Coordinated twin martyrdom attack on main US base, helicopter shot down

MAIDANWARDAG ( – A powerful coordinated martyrdom attack has rocked the main American military base in Sayedabad district, according to officials reporting from Maidan Wardag province.

The attack unfolded at around 05:00 am local time when a martyrdom Mujahid (Ahmad), armed with a rifle and an explosives vest stormed the main gate and cleared all obstacles for a secondary martyrdom seeker to drive his explosives laden truck inside and detonate it close to the living quarters of the Americans as a result, a large part of the base was completely destroyed and engulfed in fire while tens of invaders were killed and wounded as well as a surveillance balloon and several tanks parked inside completely destroyed. It is said that the adjacent district HQ and intelligence HQ buildings of hirelings were also severely damaged in the powerful explosion.

Officials from the area add that several helicopters arrived at the scene after the blast from which 1 was shot down with rocket fire, plunging it into the fire blazing inside the base and causing the invaders further losses.

The martyrdom attack happened at a time when other American invaders based inside Zangori outpost, Sayedabad, were also transferred to this base last night and Zangori outpost abandoned out of fear of being overrun by Mujahideen.

It should be mentioned that this large attack hit the same base which was targeted with another truck bomb last year which left more than 70 invaders wounded, as claimed by American officials and comes on the heels of martyrdom attack on Camp Salerno, based in Sahrabagh area of Khost, two months earlier in which the Americans said 130 of their soldiers were wounded.

Americans are known to always hide their casualties in the initial phases of the attack and always claim that civilians were killed but they do on occasions state fabricated casualties after a long period of time so to undersize the media impact however what is seen by witnesses is in complete contradiction with that of the officials releases of the invaders to the media. (Alemarah/


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