US declares Syaikh Osama bin Laden killed during a firefight in Pakistan

WASHINGTON ( – The US president Barack Obama has announced that Emir of al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden had been killed during a firefight in Pakistan.

According to US media outlets, Bin Laden was killed in a villa 60 km from Islamabad. However, what Western media call a villa looks in the reports of Pakistani TV like an ordinary unremarkable house. It was also reported that his son had been killed with him.

The reports from Pakistani TV channels indicate that at least 2 women, who appear to be ethnic Arabs, were taken to a hospital in a serious condition. According to other reports, both women were assassinated.

US media claimed that bin Laden’s body is in the hands of Americans.

Meanwhile, Islamic sources have not confirmed the information about the martyrdom of bin Laden.

Russian TV channel Russia Today and Pakistani television channel Geo quoted an anonymous representative of the Tahrik-a-Taliban Pakistan who refuted the US claims.

“A week ago we received an intelligence report about the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. Bin Laden has been killed after a firefight”, said Obama.

The CNN reports that government and intelligence agencies of Pakistan were directly involved in the operation against bin Laden.

Pakistani authorities confirmed that they have participated in the assassination of bin Laden.

A statement by the Pakistani authorities said that it had happened early in the morning near the town of Abbottabad in the north eastern part of the country. The Pakistani regime said it made a “great contribution” helping the US in its war against Islam.

In turn, Obama stressed that bin Laden had been killed with the help of Pakistani authorities. He officially thanked the Pakistani regime for this assistance.

In this case, it was announced that the US is allegedly not fighting a war against Islam.

“From the outset, I’ve made clear, just as President Bush did, that our actions in the region is not a war against Islam”, Obama claimed.

The CNN reports that bin Laden was killed near Islamabad as a result of a “very intense raid”. Obama said that the attack of Americans on the house had taken place on Sunday. He stressed: “The operation took place under my leadership”.

Former US President George W. Bush congratulated Obama on the assassination of Osama bin Laden. Russia was one of the first countries that hurried up to congratulate Washington.

Western media reported that a crowd of local residents gathered around the White House in Washington, singing the US anthem and celebrating the assassination of Emir of al-Qaeda.

Jubilation prevails in the White House, reports the BBC News.

Meanwhile, some commentators in the US and Pakistan indicate that if the information about bin Laden’s death is confirmed, it would be a purely symbolic “victory” for the United States, since Bin Laden did not head personally the al-Qaida, and this organization has long transformed into an extensive international structure around the world with their leaders and units.

In addition, according to media reports, there only 2 people in the house – bin Laden and his son. If so, then the operation of the US intelligence services may be considered more a failure than a success, because they failed to capture bin Laden alive.

It is curious that the American authorities, a few hours after the onset of critical comments, were quick to say that their aim had not allegedly been to capture the Emir of al-Qaeda, and they were initially planned to assassinate him. However, previous Western media reports citing US officials argued that bin Laden had been offered to surrender but he opened fire. It is reported that the battle lasted for about 40 minutes.

Apparently, bin Laden and his son gave a serious fight to a whole detachment of US special forces and did not allow the US to play a months-long television show with a so-called “U.S. court”.

In addition, it is reported that before storming the house where bin Laden was staying, two US gunships struck a massive missile attack on it, and only then the U.S. special forces entered the territory of the land-lord.

Another curious detail. According to witnesses – locals, who are referred to by Pakistani sources,- a military helicopter of the Pakistani air forces crashed near the house which, according to the US, was a residence of bin Laden.

Before the crash, an intensive fire was heard in the area. However, the US and Pakistan concealed information about the loss of the helicopter.

According to the latest reports from Western sources, bin Laden’s body was dumped into sea in order not to bury him on land, because US reportedly feared that his grave could become a pilgrimage site. In this case, the US announced that it got rid of the body so quickly to “honor the Islamic tradition of burying within 24 hours”.

It is also alleged that the US wanted to hand over the body of Osama bin Laden to Saudi Arabian authorities, but Riyadh refused to accept it.

It is also to be noted that a picture of the “killed” bin Laden, which was previously circulated by the Pakistani TV, was recognized as a forgery. That was reported, among other agencies, by the TV channel Skynews.

Immediately after the false picture has been exposed , the Americans promptly carried an operation “none will be wiser”. The US announced that they dumped the “body of Osama bin Laden” into the sea.

At present, there is no picture and no body available. In addition, the US declared they conducted a genetic test that, according to them, is a “99.9% proves” that it was bin Laden who had been assassinated and no other man. Earlier, the Americans said that a DNA test required at least a week. And it is really so.

A curious comment in connection with the reports on martyrdom of bin Laden comes from an anonymous senior Western intelligence officer in Afghanistan who is quoted by some media. In an interview with the BBC he said: “Bin Laden’s killing would have been more significant in 2004, 2005 or 2006 – but now it is too late. There is a Bin Laden in every street today”. (KC/


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