The Importance of The Islamic Emirate at world level

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

For the past 15 years, since the emergence of the Taliban Islamic Movement for the establishment of national unity and an Islamic regime, until the formation of the Islamic Emirate, the Emirate has shown through its recurrent sovereign actions that it is a movement being independent, Islamic, countrywide and domestic in nature. It feels the pains and grievance of the masses and struggles for the realization of their legitimate aspirations. Though the opposition of the Islamic Emirate has tried through their wicked propaganda to show that this pure movement has foreign affiliations and tried to mitigate its importance in the political and military fronts. But contrary to the claims of the opponents of the Islamic Emirate, it has been proved that the Islamic Emirate has sprouted up from among the people and flourish in their midst.

Throughout the past decade, the Americans and their allies resorted to the use of military power against the Islamic Emirate but since the Islamic Emirate was an Islamic and national movement, its strength increased furthermore with the passage of each day with its influence spreading to all parts of the country. Now survey institutions of the West admit that 70% of the Afghan land is under the control and influence of the Islamic Emirate. People approach courts of the Islamic Emirate instead of courts of the Kabul puppet Administration because their office procedures are swift, efficient and free from corruption.

It is not surprising that the invading countries present in Afghanistan have come around to this hard fact through their experiences to realize the importance of the Islamic Emirate and consider it a real party to the imbroglio of Afghanistan. This is because the Islamic Emirate, since its inception, has proved to the nation and to the world through its actions and clear messages that it is a people-oriented Islamic force, with comprehensive social and economic programmes for the well-being of the people. If we have a glance at the messages of the esteemed Amir-ul-Momineen Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid (may Allah protect him) which were issued on the occasions of the past Eids, we clearly see that the Islamic Emirate has viable political and economic policies for the development and prosperity of the country, being able to answer to all our current problems, both internal and external.

Similarly, Islamic Emirate is free from biases and discrimination, being entirely committed to the people and having members in its ranks from all ethnicities of the country. Members of the Islamic Emirate are not involved in corruption and embezzlement but are faithful to their goal. This is a characteristic that singles out the Islamic Emirate from all other factions and groups whose very foundation has been laid down on the bases of geographical and lingual orientations and preferences and are mafiostic in nature. They are only craving for lining up their own pockets.

The Islamic Emirate knows that its strength lies in the contentment of the masses. Therefore, it will try, as a servant of the people and according to its capacity, to cater to the spiritual and material needs of the people, If God willing.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan



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