The Collapse Of Qaddafis Regime And The Strategies Of Al-Qaeda In Entrapping America

The cruel and ruthless thaghut dictator, Muammar Gaddafi eventually died pathetically at his birthplace, Sirte, Thursday 20th October 2011. The tsunami waves of the people’s revolution in Libya rolled up the regime of Gaddafi in the 42nd year he is in power, plundering and ill-treating the people of Libya, as well as trampling underfoot the Shari’ah of Islam, the religion of the majority in this North African country. What will happen after the collapse of Gaddafi ‘s regime? Is this related to the strategy of Al-Qaeda in entrapping America into “entering” Libya and make it the 2nd Iraq?

Gaddafi ‘s Murtad Regime Swept Away By The Tsunami Waves Of The Revolution

What had been said by Sheikh Anwar al Awlaki rahimahullah in the 5th edition of INSPIRE entitled “The Tsunami of Change” is true. He said that revolution can break the fear that had been languishing in the hearts and minds of the Muslims, that tyrants cannot be defeated!

The town of Sirte, Libya, Thursday, 20th October 2011, have become witness to how the cruel and ruthless thaghut dictator, Muammar Gaddafi died pathetically after a shootout with the revolutionary fighters. From his hideout in the sewers, Muammar Gaddafi was dragged out and helpless in the hands of the revolutionary fighters. By pleading, Gaddafi asked the revolutionists in front of him, “What have I done to you?”

It is not difficult to answer the question of this cruel and ruthless thaghut dictator. Just like the end of his life which was covered in blood, in his lifetime Muammar Gaddafi ‘s hand was also covered in the bloods of the Muslims, his own people, especially the Islamic activists and Mujahideen.

For the 42 long years he was in power, thousands of Da’wah and Jihad activists were murdered by this secular-socialist thaghut dictator who hated the Islamic Sha’riah so much. In fact, to replace the application of Islamic Shari’ah, Gaddafi implemented the secular basic laws named Al-Kitab Al-Akhdar. Look at the end of the leader who was anti-Islamic Shari’ah and did not want to apply the Islamic Shari’ah!

A Mujahid ulama’, Sheikh Abdurrahman Hasan even dubbed Muammar Gaddafi as “the Modern Musailamah” in his book entitled “Qaddafy Musailamah al Ashr” with forewords by Sheikh Mujahid Abu Mundzir As-Saidy, the Amir of Jama’ah Jihad Libya.

In the book, Gaddafi ‘s deviations were explained, which among others are denying the sunnah of the Prophet, equating the Islamic Shari’ah law with the Roman law and also claiming himself as a prophet.

The explanation of Gaddafi ‘s deviations and the sadistic and cruel behaviors towards the Muslims is enough to awaken the Muslims that Gaddafi it is not suitable to be given the title Al Qaid Gaddafi (Gaddafi The Leader). Because in reality Gaddafi was a cruel and ruthless thaghutdictator. Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT overthrows this man and sweeps clean his throne through the hands the Libyan revolutionary fighters.

Who’s Behind The Libyan Revolutionary Fighters?

The National Transitional Council of Libya (NTC) is a group of Libyan revolutionary fighters that ultimately -by the permission of Allah- managed to overthrow Gaddafi . This organization was founded on 17th February 2011, when the tsunami wave of the revolution began to sweep Libya.

Wikipedia informs that the NTC or Al Majlis Al Watani Al Intiqali is an interim government in Libya under President Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Vice President Abdul Hafiz Ghonga and Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril.

Shortly after Gaddafi died, Thursday (20/10) the Deputy Chairman of NTC or Vice President in the version of Wikipedia, Abdul Hafiz Ghonga stated that they would soon declare the independence of Libya in the coming few hours, as reported by Al Jazeera.

Now, all eyes are on Libya, especially the NTC. All ears are ready to listen, what kind of government would be formed by the NTC in Libya, is it going to be the pro-Western/NATO secular government which has helped to demolish Gaddafi ‘s loyalist forces in Sirte or an Islamic government that will implement the Islamic Shari’ah perfectly?

Many parties are concerned about the future of Libya, particularly the West and their stooges, especially if Libya eventually becomes a country that implements the Islamic Shari’ah led by the Islamic activists and Mujahideen.

The African Union for example, has not yet given its recognition to the NTC, in fact they are rejecting it. The geo-politic and geo-strategic positions of Libya as a Muslim-majority country in North Africa, became the target of all interests.

