Yemen: Mujahideen of al-Qaeda stormed strategically important town of Al-Koud

AL-KOUD ( – The Mujahideen of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) stormed and captured another key town in southern Yemen after fierce fightings with the forces of the Saleh’s regime on Tuesday, reports Xinhua.

“The town of Al-Koud, also known as Koud, has fallen into the hand of the fighters of the al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula as the Yemeni army forces have been continuously shelling their positions since Monday afternoon”, a puppet official, requesting anonymity, told Xinhua on phone, .

The town of Al-Koud is located in the Islamic Emirate of Abyan (former province of Abyan) off the coast of the Gulf of Aden. The news agency Xinhua indicates that it is one of the strategically important towns in Abyan.
It is to be recalled on the night of September 11, the Saleh’s regime announced that its armed gangs had allegedly managed to capture the capital of Abyan, Zinjibar, and the Mujahideen “had fled to their mountain hideouts in neighboring provinces”.

However, it turned out later that the Saleh troops never entered Zinjibar. Moreover, the Mujahideen continued to exploit successes, push back the puppet army, and capture trophy weapons, including tanks, artillery, armored personnel carriers and other military hardware.

The liberation of Abyan started on March 26th, 2011 – at that time the town of Jaar was captured. On 27 May 2011, the Mujahideen of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula took control over the capital of Abyan, Zinjibar.

At the same time, AQAP liberated other cities and towns. Thus, the Mujahideen are now controlling almost the entire Emirate of Abyan and most of the Shabwa province.

The Al Qaeda units are actively operating in the provinces of Lahj, Hadramawt and Marib, as recently reported by Agence France-Press.

Xinhua recalls that in May 2011, the Mujahideen of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula announced the start of efforts for the creation of the Islamic Army of Aden-Abyan with 12 ,000 Mujahideen.
It is worth mentioning that one of the Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says:

“The army of 12,000 Mujahideen will come out of Aden-Abyan. They will give victory to Allah and His Messenger, and they are the best between me and them”.

It is to be recalled that according to many Arab and Western media, the Mujahideen from Yemen and other Islamic countries are now coming to the Emirate of Abyan. As reported earlier, the Somalian Mujahideen of Al-Shabaab brought some of its troops from Mogadishu to Yemen to help the Emirate of Abyan, assuming that this front of Jihad is more important than the Jihad in Somalia.

source : KC


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