Abu Omar al-Baghdadi : The Solid Structure

The Solid Structure

All praise be to Allah. We thank Him, we seek His guidance and forgive-ness. We seek His refuge from the evils of our souls, and the evil results of our deeds.

Whosoever Allah guides, there is none to lead him astray, and whosoever is led astray by Allah, there is none to guide him.

I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah, alone, without partner, and that Muhammad is His slave and messenger.


To proceed:

Indeed Allah has said: […and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allâh knows but you do not know.] (2:216).

These days we are witnessing the painful anniversary of the tragic occupation of Iraq and the fall of Baghdad captive in the hands of the cross worshippers and international forces of kufr (disbelief). After five years of occupation of Mesopotamia, what did we and our enemy reap?

In summary, the enemy has reaped disappointment, shame and loss. They have declared, lying as usual, that their casualties has exceeded only about four thousand, ignoring the dead from the mercenaries of the various security contractors.

Five years have come to pass, and they have witnessed an unparallel collapse. Their prestige has been leveled and their noses have been rubbed in the dirt. They are no longer able to scare anyone. Their capital has been exhausted, and they are facing a recession never experienced. Despite of knowing that they will lose the war and that victory is for Islam and its soldiers, the enemy still acts arrogantly.

Five years of this blessed jihad have come to pass, and all praise be to Allah, we are still holding fast to our religion and marching on the path of Jihad, bearing the flag of Tawheed, the flag of Laa Ilaaha Ill-Allah (there is none worthy of worship but Allah).

These years have come to pass and our soldiers, one after another, are proceeding to our Lord. Their stances have not changed in the least. The ordeals and tribulations they faced have only increased them in their goodness and purity. They have neither been deceived by the fewness of their supporters nor by the defamation of those who have deserted them in their time of need.

Five years passed, and in them Allah has distinguished the ranks and made apparent what was previously hidden in the hearts. He exposed various calls which claimed to be upon the methodology of the Salaf, those which today are calls of the days of Ignorance (Jahiliyyah – fighting for causes other than Islam). Whosoever is killed under this flag has died a death of Jahiliyyah.

Our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) gave glad tidings to the believers, saying: “There will never cease to be a party from my Ummah (Islamic Nation) fighting for the cause of Allah vanquishing their enemy. They will never be harmed by those who oppose them. The Day of Resurrection will come and they will still be in this state.”

He (peace and blessings be upon him) also informed us great news in his saying: “I asked my Lord that my Ummah not to be afflicted by a collective drought (affecting all of them at once) or with an enemy except from themselves. My Lord Allah said: ‘O Muhammad, if I decree a matter it must come to be. I give you what you asked for your Ummah. I will not afflict them with a collective drought or with an enemy except from themselves, even if all the world’s enemies gathered against them.”

This is a prophetic tiding that the foreign infidel enemy will never be able to uproot Islam from its followers; however strong it may be or support it may have, the enemy is forsaken by Allah, and all praise be to Him. Whoever places a bet on his victory has certainly lost.

However, what tears my heart and deeply saddens me for the Sunnis is the current attitude of the tribes of the southern and central regions of Iraq towards the internal conflict of the Shiites as well as the Mahdi Army, in spite of them being clear agents of Iran. Its leader even permanently resides there (in Iran), and the weaponry, equipment and training of his soldiers are sponsored by the devils of Qum (the center of Shiism), for no other reason than to safeguard the gains of the Rafidi (Shiite) state in the governance of Iraq, and to stand against any Sunni demand, whether peacefully or militarily, and to once again rule over Mesopotamia.

Despite the fact that these tribes know that the conflict among the Rafida (Shiites) has no relation to religious beliefs or the presence of the occupier, and that it is a conflict for mere authority and control of wealth gained through the smuggling of oil, officially estimated at fourteen billions dollars per year, the tribes of the southern and central regions stood with their sons from the Mahdi Army and others, refusing that the Shiites be overtaken with internal strife. For this purpose they held demonstrations, they raised slogans, and mediators were sent to find a solution for this fighting, and how to peacefully divide the cake of Iraq and its oil.

At the same time, however, we find some Sunni tribes joining hands with the American occupiers, the likes of John, Jerges and al-Maliki, to kill off the sons of the Sunni tribes, to kill Omar, Muhammad and Ahmed, describing their sons from the Mujahideen as contemptible and rubbish. This was clearly expressed by the agent leaders of the awakening councils, first and foremost the son of Ali Sulaiman, the oldest of Iraqi agents and inheritors of this treason. As if al-Rishawi was a scholar practicing what he preached, leading the fight against the Mujahideen – the sons of honorable tribes – and not a criminal bandit well known to all people of Anbar.