Algeria, Libya’s closest neighbour which is only a thousand miles away, is most concerned with the future of Libya. The fear is getting real after the newspaper printed in Algeria, al-Khabar, on Friday, 26th August 2011 cited sources in the security forces that a lot of Al-Qaeda members are freed after the regime of the Libyan thaghut dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, has truly collapsed.

They are the Libyan Mujahideen who were arrested and handed over to the Libyan regime from various countries including Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. It is not impossible that now they all have mingled with the fighters of the Libyan revolution which finally succeeded in killing thethaghut dictator.

Algeria’s regime authorities who now feel threatened, even claimed to have information that in the front ranks of the revolutionary fighters are the Libyan Mujahideen who were surrendered to Gaddafi earlier. This situation further strengthens the worry of the Algerian regime that the proponents of jihad are within the armed opposition groups. It is due to this as well that until now the Algerian regime has not recognized the NTC.

In fact, Algeria officially acknowledges that the wife of Gaddafi , Safiyah, along with her eldest daughter Aishah and two of her sons, Muhammad and Hanibal, with the people closest to Gaddafi, will be given political asylum and security protection.

Nigeria, another neighbour of Libya, also officially gave asylum to Gaddafi’s son named Sa’idi and it refused to surrender him to the NTC. Some sources say that Sa’idi stays in a luxury apartment with extra tight security in the capital of Nigeria. So, is it true that the Mujahideen become the vanguard of the NTC?

Some names, strongly suspected as Libyan Mujahideen, often appears. One of them is Abdul Karim Balhaj, as the commander of the Libyan revolutionary forces. At the time of Gaddafi ‘s death, Balhaj confirmed the validity of the news coming from the fighters in Sirte. The name of Balhaj stood out when he led the battle in the region of Babul Aziziyah.

Another name of the Mujahid that always come up is Muhammad Halibus Laits, the Commander of the Brigade Shuhada’ of Libya. The International News Press Agency even released the statement of Muhammad Halibus Laits, the Commander of the Brigade Shuhada’, who was personally involved in the raid in Sirte which eventually killed Gaddafi.

Visual evidences of the presence of Al-Qaeda Mujahideen could also be seen from their photos which were sourced from Forum Jihad Al Ansar and then were published by Their uniqueness and distinctiveness were visible in the photos. In the middle of the war that raged in Libya, they were still seen performing the solat, offering do’a, reading the Qur’an. Subhanallah!

Western Crusaders Take Advantage of the Situation in Libya

As usual, the western crusaders through their stooges and the organs of their creation, attempted to take advantage of the tsunami wave of the revolution in the Middle East, including Libya for their benefits. Through the Amnesty International establishment, the western crusaders accused the NTC of doing violation against the Human Rights as Gaddafi ‘s government used to do. This accusation by the Amnesty International was right away refuted by the NTC through their spokesman, Jalal al-Galal, who told Reuters that the chairman of the council will definitely check out the report made by the human rights group.

In the report entitled, “Custody Violation Colours The New Libya,” the Amnesty stated that the power of the transition board which controlled Tripoli, on 23rd August had arrested around 2,500 people in the capital and its surroundings, mostly without a warrant of arrest in a scenario similar to abductions.

Through the propaganda of upholding the Human Rights, which in essence is anti-Islamic Shari’ah, the western crusaders would certainly want to control the NTC and the government of Libya strictly after the death of Gaddafi. When the western crusaders see any indication that the NTC or new Libyan government is inclined to applying the Islamic Sha’riah, then it could be ascertained that the kafir western forces along with the Crusader-Zionist coalition, would right away invade Libya under various pretexts, including the presence of serious human rights violations in Libya!

An analyst from an online website Al Quds, Khaled El Shami stated that if the foreign crusader forces are present in Libya, then the conditions of the crisis that hit North Africa will be getting worse. If the foreign forces come to Libya, they would appear as the occupying forces, and in this case will become an obstacle to the resistance that has been championed by the people of Libya in the past against the Italian occupation.

Khaled’s analysis comes after the executive director of NTC, Mahmoud Jibril stated that he did not rule out the possibility that his side requires the presence of international military forces in Libya to ‘create peace and security’ post-Gaddafi.

Khaled El Shami also analyzed that the presence foreign forces, especially America, will invite Al-Qaeda’s network to establish a branch in the North African country.

The presence of Al-Qaeda is definitely a threat to the crusader west. All these while, with their participation in attacking Gaddafi through NATO, they surely have their own personal political calculation and agenda.

