The Path to Understanding 9/11: How the Mujaahideen look at the event





In our last part of the series on “The Path to Understanding 9/11,” we now turn to the words of the intellectuals and think-tanks amongst the Mujaahideen; this is the last stage to opening our eyes to a world that is not even thought about in the West: people who know why 9/11 was done and what were the benefits behind it.

What is important to note is that what happened on 9/11 was not an attempt to hurt the US economy, even if the strike caused enormous damage. Rather, it was a symbolic, ideological strike that has accelerated the decline of America much like the decline of the Soviet Empire. It can be said that the strike was an attempt to escape the setbacks of the Jihaad in Egypt, Algeria, Chechnya, Bosnia, and Somalia at the end of the ’90s. It appears to have been an attempt to provoke the enemy which sits on top of his throne overseeing the world affairs; and by his response to the provocation, he seems to have fell into the trap of Usaamah bin Laadin which was to reunify the Mujahideen and mobilize the Muslim masses, as was done against the Soviets, but this time, a global Jihaad aimed at both the disbelieving and apostate regimes that stand in the way of the Shari’ah’s establishment. 9/11 was the ‘umf‘ that the vanguard of Islaam needed in order to remobilize its efforts and to see the greater picture; and the greater picture tells us that Allah is al-Akbar (The Greatest) whereas the United States is not. The image of the United States as a “feared Roman Empire” started to diminish with 9/11 and is now in the abyss of humiliation with its battles overseas.


By focusing his lenses on retaliation for the crimes of the United States, it seems that Usaamah actually had a deeper intent in-store for the Ummah at large.

We will be looking at a few articles taken from the magazine, “Kitaab al-Ansaar” in their issue focused on September 11th.

Before we post the links to each of the articles which have been translated, we will post the “Letter from the Editors” here to give our readers a brief introduction upon what they are about to embark upon. Although, the past articles in our series have made this issue of 9/11 clear, these articles take it a step further and thus, deserve the complete attention of those who ponder and this is why we saved the best for last.

What happened to the United States came as no surprise. All of these devastating operations are only part of the harvest that the United States has sown throughout the world. The United States was struck once, yet the United States has struck other countries on numerous occasions. The US people suffered once, yet other peoples have suffered–and continue to suffer–many times from the criminal acts of its Zionist government. Why should the United States not suffer some of what it has inflicted on others?

It also came as no surprise that behind this blessed raid stood the international jihad movement embodied by al-Qaa’idah. This organization has been working to this end for a long time. Its previous experience fighting the United States confirms that it is serious about going to whatever lengths necessary. The direct struggle with the United States began with the Al-Khubar explosions on the Arabian Peninsula. They were followed by the attacks on the US embassies in Tanzania and Nairobi and the incident with the destroyer Cole. All of these events prove the seriousness of al-Qaa’idah’s strategic intentions. It is determined to fight the United States and send it the way of the Soviet Union. Only the likes of al-Qaa’idah dare to take on the United States, which inspires dread the world over. The most important factor in this is faith [Imaan], which gives Muslims hope in their war with the enemy, no matter how arrogant he is, and spurs them on to break down the barriers of fear. Al-Qaa’idah can operate globally thanks to the individual capabilities of its members and the structure of its organization.

We will not discuss the perpetrators’ identity. The mujahideen put an end to this discussion immediately after the raid. Instead, on the one-year anniversary of the raid, we have chosen to discuss its intellectual, strategic, political, and educational ramifications in the first issue of our new project, “Writers of Al-Ansar.” This project aims to provide comprehensive treatment of Islamic issues, using an Islamic vision to put events in their proper context to help Muslims to understand and interpret correctly the events of the struggle.

Everyone recognizes that the raid was an event of worldwide importance. As such, it deserves study, and especially from an Islamic vantage point. Our enemies have already made every effort to muddy the waters. Their intent is to present the event in a tragic light, although it targeted a criminal state that is hostile to the Islamic community. The truth, however, is too great for poisoned pens and resentful shouts to harm it. The raid’s positive significance is obvious to all. It represented a qualitative shift in the clash between the Islamic community and its Jewish and Crusader enemies.

This book is an attempt to provide a serious interpretation of the event. Each of the writers examines the 11 September raid from a particular angle and supplies a unique view. Readers of varying interests will find here an overview of the event that shook the world.

We leave you off with the articles; the footnotes in these articles belong to the translators and not the original writers. The last article in our links below is not from the magazine and is a separate article written by a Scholar who looked at the 9/11 event in a totally unique and different light.

We hope you enjoyed this series and will now look at the “war on terrorism” as a war of hypocrisy and that you will look at September the 11th as a form of retaliation from the Islaamic world upon the tyrants of the West who are the heads of the oppressors that have been killing Muslims for years on end and supporting those who terrorize the Islaamic world for many years. This was not an attempt to justify 9/11, but this was merely an attempt to isolate ourselves from the views of the Media regarding this important day and to really dive deep into the subject unlike the media who is satisfied with their superficial knowledge that is empty of wisdom and musing and full of rhetoric and blindness.

It was the Badr of the 21st Century; the Badr of yesterday changed world events, so much so, that it gave confidence to the Mujaahideen to conquer nearly half the world years later. The Badr of today is a revitalization of that very concept and it only seeks to equal the playing field between the oppressed and its oppressors.





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