True position of the Islamic Emirate regarding the negotiations

AFGHANISTAN ( – Recently in the month of January, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan showed in a declaration its readiness to have a diplomatic office in Qatar for reciprocal understanding with the international community and had reached preliminary agreement with the government Qatar.

Before that, the envoys of the Islamic Emirate had reached a settlement with the American side that the Americans will set free the prisoners of the Islamic Emirate from Guantanamo and will let them live with their families in Qatar. Similarly the Americans will not oppose the diplomatic office.
The idea behind was that there should be a reference point for talks with the countries of the world and secondly to counter the propaganda that the Islamic Emirate has no political schema whereas the reality is that the Islamic Emirate works simultaneously on both political and military fronts to attain the justified rights of the Muslim Afghan nation; therefore the political and military commissions are working side by side.
With the passage of time, instead of fulfilling their promises and paving the road for the forthcoming dialogues, the American media started a kind of propaganda indicative of multi-dimensional talks with the envoys of the Islamic Emirate for the solution of Afghan dilemma which was in total contradiction with the ground realities. In the same time, some secret circles of the enemy published some spurious declarations asking the Mujahedeen to freeze their attacks. This venomous propaganda created anxiety as if, may Allah forbid, a secret deal is ongoing between the Islamic Emirate and the Americans even though it is quite clear that the Islamic Emirate is an Islamic movement based on principals and all its work is transparent and under the supervision of the Amir-ul-Momineen (Leader of the Faithful) may Allah protect him. The political office of Islamic Emirate, just like its military commission, is working for the lofty aims of the ongoing Jihad which are the freedom of the beloved homeland and the implementation of the Islamic Sharia alongside the provision of the benefits of the immense sacrifices of the Muslim masses of Afghanistan in the form an Islamic government.
The true sign of well-intention and of sound logic was to further strengthen the atmosphere for negotiations however the invading forces repeatedly committed such actions which served the opposite purpose. E.g. the desecration of the Holy Quran in Bagram airbase by the Americans, the slaughter of innocent children in Kapisa, Nangarhar and Ghazni provinces, the defiling of the dead bodies of martyrs and recently the martyring and then burning of the bodies of tens of children and women in Zangabad area of Panjwai district. How can the opposition on the one hand be calling towards a peaceful resolution to the Afghan problem and on the other justify such brutal actions?
Therefore the Americans should first of all fulfill their promises for the real and concrete solution of the Afghan issue and initiate a translucent strategy clarifying what measures should be taken for confidence building.
The Islamic Emirate is determined to expel the external forces both by military and diplomatic channels and to find a solution for Afghan issue. The Americans should come out of their perplexity and wavering and express their lucid stance by fulfilling their promises.
As described in the official statement of the Islamic Emirate, the Afghan issue has two dimensions; internal and external. The external dimension is correlated with the foreigners e.g. the withdrawal of the invading forces, the release of the prisoners and so on. These problems are related to the foreigners. The internal dimension is associated with the Afghans. E.g. the unification of its people and the establishment of a strong Islamic government according to the wishes and desires of the masses for the sake of justice, stability, progress, prosperity and economic promotion which could wipe out the tears of the orphans and to heal the wounds of the oppressed people of beloved homeland.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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