A Question for History

(Arrahmah.com) – The third issue of Al-Nafir Bulletin, Rajab 1437 Hijra, published an article titled “A Question for History” for the Islamic State (IS) group followers.

Here is the English translation of Question for History that translated by the Global Islamic Media Front.

A follower of Al-Baghdadi in Orakzai claimed that after the death of Amir of the Faithful Mullah Muhammad Umar -may Allah have mercy on him- the Taliban leadership fell into the hands of the Pakistani military intelligence. Also, Dabiq magazine claimed that Amir of the Faithful Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansur is the man of the Pakistani military intelligence.

With these lies, Al-Badri opened for himself a door that he can blame only himself for opening.

Islamic history recorded the course of the polytheists and apostates who repented, and how was the biography of the Prophet Muhammad –Shalallahu ‘alayhi wasalam- and his companions -may Allah accept them – with them.

Can Ibrahim Al-Badri remember the history; Who are the officers of the Ba’athist intelligence of Saddam in his group? What are the crimes they commited against the Muslims during their service to Saddam? Did they repent for those crimes? And when? Did they fulill the Shariah rights of their victims?

When did they leavethe service ofthe Ba’athist intelligence? After the fall ofthe Ba’ath regime, such that they were forced to do so, or before its fall?

Did they declare takfir on the tyrant they served? And how?

What is their role in your group? What are their positions ofleadership?

Did they have arole in selecting yourfor the emirate of the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam? And then in disobeying the orders of the Al-Qaeda leadership and declaring it takfi and cursing it? Did they have a role inselecting you as their caliph?

Did they have a role in evading Sahariah judgement, and declaring takfir on Muslims and their Jihadi groups, and killing the best among them, and declaring war on them andseeking to devide their ranks?

Theseare questions for history that intelligence service know much about, so will you hide them away from the Muslims?

We await your answer. Will we have to wait long?


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