Thousands Muslims in Somalia gathered to welcome the merger of Al Shabaab with Al Qaeda

SOMALIA ( –  Al Shabaab Mujahideen officially reported that thousands of Muslims gathered on the outside of Mogadishu, Somalia, on Monday (2/13/2012) to welcome the merger of Al Shabaab to al Qaeda, “Thousands of Muslims gathered on the outside of Mogadishu welcome the bay’ah of the Mujahideen in Somalia with Al-Qaeda “, said Mujahideen via tweet HSMPress.

Al-Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mahmoud spoke aloud at that moment, “Today’s’ was one of the largest gatherings Somalia has witnessed in recent years”.

“Muslims rejoice at the Unity of the Mujahideen under one Leadership, gradually proceeding towards the imminent Khilaafa”, he added.

Several hundred who came to the greatest gathering, including women and children.

In his speech, Sheikh Ali also expressed the anger  that linked to the upcoming London conference in Somalia, said “London Conference is another way to invade Somalia to fight over the horn of East Africa”.

Britain must understand that the Muslims have long rejected British Imperialism and the futility of their renewed attempt is all too obvious.

Unlike the limited opposition at Berlin Conference, London Conference will see its plans thwarted and foot soldiers vanquished.

It’s the imperious nature of the Brits that sees them meddling in Islam affairs in the hope of reviving a hopeless dream of a British Empire.

Mujahideen will not remain silent and will never submit to those who disbelieve in any aspect.

This happy meeting that was attended by thousands of Muslims, showed that Muslims support the enforcement of Islamic Sharia and will never submit to Western imperialism on behalf of Demoksrasi. Allahu Akbar!. (siraaj/


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