The spokesman of NATO, Carmen Romero said on Tuesday (18/10) that the decision to terminate the new operation will be taken after NATO has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the political and military situation in Libya.

During the last 8 months, the Crusader West had used NATO to bomb Libya by using the self-justification of the UNSC resolution, through a military operation codenamed “Odyssey Dawn”. Since then, NATO had launched attacks against Libya for 9,500 times, with an average of 15 attacks in a day. This number decreased from the intensity of the previous attacks i.e. 70-80 attacks per day.

Politically and militarily, the attacks against Libya by America and its allies, have expanded the map of the new crusade. Previously, a number of Islamic countries have become targets of the savagery of the new crusade, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Chechnya, Algeria, Palestine and Somalia. Will America enter Libya and make it as Iraq no. 2?

The Strategy Of Al-Qaeda In Entrapping America

In a book written by Fahmi Suwaidi entitled “The Master Plan of Al-Qaeda 2020” it is explained that Al-Qaeda has arranged 7 phases of strategy in heading towards the victory and glory of the Islamic ummah, where one of the phases is by enticing America to come out of its “lair” so as to be easily reached, alias destroyed.

The phase of entrapping America which is called “The Phase of Awareness” commenced in early 2000 and ended in 2003 and was always called as the phase of knocking the snake’s head. That snake’s head is America, and it was successfully “hit” by the 19 courageous youths in the event of 11th September 2001.

The 2nd phase is “The Phase of Eye-Opening”. This phase was planned to take effect in 2003 until 2006. The aims was to make the ummah aware of their conditions and expose the evils committed by the kafireen overseen by America and its allies.

The next phase is “The Phase of Awakening and Rising”. This phase was executed around the year 2007-2010. Its objective is to increase the number of personnel who are ready to take the plunge into the different jihad arenas around the world. .

The 4th phase is “The Phase of Restoring The Condition”. This phase aims to overthrow the rulers of all the corrupt regimes who are clutching onto the Islamic nations with an iron fist, by making a strong and direct contact. This phase is planned for execution around the year 2010-2013.

The collapse of Gaddafi ‘s regime that happened on Thursday, 20th October 2011, can be included into this 4th phase, where the regime of Gaddafi the tyrant was successfully overthrown by the armed struggle of the Libyan revolutionary fighters.

The next phase is “The Phase Of Proclaiming The State”. In this phase, Al-Qaeda focuses on establishing an Islamic Daulah by uniting the various world jihad organizations and Al-Qaeda. This phase will be conducted in the year 2013-2016.

The next phase, i.e. the 6th phase, which is called “The Phase Of Total Confrontation”. In this phase will be a massive war between two camps. The Camp of the Mu’mineen and the Camp of theKafireen wa Bathilin. The war between the Haq and the Bathil. The war in all aspects and that extends to all corners of the countries. This Phase Of Total Confrontation is planned to take place in 2016.

The last phase is called “The Phase Of Complete Victory”. This phase is the continuation of the Phase Of Total Confrontation which is believed by the drafter of Al-Qaeda to be going on briefly, around 3 or 9 years, i.e. from 2016 until 2019 or 2025.

In the book “The Master Plan of Al-Qaeda 2020”, also discussed was the role of Ibnu Sheikh Al-Libi, the military instructor of Al-Qaeda from Libya. The supply of ‘misleading’ information from Sheikh Al Liby successfully led the “Snake’s Head”, America to invade Iraq in 2003. The entry of America to invade Iraq in 2003 was a successful strategy of Al-Qaeda in entrapping America. America suffered heavy losses with the deaths of thousands of its kafir soldiers and millions of dollars in funds for the operation of the Iraq war were all gone without a trace.

Besides that, the entry of America into Iraq in 2003 also brings its own blessings, namely making Iraq as the next jihad arena. The Mujahideen factions in Iraq were even united in confronting a common enemy, i.e. America. Success after success were achieved by the Iraqi Mujahideen which peaked in the declaration of the Daulah Islam of Iraq or Islamic State of Iraq in 2006 andAlhamdulillah it still exist to this day.

In fact, the President of America, Barack Obama even shamelessly announced on Friday (21/10) that he would end the Iraq War and withdraw all of their troops later this year. The entire Crusader army in Iraq today numbers 40,000 and already more than 4,400 have died since America and its allies invaded Iraq in March 2003.

Now, the same trap for America is being set up by Al-Qaeda in Libya. America and its allies will certainly be unwilling if the people of Libya regulate the future of their own nation, let alone using the Shari’ah of Islam as the foundation of their nation. America is definitely going to peddle its product to the transitional government of Libya or the NTC, namely the liberal democracy.

