The Exclusive Interview With Ustadzah Parida Abbas (The Wife of Syekh Mukhlas/Ali Ghufron)

Arrahmah.Com – Sunday, October, 26, 2008, The team of Ar Rahmah Media interviewed Ustadzah Parida Abbas, Syekh Mukhlas’  wife, after she looked up her husband at Nusa Kambangan. Here, she brought “present’ for us to unburden her heart and tell us about the will from her husband for their children.

Ar Rahmah Media (AM) : Assalamu’alaikum. Wr. Wb! How are you, Ustadzah ?

Ustadzah Parida Abbas (UPA) : Alhamdulillah, I’m fine.

AM : It was 6 years passed from Bali Bom, how are you, your condition,…your family ?

UPA : Alhamdulillah, everything is ok.

AM : Your children grew up, how about their education ? Do you manage it by yourself?

UPA : For formal education, we sent them to schools and everything’s normal. For their dien (relegion) and Al Qur’an, I teach them by my self.

AM : The Judgement (death penalty) for Syekh Mukhlas become near day by day, how is your feeling about it ?

UPA : Nothing special because we never think about the execution. Execution is just something man made, and death not be in their hand.

AM : Ustadzah still support Syekh in this case ?

UPA : Yes, Insya Allah, Alhamdulillah

AM : Ustadzah was born in Singapura and lived over there, so in Malaysia and Indonesia. How do you see these three countries ?

UPA : Just a minute, what do you meang ? (UPA was surprised). But I didn’t grow up in Singapura. I think these three countries principally are same, secular countires. Although Malaysia claimed that their country is The State of Islam, but the fact it’s not, just the official relegion is Islam. For me, personally, I never feel discrimination because I never work for the government. It’s different with our sister whom wear hijab and work for the government.

AM : It mean that Ustadzah never feel discrimination in Malaysia ?

UPA : As long as I live in Malaysia, no, except in case of immigration

AM : How about “Islamophobia” in Malaysia, as it worse than in Indonesia or Singapore?

UPA : May be the condition is same as Indonesia with the subversive law. Now, the condition in Malaysia like that.

AM : The conditon in Malaysia like that ? So, the speechs, the islamic magazine, etc can’t be published and distributed ?

UPA: Something like that. There are some islamic magazines with limited publication which are published by them who are ready to carry the responsibility, included being captured under ISA (Malaysian Subversive Law)

AM : Ustadzah, there are much people who cry when they read your book “Orang Bilang Ayahku Teroris” whould you mind to tell us how do you write this book ?

UPA : Actually I did’nt write it to be published. Ustadz (Syekh Mukhlas/Ali Ghufron) and I speak to each other and discuss as another couple, and alhamdulillah, ustadz is a good listener. When I was in Klaten and he was captured, I have no friend over there. So, I wrote to unburden my heart. Then, I gave that book to ustadz and ustadz see that this book will give maslahat (good benefit) to another muslimah if it is published. So, my writing became a book. I feel shy personally, because after read the book some people give respect too high. I’m just a common human being, not free from mistakes.

AM : There aren’t much people who can stand firm when Allah give test and trial. What is your secret or your tips to make a bold stand against that condition ?

UPA : I think without Allah SWT help us, wallahu’alam, I don’t know what’s happen. Maybe, there are another muslimah who are given trial and test more than me. Alhamdulillah Allah SWT always help us, morally and materially.

AM :
About Syekh Mukhlas, your husband, what is your opinion about him now ? Is he same as before ?

UPA : The differences are his understanding (ilmu) and his practise (amal), better now and his spirit became higher. Exactly, Ustadz have had high spirit before. But we were busy, so the expression isn’t like as we see now.

AM : Ustadzah now live in Malaysia. How about neighbour and people express their response to you ?

UPA : Alhamdulillah, as long as I expect everything is good and their response is positive. They help us morally and meterially, especially from the schools and the chief of local region (like “Lurah” in Indonesia). Alhamdulillah, some of them are our friend and they help us and there is no problem. They know who are we and help us. Alhamdulillah.

AM : What is your plan if the execution happen ? How about your children ?

UPA : (Thinking seriously) Yah…I did’nt think about it yet. Like usually…maybe..flowing by it self

AM : Ustdzah, do you support and think right which Syekh Mukhlas did ?

UPA : As much as I know and as he still did it under Al Qur’an and As Sunnah in his responsbility, Insya Allah I will support him.

AM : Do you feel afraid to be labeled as terrorist ? terrorist’ wife ?

UPA : Yah…people labeled me as it. I’m not surprised again. Especially in this country (Indonesia), people labeled me as terrorist’ wife. In Malaysia people know me as ustadz Mukhlas’ wife.

AM : Did Syekh Mukhlas make the will for ustadzah ? What about ?

UPA : If he is executed, he wan’t thoghut’s hand touch his body. It mean, to ascertain his death, must be by mu’min doctor, It must be ascertained that there is nothing from thoghut on his death body (janazah), although a pierce of cloth or textile. If his janazah is bathed in Lapas Nusa Kambangan, he want to be bathed once more by mu’min. Just only by mu’min, included the fee to bring him from Nusa Kambangan, must be paid by mu’min not by thoghut. Then about shalat janazah, there are two opinions which are different, it depend on Ahlul Ilmi to decide the one which bring maslahat and better benefit.

AM : I’m sorry, Ustadzah. Ustadz Mukhlas just married again. What is your opinion ?

UPA : Actually, it is a long story. I told Ustadz Mukhlas for a long time to marry again, since I had just two children, not six children like now. But Ustadz always refuse and refuse, until we have six  (6) children and he was captured. I feel guilty when I hear Imam Samudra’s wife look up her husband, Amrozi’s wife look up her husband and I can’t do it except once a year, if Allah will. So, I feel guilty although ustadz says it’s no problem. Then I say that I’ll look for muslimah and ask her to marry to ustadz. So, they marry and I feel happy because Allah SWT make our burden light and easy.

AM : Subhanallah! Now, what’s your advise for muslimah with the same trial as you ?

UPA : The first is ikhlas. It means that we don’t sigh or complain as if we are the most unfortunate woman in the world because our husband being captured. Al the same time, we try to make our live better, especially in front of our children. So, they don’t think thay they became to lack because their father being captured. Although we are so poor, we must stalld firm to earn a living and not became tearful.

AM : What is the focus of ustadz’s advice for your children ?

UPA : Ustadz’s advice is the same as mujahid’s advice for their children, hoping that in the future their children become mujahidin too. But, Ustadz doesn’t curb them too tight. So, if one of our children became a doctor, he became a and mujahid. If on of them became an IT expert, he is also mujahid. If he became a common imam, he is also mujahid. Ustadz hope that where ever they are and they study, their aqidah must be strong, because the muslim ummah must be the best in every thing, every case. If the kuffar work from 8.0 clock until 05.00 pm, the muslim must work from 07.00 am until 06.00 pm. If the kuffar donate a million Ringgit, the muslim must donate more than it. So, the muslim do the best in everything. Insya Allah.

AM : Jazakallah khairan katsir. May Allah bless you and gives you the health. Asaalamu’alaikum. Wr.Wb!

Interview by: Prince of Jihad, M. Fachry

Exclusive Interview

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