The Exclusive Interview Arrahmah.Com With Pakistani Taliban Mujahedeen

The Exclusive Interview Arrahmah.Com  With Pakistani Taliban Mujahedeen “We Are Exist And Will Fight Until Shari’ah Islamiyah Be Implemented In Pakistan”

Alhamdulillah, biidznillah, (Muhammad Jibriel Abdul Rahman) have a chance to interview a Pakistani Taliban Mujahedeen (Mohammad Al Mujaheed)  who fight and struggle fie sabilillah in Pakistan, especially in Swat Valley . In this situation and jihad land and the distortion of the news, this our mujahed become  a witness and a fighter in jihad fie sabilillah in Swat Valley. Now he is injured, but he has high spirit and so brave to answer everything we ask, including giving advice and message to muslim ummah in Indonesia. Here the exclusive interview; : How the condition in Swat Valley now a days, can you tell me in detail?

Mohammad Al Mujahid (MAM) : In Swat Valley now government want to make peace with mujahedeen. Two months ago army attacked mujahedeen hardly. During all operations, army have no space land for make check post or for grip land, so only aviation army and air force  attack on mujahedeen and civil peoples. Now in Swat all roofs of houses distroyed by bombing of planes. Now in Swat Pirbaba, Magora, Deer, Batkhela and other places completely in mujahedeen control. Army said to civil peoples to leave their houses, but mujahedeen wan’t this situation. Situation is very good now alhamdulillah, mujahedeen have control on district of Swat including Deer and other places. : The Pakistani munafeqeen Army claim that they killed thousands of Pakistani Taliban Mujahedeen  in Swat Valley and around, so,is’nt true?

MAM : The murtadeen army made a big lie. In Swat Valley mujahedeen who syaheed were 200 and army killed 1200, with army officers killed 65 alhamdulillah. All mujahedeen of all groups in Swat are 1500. So, it’s a great lie if we killed totally(as army said) are 7000. : Who the ameer jihad in Swat Valley? Is it same with other jihad land? How they coordinate and the relation between mujahedeen in Pakistan?

MAM : Ameer of all Taliban mujahedeen is Mullah Umar Hafidzahullah. In Swat, central mujahedeen ameer is Fadzlullah and other five ameer of areas.Alhamdulillah there were hot and strong coordinate and in good relation with Pakistani and international mujahedeen ( global jihad ). For example; two months ago in Swat need some profesional mujahedeen, then Daulah Islamiyah Iraq (Allah protect him) sent brothers. : Could you tell me about Syekh Baitullah Meshud as far as you know?

MAM : Alhamdulillah I meet Baitullah Mehsud many time. He is leader of Pakistani Taliban Mujahedeen ang founder of Thareeq Taliban in Kuraam. : How about Syekh Maulana Fazlullah? And the relation between him and the Pakistani charismatic ulama from Tahree-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM), Syekh sufi Muhammad?

MAM : Fadzlullah is now injured. Alhamdulillah mujahedeen started again and in relation with Sofi Muhammad. Now government arrested Sofi Muhammad and his family. In Pakistan, the true ulama is very little. And alhamdulillah they are in relation between all of them. : So,all of them give respect and support Mullah Muhammad Umar? Is it means that jihad of Pakistani Taliban Mujahedeen will come to Afghanistan to help and support their brother over there?

MAM : Alhamdulillah as I say before, Mullah Umar is supreme leader for all Taliban in every where. All of groups of Taliban who fighting in Afghanistan give some time for Afghanistan and some time for Pakistan. : Do the Pakistani government just use the benefit of the help from America to defeat the Pakistani Taliban Mujahedeen?

MAM : In the past Pakistani government supported U.S for benefit only. Now the situation is very different in Swat, Kurram and in all Pakistan. Mujahedeen’s attacks proves that they want Islam in whole world and in Pakistan Islamic laws will be implemented in Islamic government. Now U.S and Pakistani government are same. U.S use Pakistani government to defeat Taliban and other mujahedeen. America know that Al Qaeda is a big enemy and Pakistani government wan’t Taliban war because it’s the way to end kuffar laws (government’s power). :As Sahab Media interviewed Ameer Mujahedeen Taliban South Waziristan, Mulla Nazeer Ahmad. What is his position in jihad in Pakistan, especially in Waziristan and the influence to jihad in Swat Valley?