After Gaddafi Was Overthrown, Establish The Islamic Shari’ah!

One fact that cannot be denied is that, among the Islamic movements in the world that is able to shake and scare the forces of the crusader alliance led by America is Al-Qaeda. America itself labels Al-Qaeda as a terrorist organization, because Al-Qaeda is truly able to destroy America and spread terror in the midst of the American people which is currently the sole world superpower.

The Mujahid ulama’ who is also a senior leader of Al-Qaeda from Libya, Sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi had issued a statement to the Islamic ummah in Libya which at that time were in the middle of a struggle, to immediately overthrow the regime of Gaddafi and establish an Islamic rule. His statement was reported by the Ummah News quoting the Associated Press.

In a statement released in his latest video, Sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi said that with the collapse of the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, it is now Gaddafi ‘s turn to step down, when the revolutionary fighters pressed for nearly a month for a campaign of Gaddafi’s eviction.

He called the autocratic national government of the Arabs as the enemies of Islam, because they have been practicing the worst kind of oppression with supports from the west and they have failed to take lessons from history, he said.

Now is the turn of Gaddafi after he made the people of Libya suffer for more than 40 years, Sheikh Abu Yahya said. He also added that it would be a shame for the people of Libya if the tyrant was allowed to die peacefully. Qadarallah (the wills of Allah), the call from Sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi is now proven by the death of the Libyan thaghut dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, in a pathetic way.Subhanallah!

The question then is, after Gaddafi was successfully deposed -by the permission of Allah-, will theShari’ah of Islam be established soon? Do the Libyan revolutionary fighters indeed have a connection with Al-Qaeda, that they will immediately fulfill the appeal of its ulama’s, including the appeal of Sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi?

One of the commanders of the Libyan revolution, Abdul Hakim al-Hasidi has admitted his relation with Al-Qaeda. He said that the jihadists or Mujahids who fight against the allied forces in Iraq are at the forefront of the battle against the murtad regime of Muammar Gaddafi .

In an interview with the Italian newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore, al-Hasidi admitted that he had recruited around 25 people in the district of Derna in eastern Libya to fight the coalition forces in Iraq. Some of them, he said, are “at the forefront in Adjabiya today”.

This statement is similar to the statement of concern by the Algerian regime earlier about the role of Al-Qaeda Mujahideen in the Libyan people’s revolution. The Algerian had repeatedly stated that the Mujahideen have access to a variety of different weapons in the future and they would be using them in that region.

In the Algerian governing authorities itself, units of Mujahideen have been operating for years, leading the armed struggle against the military dictatorship established over several decades with the help of France.

In Algeria, the Mujahideen of Al-Qaeda have long existed under the name Al-Qaeda Maghrib Islamor better known by the acronym AQIM and which is now under the leadership of Sheikh Abu Mus’ab Abdul Wadud.

Sheikh Athiyatullah in his book “Eight Years Of The New Crusade” was asked by As-Sahab Mediaregarding the jihad in Maghrib Islami. He answered that Algeria specifically and Maghrib Islami in general are trying to change, from arena to arena of the Muslims in the true sense, within the chain links of our ummah’s jihad at the current stage of our history. Our war is the same, fighting the same enemy and at the same front.

Finally, if according to the Master Plan of Al-Qaeda 2020, after going through the Fourth Phase, i.e. overthrowing the tyrannical rulers and dictators, then Libya will be entering the 5th Phase, i.e. the Phase Proclaiming A State. Of course, the country they want to proclaim here is the DaulahIslam or Islamic State, namely a nation which implements the Shari’ah of Islam perfectly to then unite the various world jihad organizations and Al-Qaeda, before the Total Confrontation and the Phase of Absolute Victory with the establishment of the Khilafah Islamiyyah state.

What kind of decision or declaration of a nation would be established by the NTC at this time, becomes something that is very eagerly awaited by all parties, from both friends and foes. Will it be the Libya that implements the Islamic Shari’ah perfectly, or the Libya that has an ideology of liberal democracy?

What’s certain, when the western crusaders and their allies do not like choice of Islamic Shari’ahapplied in the new Libya, then America will be entrapped into invading Libya and fight them. This condition will certainly make Libya the 2nd Iraq.

Wallahu’alam bis sawab!

Original article in Indonesian by: M. Fachry

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Sunday, 25 Zul’qodah 1432 H/23rd October 2011 AD

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