These concerns were brought to me by the elders of some noble tribes, asking how long the Sunni infighting will continue and if it were not the time for us to aim this weapon only at the occupier alone.

I was overjoyed with their attitude, and they found in the Islamic State what they were looking for and more. After the discussion, an agreement was made about a project to put an end to what they called “infighting in the Sunni regions between sons of various tribes”.

They felt a need for this especially after the situation reached the extent that some tribes had actually formed assassination groups in the police in order to eliminate others of the same tribe from the Mujahideen –including those who were released by the Americans– turning their families’ joy of release into sadness, inflaming the current internal fighting among the sons of the same tribe.

An example of this is what happened recently in the tribe of al-Jaghayfa where they executed publicly in broad daylight some of their own heroes, although from a different branch, and those from the tribes of Bouhayat, al-Hadetheyeen, al-Jawaeena, al-Zaweyeen and Bounemer. The same atrocity was committed by Boumahal tribe with the tribes of Jadaan, al-Tarablah and al-Saffal.

The elders said that the American army and its allies pushed the clans into a quagmire called “National Forces” and the tribal “Awakening Councils”. They called them to rose-colored dreams, and showed them that they will soon come true by disbursing large amounts of money in its initially stages to some specific tribal elders and volunteers in the awakening councils. When they fell into their ominous plot, they wiped their hands and stopped salaries, and they started to talk about contracts of three or six months, explicitly saying to them, “Now you can either cooperate with us or get your heads chopped off by the Islamic State for fighting them, for you have became clear targets for them, you have none to cover for you except the Americans.”

I emphasized to the elders that the root cause of the problem in the Sunni regions is the Islamic Party and its supporters from the evil scholars and some tribal elders, through their continuous telling of lies since their joining of the ominous political process. What was the result? An American soldier stood and put his shoe over the head of Muhsin Abul-Hamid for twenty minutes, and Tariq al-Hashemi visited the prison and made like he was crying like a woman. He could not even free one prisoner while being the vice president of the republic. And what makes things worse, he stated that most of prisoners of minors had been sexually abused. Despite this fact, the Islamic Party completely refuses the withdrawal of the occupiers and considers it a crime.

The important question must be asked: Why is the withdrawal of the occupier a crime?

Is Iraq under the rule of the Sunnis for which they fear loss? Do they fear for the material gains of the Sunnis? Which religion permits this criminal this request? By Allah even Buddhism would not accept this occupation nor their presence, and it was for this reason that they fought the Americans in Vietnam. So tell me, what religion does this man and his party follow? Or is it that he fears the Mujahideen whom he labeled with all forms of degradation and fought, through the formation of these apostate awakening councils, claiming that they were criminals and killers?

I would like to ask the sons of our noble tribes, how many of your people are locked up in the jails of the Islamic State, or al-Qaeda as they call it, and how many of them are in the jails of the invading crusader forces and the Shiite government? How many of your women are prisoners in the jails of the Islamic State, and how many of them are in the jails of the crusader forces and Shiite government? The last question, how much honor was violated by the men of the Islamic State, far be it from them! And how much honor was violated by the crusaders forces and the progeny of ibn al-Alqami (Shiites)? I think if you answer these questions honestly you will know who the real criminal is and who it is that must be fought.

And I ask you by Allah other than whom there is none other deserving of worship, don’t you know how many times we attacked the prisons of Abu Ghraib, Badoush and others to free our sons, and that tens of our soldiers were killed for this purpose? The attack of Abu Ghraib in which Sheikh Abu Anas al-Shami and his brothers were killed in al-Ridwaniyyah was not long ago for you to remember.

And I ask you by Allah other than whom there is none other deserving of worship, don’t you know that we detained various hostages, American, British, Russian soldiers and others, and we made no other condition for their release than the freeing of our Muslim women from their prisons, even if it were just one? We swear, and we swear again by Allah other than whom there is none other deserving of worship, we never ransomed any prisoner for money, despite our dire need of it. We had no other goal or placed no other condition than the release of our women and minors from their prisons. As for the men (prisoners), they cannot be freed except by men.

