Ustadz Hartono Ahmad Jaiz: The Syrian Forces Are Crueler Than The Serbian Forces At Slaughtering Muslims

JAKARTA ( – The massacres of Sunni Muslims in Syria by the Fir’aun Bashar Assad and his troops, is assessed as crueler than the massacres of Muslims in Bosnia by the orthodox Christian of Serbia.

This was expressed by an expert in deviated sects, Ustadz Hartono Ahmad Jaiz, after a silaturahim (friendship) occasion with Sheikh Ghiyath Abdul Baqi from Syria, which talked about the development of “The Tragedy in Syria” at the Islamic Center Al-Islam, Bekasi, West Java, Saturday night,(25/2).

“The Serbian army atrocities were still faced with the weapons of the Muslims, but Syria’s Army are massacring Muslims who have no weapon,” said Ustadz Hartono who had visited Bosnia during the war there.

Ustadz Hartono explained that the Serbian forces in Bosnia were still facing fierce resistance from the Muslims with arms, thus Serbia was only able to attack Muslims and the Masjids from a distance, however what is happening in Syria is that, the army of Bashar Assad directly carry out attacks in the masjids and houses of civilians.

“The civilians in Bosnia were still protected because the State and the youths were still carrying out resistance and the massacred civilians were the refugees. Different from Syria, all civilians are massacred,” he explained.

In the meeting, Sheikh Ghiyath explained about the brutality of Bashar Assad’s army in attacking unarmed civilians by using modern and sophisticated weapons. Not only killing the adults, Assad’s army are also killing old people, children and women.

It is not rare that the Syrian Muslimahs are raped first before being tortured and murdered, as well as burnt so that their bodies could not be recognized.

Besides murders, the brutality of the Fir’aun Assad’s loyalist army was complemented by forcing the prisoners and Muslim captives to say and confess that Bashar Assad is the one and only worshiped idol (God). If they refuse then heinous tortures await them.

Ustadz Hartono also added, the Muslims in Bosnia at that time still had the international aids, but now the people of Syria do not have the support, either militarily or medically, from any country.

“In fact Iran, the Shi’ah Hizbullah of Lebanon, Iraq, Russia and China are supporting the action taken by Bashar Assad,” he said.

In addressing this Syrian crisis, he assessed that the Muslims in Indonesia have to strengthen the process of socialization and information about the actual situation of Syria, so that the vast majority of the people who are not aware of the issues of Syria can know about it.

“After we have explained to the ummah, only then we decide on what steps are to be taken up,” Ustadz Hartono concluded.



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