country. Rather we have always stressed that Muslims live in the UK under a covenant of security where the life and wealth of the non-Muslims is secure in return for our life and wealth being protected. What Muslims do once they leave the movement or who have developed different Islamic views cannot be attributed to it.

The Cameron/Clegg government had the opportunity, once elected, to leave behind the lies that the Brown/Blair regime told the British public about the reasons for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to thereby protect their own citizens from further death and mayhem. However we have seen that they have instead decided to sink deeper into the quagmire by increasing the troop numbers in Afghanistan and repeating the illogical rhetoric of their predecessors. Just as the propaganda war has been lost so too has the military one as Muslims become more and more galvanised against the British and American crimes committed against their brethren, stretching from the torture and false imprisonment of hundreds of innocent Muslims in Guantanamo Bay to the clandestine operations by CIA agents against civilian targets in Pakistan.

Mr Anjem Choudary

Judge of the Shari’ah Court of the UK

Former UK Head of Al-Muhajiroun and islam4uk


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