Are we equal to those who purposely showed the photographs of Sunni women in the worst of conditions in the hands of the cross worshippers and the Rafida (Shiites), while the soldiers of the awakening councils and the Islamic Party cover their backs to safeguard their security from the Mujahideen?

Then after all this, al-Rishawi and his followers from the Islamic Army (IAI) and Islamic Party claim that we are worse than the Americans and the Rafida (Shiites), giving themselves the license to fight their noble brothers from the Mujahideen, placing themselves and their fellow tribesmen under the disposal of Hadi al-Ameri and Petraeus.

Indeed the dead, buried al-Rishawi once said this to his master Bush, the bearer of the cross, soliciting his treason in the presence of the leader of the Islamic Party in al-Anbar, Mamoun Jassem: “We are your allies in Iraq and you can count on us, don’t leave us”. Bush was filled with joy and laughed not believing what he was hearing from his new allies. He (Bush) answered: “No, no. We won’t leave you!”

So tell me my people, aren’t the bearers of the cross the ones who violated our honor, spilled our blood, imprisoned our sons, humiliated our elders, terrorized our children, and destroyed our homes?

So tell me then, why do these agents from the awakening councils and their allies from the traitors of some resistance groups want to be the allies of the crusaders, requesting them to stand by their side? Sufficient for us is Allah, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs.


Indeed there is a great difference between me and my people,

for I don’t bear old spite towards them; a leader is not one to bear spite.

They don’t rush to my aid at my time of need,

while I rush to their aid if they call me.

If they eat my flesh (backbite), I give respect to theirs,

and if they destroy my glory, it build it for them.

We say by Allah, we have never killed anyone except an agent to the Americans or a hitting tool and protector of the occupiers, such as the police, the army, and the awakening councils who in reality are the root problem. The question must be asked: how many times have they prevented the Americans or Shiites from imprisoning our sons and sisters to come now and boast that they are defending the rights of the Sunnis. Or are they in truth defenders of a state that violates our honor and imprisons our people, when their leader (Tariq al-Hashemi) the vice-president can’t even free one prisoner due to his incapability?!

Also, how many Sunnis have joined the ranks of the police and army of this Shiite state? Three percent? Five percent? No more than that. The root cause of the problems faces in the Sunni territories is due to them. Most of the people of the Sunni tribes are either with the Mujahideen or actively support them, never accepting to guard the patrols and headquarters of the crusader occupiers nor their presence from the very start.

Hence, an agreement was reached upon the following:

First: The formation of a committee of sincere scholars, those which never supported the occupier or the Shiite state, those known for their knowledge and reputation, not affiliated in any sense with any of the apostate governments of the neighboring countries. This committee will decide in any conflict present in the Sunni regions, whether between tribes or between the Mujahideen and others.

Second: The religious scholars and the elders of our noble tribes will call and urge our people to leave the police and army of the Shiite state as well as the awakening councils, and they will direct all Sunni weapons towards the crusader occupiers and their allies and supporters.

Third: The Islamic State of Iraq (may Allah preserve it) commits itself to giving amnesty to all those who cease fighting the Mujahideen from the police, army and the awakening councils, before they are caught. The Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said: “Allah has greater joy at the repentance of one His slaves when he turns towards Him than one of you would have over his mount, which, having escaped from him with his food and drink in the middle of the desert becomes despaired of finding it and goes to a tree to lie down in its shade, suddenly appears standing by him.”

Each tribe as well commits itself to reject such deeds of its members, and to punish anyone who tries to throw the Sunnis into a bottomless pit and leaves the crusader occupiers to transgress in our land and play with its honor.

Fourth: Formation of committees comprising of religious scholars, tribal elders and Mujahideen in every region to administer its affairs according to Islamic Law.

Fifth: Formation of a supreme judicial court to judge in every dispute which takes place from the date of this declaration, according to Islamic law.

Sixth: The Islamic State of Iraq and other Jihad groups commit themselves to hand over any person legislatively proven to have spilled innocent Muslim blood to the previously mentioned committee.

Seventh: Formation of a supreme administration committee to follow up the previously mentioned project, headed by the Emir of the Islamic State of Iraq, and with the membership of the Emir of every resistance group which has not participated in the infidel political process nor the apostate awakening councils, after their agreement to the previously mentioned project.

Finally, this agreement will remain mere ink on paper unless it is adopted and implemented by the scholars and tribal elders, at least in those regions where it is possible, and it must be so as a whole without exclusion of any of its statutes.

