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Arrahmah.Com – In the time of war, it is normal for the enemy to spread propaganda and thereby justify aggression against its opponents.

But despite this reality, it is extremely disappointing to see many so-called Muslims being duped by the enemy’s propaganda against the mujahideen and Islamists (practising Muslims).

The enemies of the Shari’ah (Islam) want you to believe that those who call for the establishment of an Islamic state, the implementation of the Shari’ah and jihad against the ‘crusaders’ are bloodthirsty, sadistic, inhumane people who have no concern for human life and prosperity.

They claim that the mujahideen in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere deliberately target ordinary women and children, and are wreaking havoc in the world, destroying schools, hospitals, bridges, buildings and roads. These claims are also echoed by secular so-called Muslims, misguided scholars and Shiites.

Every person, adult or child, knows that it is forbidden in Islam to deliberately kill women (non-fighters) and children, so how could the mujahideen – who are mature, practising Muslims – be ignorant of this?

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It is fundamental to realise that rules concerning offensive jihad (initiated by the Islamic state) do not apply in defensive jihad in the time of immense fitnah, when Muslims are fighting to defend their honour, protect their sanctity and repel aggressors.

And it is also important to admit that people living in war-torn countries cannot lead ordinary lives and contemplate going to work or school when there is fierce conflict between two huge armies across a vast space of land.

The mujahideen in Iraq and Afghanistan have declared that they will target the ‘crusaders’ (America and coalition forces) and their collaborators – from spies, journalists (propagandists), Christian missionaries (who work to convert Muslims to Christianity), Shiites, national police and security forces. It would therefore not be wise for a ‘civilian’ to be among such people, walk through a market full of Shiites or to get on a bus carrying police officers. Unfortunately, such occurrences have allowed the media to claim the mujahideen are targeting ordinary civilians.

The enemy has even endeavoured to silence those who are able to rationally and decisively justify retaliation against the real aggressors with draconian laws and threat of imprisonment.

One should not believe everything they learn from the media or from secular individuals who desire to live by democracy as opposed to the Shari’ah. Such people are Faasiqoon (sinners) and liars.(arrahmah.com)

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