Yemen: Mujahideen surround base of 25th Mechanized Brigade and attack it

ZINJIBAR ( – The news agency Xinhua reports quoting a source in the military command of the Yemeni army, that on Sunday the Mujahideen surrounded a base of 25th Mechanized Brigade in the east of Zinjibar city and attacked it.

According to the military, 8 Mujahideen and 3 soldiers of the Saleh’s regime were killed in the attack. Dozens are reported injured on both sides. However, information on casualties has not been confirmed by independent sources.

Sources report that dozens of wounded soldiers brought to a military hospital Basuhib in Aden.

In turn, the AFP reports that 7 Mujahideen of Ansar al-Sharia, which is a part of the AQAP, and 2 soldiers of Saleh’s army were killed on Sunday in clashes during an assault on a base. This information is also reported by the military, reflecting the Mujahideen assault.

The agency reported citing sources at the hospital in the city of Jaar, which is under control of the AQAP, that 2 Mujahideen were taken to hospital in critical condition and one of them later died.

As of late Sunday night, the assault on the base continued. Xinhua reports that the Mujahideen are using heavy weapons.

The military claimed that the Mujahideen of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) want to seize the base of a mechanized brigade.

Xinhua reported on Monday night that fightings continued at the edges to the country’s main port city of Aden. According to the agency, which refers to military sources of Saleh’s regime, 11 were killed and 35 people were wounded during Sunday’s fightings. 3 soldiers, 6 Mujahideen and 2 civilians are allegedly among the killed. 15 soldiers and 20 Mujahideen are reportedly wounded.

Xinhua also quoted an unnamed source of AQAP Mujahideen, who told the news agency that the Mujahideen are sending additional forces to the outskirts of Aden for a decisive assault. The groups sent to Aden are from Abyan, Marib, al-Bayda and Shabwa.

Meanwhile, on Saturday and Sunday Yemenis air forces bombed positions of the Mujahideen in Zinjibar. It is reported that the headquarters of the secret services in the city center and the city administration, which are under control of the Mujahideen, were subjected to aerial strikes. Xinhua did not report anything about the victims of attacks.

In Loder and Mudia in the Emirate of Abyan (formerly the province of Abyan), meanwhile, the Mujahideen circulated leaflets warning traders about banning the sale of alcoholic beverages, as well as any media production (magazines, CDs, tapes, etc.) that promote corruption and pornography, AFP reports. Mujahideen required to comply with the requirements of Sharia.

Meanwhile powerful demonstrations of the opposition forces, who demand from the sons of Saleh leave the country immediately, took place in the capital of Yemen. Participants of the rally also said they would not allow President Saleh to return to Yemen, who is now treated in Saudi Arabia after the attack.

source : Kavkaz Center


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