U.S. immediately recognizes authority of vice-president of Yemen Mansour Hadi

SANA’A (Arrahmah.com) – According to sources of Al-Jazeera, US vice president Joe Biden has already phoned the Yemeni vice president Mansour Hadi (see on photo) and said that the US will immediately recognize his power and authority.

Biden said he hopes that the situation in Yemen will stabilize, fightings will over and promised full support to Saleh’s successor.

Arab media outlets reported that the Mansour Hadi met with the son of president Saleh and Yemen’s armed forces command. The results of this meeting are not reported.

Meanwhile, sources in Saudi Arabia reported that the royal regime is unlikely to allow return of Saleh to Yemen after recovery. The Saudis have too much interest in this country to look calmly at chaotization of Yemen.

As the Arab media reported on Sunday, residents of Sana’a demonstrated a festive mood after information about president Saleh’s leaving for in Saudi Arabia confirmed.

It also reported that 11 security guards, soldiers and officials of the Saleh’s regime killed as a result of Friday’s attack on the presidential palace in Sana’a. 5 other senior officials of Yemen were seriously injured. All of them are taken to Saudi Arabia.

It is to be recalled that earlier, officials of the president of Yemen in an interview with the Arab press, in particular, with the newspaper of Al-Hurra, said that Friday’s attack on the presidential palace, as a result of which Saleh was injured, was organized by the United States to assassinate the Yemeni leader.

“The assassination attempt failed. President Saleh is alive. Coup has failed”, Saleh’s officials declared.

Saleh’s circle said that the government complex was bombed from the air by US aircraft.

Nevertheless, these charges are virtually ignored by Western and Arab media. They are nowhere heard or discussed.

In turn, the US said on Saturday that it condemned the rocket attack on the presidential palace. President Saleh himself in his Friday audio address formally accused of shooting the leader of the rival clan of al-Ahmar, calling it a gang of criminals.

It is to be recalled that before the mass riots in Yemen, president Saleh was one of the most loyal and faithful assistants of Washington in the war against the Mujahideen of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

However, due to the fact that popular unrest undermined the position of Saleh, the US felt that he should leave as soon as possible, so that the situation is completely out of control, that plays into the hands of al-Qaeda.

President Saleh, however, is stubborn and refused to leave, fearing that he will suffer the fate of Mubarak, who faces the death penalty and who also served for many years for the US and Israel, but was betrayed and forgotten.

United States, in turn, want to quickly regain control over the country and send the military efforts of the new puppet regime against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which has already proclaimed the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Abyan in southern Yemen, and gradually expanding the zone of territorial control.

source : KC


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