UN Backed Government Demolishes Houses Of Somali People Near Airport

Earlier today the UN backed Transitional Federal Government evicted many Somali civilians from the area surrounding the airport they use to bring in foreign soldiers and their president when he is coming back from one of his many vacations to foreign lands. Residents were told to leave their homes early in the morning without prior warning and their homes were destroyed. The TFG claims that the mujahideen were using the houses to attack the airport.

“The houses were demolished so as to tighten the security around the airport,” said Mogadishu’s council Secretary General Abdikafi Hilowle.

Another TFG official claimed that Al-Shabaab funded the housing in order to attack the TFG. He also said that the residents would be relocated to housing in the Madinah neighborhood.

However, the veil of a civil relocation is lifted by the voices of the Somali people.

“I and my six children are homeless now, we don’t know where to spend tonight which is our biggest nightmare. We built our houses here because we felt it was more secure than any other place,” said Muhubo Nur, one of the mothers whose house was demolished.

It is not unlikely that the mujahideen funded the building of the houses, but that is not a reason for demolishing them. The mujahideen are funding the building of houses and they are distributing the zakaat and sadaqah all over Somlia. In fact, roughly 500,000 Somalis in the areas controlled by the mujahideen do not need aid any longer, because the removal of the World Food Program allowed farmers to compete. The money from food consumption in areas held by the mujahideen no longer goes to American corporations, but it goes to the good Muslim people of Somalia, al-hamdulillah.

It is no surprise that part of the TFG’s supposed strategy in the upcoming offensive is to increase the influence of the World Food Program. However, this is not due to their desire to help the people of Somalia. Rather, it is to please their lords in America and the UN. This is evidenced by their destruction of homes on their own territory and their indiscriminate shelling of other territory.

Even the commander of Ugandan forces in Somalia has recently said that the TFG will not be able to win if it keeps up its brutal policies and does not help the people. He also made it very clear that he did not think Uganda should send anymore soldiers to Somalia.

This news comes as many other sources seem to be realizing that the most likely outcome is that the mujahideen will win in Somalia. The Council on Foreign Relations recently released a paper saying that the TFG should be allowed to fail in Somalia. Furthermore, the United States appears to be backing off of its aid to the country. They are realizing that they do not need 9 million new enemies after news breaks of their bombs leveling neighborhoods in the region. This does not mean that they are not going to bomb those neighborhoods, but they will likely have a policy of not claiming responsibility for it like they do in Pakistan and Yemen.

All in all it is looking like the days of the oppressive puppet regime in Somalia are drawing to a close. I have reports directly from Somalia of how the people love the mujahideen, and how wherever they go there is peace.

source : Revolution Muslim


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