When Palestine is being destroyed, this is what the leader of Hamas is doing

Indeed our lives are different from the lives of those who live in Jihad; the question is, are these people truly Mujahideen? Do the real Mujahideen have time to even watch a completely useless soccer match? Are these the people who claim to be defending the Ummah? The Ummah all over the entire world has put a lot of hope into the Muslims in Filistine, and this is what they get?

This is part of the reason why Hamas is a failure. Not sticking strictly to the Sunnah and Barakah of Jihad leads to humiliation. We ask Allah to protect and strengthen the real Mujahideen in Filistine.

These pictures are extremely embarrassing to the Ummah and it tarnishes the image of the Mujahideen.

Allahul Musta’an!


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