Ustadz ABB : This is an Orders & U.S Conspiracy

JAKARTA ( – At press conference by Police Headquarters related arrestment of Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir (ABB). Monday (9/8), Indonesian Police explain the reasons why Ustadz ABB who also as caregiver of Al Mukmin Ngruki boarding school have been arrested. He accused to made idea to train the terrorist along to agreed and give funds for terrorism in Aceh. The allegation is too bold and surely must be proven.

Unjustifiable accusation?

After a long waited, finally Police Headquarters held a press conference related arrestment of Ustadz ABB, Monday (9/8/2010) at 1.30pm. On that press conference, Police Headquarters admitted that they had evidence of Ustadz ABB involvement, even though while asked for details by reporters, Head of Public Relations Police Headquarters Irjen. Edward Artionang always circumvent by saying that it still under further investigation.

“He knows all the training activities and scheme in Aceh, routinely received the report from field manager”, said Head of Public Relations Police Headquarters Irjen. Edward Artionang

Edward Aritonang also added the accusation that Ustadz ABB the one who had the idea to hold terrorist exercises. Edward also added that the police confidence of Ba’asyir being involved taken from the witnesses who has been examined. “Variety of evidence has convinced,” he said.

In that occasion, Edward also said that Ustadz ABB also suspected to have pointed the terrorist exercised leaders in Aceh. Including pointed the management of military training and being responsible for the terrorism activities.

Ustadz ABB : This an Orders and U.S Conspiracy

Meanwhile, Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir looks calm when entering Criminal Detective Agency Room’s, at Police Headquarters office.

“This is blessing to all, blessing from Allah. This is U.S Conpiracy” said Ustadz ABB at Police Headquarters office, in Jakarta, Monday August 9, 2010.

As already known, a silver Kijang Krista car which driven by Ustadz ABB from Tasikmalay being intercepted by Densus 88 and Gegana Unit. That car was not alone, but guard by around 5 members of JAT which in Nissan Terrano car.

Suddenly, Densus 88 being intercepted the Kijang car and ask all the passenger out from the car. there is confrontation from Ustadz ABB followers, and then Densus 88 breaking the glass of the Kijang car and pushed all the passenger out from the car and handcuffed.

Muslim Ummah, Must Alert!

Muslim Ummah must be shocked and didn’t expected that Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir who consistent speak out about The True (Al Haq) ended being arrests. Ustadz ABB often had been accused and associated with terrorism, more over he had been sentenced for the same accusation, that is related to terrorism. But as its known, all those the accusation ultimately not proven and it just an attempt from enemies of Islam to shout down the voices and the aspiration of the consistent Islamic Scholars.

Presently, majority of muslim ummah, not yet believe and not sure for what’s been accusation to Ustadz ABB. Some Muslims now being alert, which mean in seriously observe and supervise in every seconds for what happen with Ustadz ABB. On Islamic Medias websites, Facebook, had been crowded with support and prayers to Ustadz ABB. More over there is information by Short Message Service (SMS), Islamic Defenders Group (Front Pembela Islam FPI), this afternoon, at 4pm will soon hold press conference related with Ustadz ABB arrestment.

Also reportedly, couple of JAT members will soon meet with their Amir, Ustadz ABB, also with the students of Al Mukmin Ngruki boarding school, wheres Ustadz ABB as caregiver. It is not impossible, supports and sympathies to Ustadz ABB will continued directed to him.

Indeed, its time for Muslim Ummah to be care and being serious pay attention to this issues, which that accusations and all slanders to Muslim Ummah who always being connected with terrorism. With also who being tested and arrested right now, Ustadz ABB. Hopefully Ustadz ABB could soon be freed and the truth will be revealed soon. Insya Allah!

(M Fachry/

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