MAM :  In Wazeristan army want to attack on mujahedeen. But alhamdulillah mujahedeen give a big lesson in Swat war. Now U.S want to attack on Wazeristan, due to U.S say that Al Qaeda make a big plane in Wazeristan to attack on America ( biger than 9 11), but the army’s condition is very weak. On Swat people come back to their homes. Mujahedeen make post for shari’ah courts, shari’ah radio. Alhamdulillah in Wazeristan all commenders are toghether and mujahedeen are very strong. : So, all of the power of mujahedeen now united and become focus to fight the Pakistani Munafeqeen government?

MAM : Alhamdulillah all mujahedeen are in chain in Khurasan and in all the world. In Afghanistan and Pakistan mujahedeen are united but not focus on Pakistan only. All mujahedeen groups give a half time for Afghan and the other half time for Pakistan. Mujahedeen commender devided their work about situation. : Mulla Nazeer ahmad said about Gul Bahadur, and said that him and Gul Bahadur and Syekh Baitullah Meshud stay in the same alliance. Could you tell me about that? And about Gul bahadur?

MAM : It’s very important to know the situation in Wazeristan to understand. In south Wazeristan Nazir is commender of local Taliban, and in south Gulbahadur is commender of local Taliban, Baitullah is commender of local Taliban in Masood (an area in Wazeristan) but now Baitullah spreads jihad in all Pakistan. Pakistani government wan’t Baitullah alive and all the commenders together. But alhamdulillah Arab mujahedeen together all of them and made a new alliance. This alliance is a great gift from Allah and a bullet for Pakistani government. Gulbahadur is leader of local Taliban in south. He is a good man and a brave leader. He support Baitullah a lot of in past and now. : Back to American Apostate Army, did they command Pakistan Army at the operations in Swat Valley?

MAM : As I say before, alhamdulillah mujahedeen control all Swat Valley now and start shari’ah radio again, shari’ah courts, training and other programes. And other important thing during the operation is army have no land power, only air attack. Army don’t capture one foot area. I visited Swat two days ago. : Is it enough for the Pakistani Taliban Mujahedeen with the implementation of Syariah Islam in Swat Valley? Or they will continue untill Islamabad and all of the country implement Syariah Islam?

MAM : Mujahedeen want Islamabad and all Pakistan implement shari’ah Islam. They don’t stop jihad untill they make all Pakistan in shari’ah Islamiah. :What is your opinion about the claim of Pakistani government that their government is Islamic government, their country is Islamic State,so, their army is Islamic army?

MAM : That is very simple thing that this government , army, and courts are murtadeen, not muslims. In Pakistan some Islamic and ‘Jihadi’ (Ministary of jihad in Pakistan, Jammat Islami, Laskre Taiba/now Jammat Da’wa, Jammat Tabligh and much more) say that the government and army are muslims. All army government are murtadeen is clear from vision of Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah. : What happen if The Pakistani government invite the mujahedeen to make peace and promise to implement syariah Islam in some areas?

MAM : Government now want to make a peace and want shari’ah in some place. But mujahedeen give their blood for Islam in all the world. Mujahedeen don’t stop although shari’ah Islamiyah implemented on all Pakistan (Inshaallah). : Last question. What is your hope from your moslem brother from all of the world,especially in Indonesia in relation with the situation in Swat Valley, Pakistan?

MAM : I say to my beloved muslim brothers in Indonesia. Dear brothers!. Stand up and fight for Islam, for shari’ah. Now it’s time for jihad !. It’s very important for you. Pray for all mujahedeen in all of the world. Inshaallah we are with you. Your blood is our blood. Allah support and protect all mujahedeen in all of the world. Jazakumullah khair. : Jazakallah Khair for this Interview.

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