Ustadz Aman and The Aceh Mujahidin, Start Trial

Jakarta ( – In secretly, Ustadz Aman and Mujahidin of Aceh trial began at District Court in West Jakarta, Thursday (26 / 8). The plan, they will be trial simultaneously and will be divided in 9 bundles. Will the persecution laid back to Ustadz Aman?

Tauhid cleric muzzled continue

Who doesn’t know Ustadz Aman? He is a figure of Islamic teacher who consistent doing da’wah. Known also as an intelligent and faqih in Islam, especially on the issue of Tauhid. He used doing da’wah to explain the meaning and implications of La ilaha ilallah in life to all regions in Indonesia.

Ironically, on Friday (19/03/2010) Ustadz Aman who was resting with his family be arrested and taken forcibly by Special Detachment 88 Anti-Terror (Densus 88) from his home in Cipanteneun village, Licin village, District Cimalaka, Sumedang, West Java. Now, along with 23 Mujahidin of Aceh, he was ready to trial in District Court of West Jakarta, Thursday (08/26/2010).

“Yes there are 23 which today is the plan to be trial and will be split into 9 bundles,” said a member of the Muslim Lawyers Team (TPM) named Asludin in District Court of West Jakarta, Thursday (08/26/2010).

Of the 23 people who will be tried, other than Ustadz Aman, there are names like Abu Rimba, and Pangku Mukhtar.

“They are charged with training in Aceh. But the more complete indictment that i still do not know yet, because trial just start today,” added Asludin.

Meanwhile, Mahendradatta, board supervisors of TPM, said that military training are not included as a criminal act of terrorism.

“In Chapter III of Laws 15 of 2003 amended Perppu number 1 year of 2002 that regulates criminal acts of terrorism, a military training is not treated as a criminal act of terrorism,”

Mahendradatta also confessed worry, the police using ways of outside the court to have military training in Aceh categorized as a crime of terrorism. Therefore, he urged the court to maintain independence.

“If the military training are considered acts of terrorism, of course many who got the crime of terrorism. Police unit Pamong Praja (Satpol PP) was also like to have military training,” said Mahendradatta.

Currently, Ustad Aman and other comrades placed in the waiting room detention cell at West Jakarta District Court, Jl S. Parman, Jakarta. They kept by dozens of police. 2 Members Densus 88 also keep wearing masks and carrying long-barreled weapons.

They Mujahid Not Terrorists!

As already known, previously Densus 88 had been arrested 102 people which accused of being terrorists because of military training in the mountains of Jalin, Aceh Besar, in February ago. Of the 102 people, 66 people had been detained and 23 of them on trial today.

Until today, still uncertain what really lies behind military training activities in Aceh. So, although the National Police Headquarters has established activities in Aceh is terrorism, it needs to be studied formally, as discussed by Ahmad Michdan, Chairman of TPM.

“Terrorist activities in Aceh had to be formally studied who had a suggestion about it, who facilitated the training, how they can come to Aceh and so forth. It was supposed to get attention from Police Headquarters.”

FPI leader Habib Rizieq even has been identified that the case “Terrorists Aceh” is terrorism by designed played by Sufyan Tsauri, a deserter Brimob.

“Sufyan Tsaurilah who recruit and train the suspects” Terrorists Aceh” in Mako Brimob Kelapa Dua, Depok West Java since 2009, so that has nothing to do with Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir,” said Habib.

Some members of the military training in Aceh who were recruited from members of FPI even believe and trust and make the training as an exercise and preparation for jihad (i’dad) for later departed to fight jihad in Palestine to help Muslims Muslim brothers and sisters that have been persecuted by Israel, May Allah SWT cursed them. Thus, they are certainly not as alleged terrorists during this time, but they are Mujahid!

Muslim Ummah Must Care

After Ustad Aman arrested, then Ustadz ABB was also arrested and accused of terrorism. One big question is upon the minds of Muslims today, whether this arrest marker that Islamic scholars and Islamic activists began to be detained? Is it just because of preaching, want to apply Islamic law, and consistent with the phrase La ilaha ilallah, then a muslim in a country which said the muslim majority should be arrested?

Ummah should know, that all these arrests only based on the slogan war against terrorism which mean war against Islam and Muslims, that sounded and chaired by United States, the real terrorists.

Are Muslims in this country to simply feed by the doctrine and belief that America really doesn’t want the islamic revival happening in this country.

There for, Muslim Ummah should be concerned and closely following every arrest and development that occurred, especially to the preachers (dai), such as Ustad Aman, and Ustadz ABB.

May Allah SWT., Make easy and immediately release him, Insya Allah. (M Fachry/ Firdausi, English Section)


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