Twenty nine civilians were killed in rural Damascus this Sunday


( – Sbaineh: Assad forces shelled residential areas with artillery killing an entire family and wounding several civilians.

Almliha: Regime warplanes bombarded the city. The Free Syrian Army shot down a regime warplane. Assad forces shelled farmlands with rocket launchers and mortars amid fierce clashes between Assad forces and the Free Syrian Army near Annour and Thameco regime checkpoints. The Free Syrian Army destroyed a Shilka vehicle at Annour checkpoint.

Alqutaifeh: Assad forces fired two Scud missiles towards the northern Syrian territories. One of them fell on Kafr Hamrah a town in rural Aleppo. 

The Southern Bypass: Regime MiG fighters jet launched two air raids on the towns of Eastern Ghoota bombarding residential areas with rockets.

Midaa: Regime warplanes bombarded the town wounding several civilians.

Hazzeh and Kafr Batna: Assad forces fiercely shelled Hazzeh and the farmlands between Kafr Batna and Almliha with heavy artillery wounding several civilians in Hazzeh.

Harasta: The Free Syrian Army has clashed with Assad forces who attempted to storm into the western area killing and wounding several regime soldiers amid fierce regime rocket launcher shelling on the city. The area west of the highway was declared a disaster area after all residents fled their homes as hundreds regime rockets and missiles fell on the area during the past few days.

Muadamyyat Ashaam and Daryyah: Assad forces resumed tank shelling on residential areas amid full siege.

Maraba: Assad forces raided the town, looted homes and arrested several civilians. (Ugarit News/

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