On this occasion, I cannot but thank my fellowmen and brothers – the tribal elders and their sons of the North, in Ninawa and its surrounding areas– for their steadfastness against all the attempts to pressure them into forming an apostate army working against the Mujahideen from their fellow tribes-men. Indeed their resilience foiled their ominous project which would result in the violation of many lives and honor of the Sunnis in Mosul.

Since the first day of the show of operations in Basra, one of the representatives of the Sadrist block stated: “Why is the peaceful city of Basra targeted and not Mosul?” As a result, a delegation of senior devils of the Badr Corps led by the criminal governor of Babil, Hadi al-Ameri, along with Ali Al-Adeeb and Hassan Al-Saneed, visited Iran on the first day of these operations. There, a deal was struck to end the campaign against Basra, and to point all Shiite and government weapons towards the Sunnis in their own home, Mosul, the dearest of their lands and the source of their strength and number.”

Unexpectedly, the Basra operations were called off, and al-Maliki announced that all attacks and arrests against the Mahdi Army, whether by night or by day, be stopped, while only yesterday he had described them on video aired by all satellite channels as “smugglers, killers, criminals, criminal gangs and worse than al-Qaeda”. All of a sudden, the Sadrist Movement became a highly respected and distinguished political party, and its members well-disciplined deserving of thanks and gratitude. The agreement of this crime was made in Iran, and just a few hours after their return, the criminal member of the Badr Organization and the Parliament member Hassan al-Saneed announced that the assault would this time be directed upon Mosul.

First, what gives this criminal the right to announce such a thing? He is only a member of the parliament, not a member of the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of the Interior, not even a member of the police! Or is it enough that he is from the Badr Corps?! At the same time, we see the Iraqi Accord Front – claiming to be Sunni – making sincere efforts to end the assault on the Mahdi Army for the sake of saving “Magian” Shiite lives. As for the lives of the Sunnis in Diyala and elsewhere, their blood has no worth. This Front continues to protect and fight side by side with the invaders, and it is truly more Shiite than the Shiites themselves.

Second, has the military campaign ever stopped against Mosul? In front of you, you can see that the war is raging. A clear example of this was the Zinjili massacre carried out by the soldiers of both segments of the National Guard, both Shiites and Jewish Kurds, in which there was a much greater number of casualties than that the Shiites claimed to have during all their six-day battles.

O Sunnis, awaken! Indeed what is being plotted against you is a great matter! You will suffer much humiliation and shame if you abandon your sons from the Mujahideen. They are a part of you, they work for you, and they are the source of your might and your honor and the secret of your strength. Do not ever follow the Islamic Party and its devils into the political process. I swear by Allah they are calling to the genocide of the Sunnis in Mosul, and it has been confirmed to us that it is them who are fighting now to restart the sinful massacres of Mosul, after they succeeded in preventing Shiite blood-shed in the south, especially that of their masters in the Mahdi Army.

O Sunnis, stay together as one rank against the occupiers and anyone who allies with them, whatever his apparent affiliation or appearance may be. You will never support the Crusaders or their protectors, for you are a chivalrous and courageous people, and the most familiar with war. The Mujahideen are your sons and you are their sincere leaders. Put an end to the crimes of the Crusaders and occupiers and greedy ambitions of the Magian Shiites, and stand up against the conspiracies of the Jewish Peshmerga. Defend your religion, your land and your honor, otherwise we will have a thousand “Abeers” and “Sabreens” (women who were raped), and the case of our sister Abdiyyah raped by her Shiite neighbor was not too long ago for you to forget.

This is an initiative taken by us and some of your brothers from the tribal elders, so place your hands in ours and stand shoulder to shoulder with us. We will turn our ammunition towards the occupiers and whoever fights us from the enemy’s side. Don’t refuse this offer of reconciliation, for if you forsake us, our Lord above the sky will surely give us victory.

Allah says: [If Allah helps you, none can overcome you].(3:160).

O Allah! cause us to live and die as Muslims, and join us with the righteous, without shame nor failing a test.

O Allah! Kill the infidels who deny your messengers and hinder (people) from Your Path, and pour on them different kinds of severe torment.

O Allah! Kill the infidels who were given the Scripture. O Lord of Truth.

﴾And Allah has full power and control over His Affairs, but most people know not﴿ (12:21)

Your brother,

Abu Omar al-Quraishi al-Baghdadi


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