The valuable services of the Red Cross in reducing the sufferings of Afghans

( – The international committee of Red Cross (ICRC) is one of the well known organizations working in our area for the last sixty years. Especially during the Soviet invasion it had rendered valuable services to the Afghans by providing treatment to the wounded ones. For this purpose it had specific hospitals in Peshawar and Quetta where it used to admit the wounded persons of all the Jihadist groups or send them abroad. Presently the ICRC is providing valuable services by delivering letters to the prisoners and informing the families about their health condition, which is really a humanitarian service.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan supports as per its policy each and every NGO which is useful for the ordinary Afghan and does not support the foreign invasion. Similarly the IEA tries its best to facilitate them according to possibilities and condemns the torture and killing of its worker inside the country as well as abroad; because it is an impartial organization and works throughout the world for the needy, helpless and oppressed people.

We would to draw the attention of the ICRC to all the prisoners related to the IEA and being tortured in jails, known or underground, by the puppet regime of Kabul and the Americans as well. They are treated in a biased and discriminate manner. The barbaric techniques common in the communist regime in Afghanistan are used once again to torture the prisoners. This is not a mere claim but the reports of the impartial human rights organization testify it and the media have published it.

Moreover the Americans have set up secret cells in all of their bases where they torture the prisoners and the news does not come out. We ask the ICRC to investigate the hidden jails in the American bases beside Bagram and Qandahar bases. The ICRC should put pressure on the invading forces to refrain from the torture and humiliation of the prisoners. Similarly it is well known that for the last decade the Afghans are living in Guantanamo and other jails inside Afghanistan under the control of Americans as well the puppet regime of Kabul without any trial and official indictment. We ask the ICRC to accelerate its efforts for their release according to its policy because the arrest and detention of these people is itself a violation of the international human rights and is a brand of infamy for the civilized humanity.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan



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