Europe Under Al-Qaeda Microscope !!

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah

Recently we have seen The Lion of Islam, Al-Sheikh, Al-Muhareb (The Warrior ) Abu Abdullah Osama bin Laden – may Allah protect him – on the screen of Al-SAHAB in an audio Speech addressed to the FRENCH PEOPLE and talked about the reasons for the threat of security and the families of their children, and is noticeable in the speeches of Sheikh Osama – may Allah protect him – that when he sends the letters to the States, he Focuses with his speech to the people and not Governments. In Previous time, he has addressed the American people and European people in general, and now he addressed the French people in particular. And all these messages from Al-Sheikh – may Allah protect him – to these peoples were marked with logic of actions and reactions, according to the scientific rule of actions and reactions, and he told them according to the rule of that says : (The Explosions are generated due to the pressure ). Al-Sheikh – may Allah protect him – has addressed them in rationally, he hopes from them to know that Their SECURITY is Responsibility for themselves !

Peoples are the only side that they should bear the results of their government’s acts. And if these governments care about the security and safety of its people, then they will not have taken the decisions know that the outcome will negatively affect the people. When Sheikh Osama draws his speech to the people, he did that because these peoples are responsible for the results of the elections in their countries, Since the elections reflect the opinion of the majority of people! Governments will not make the decisions know that people will support, because they need the public support which is necessary for a new round of governance!

Are not they the ones who elected the governments that participate in the killing of Muslims in various parts of the world starting in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and the occupation of the Gulf States and not finally … with bombing barbaric to our families, women and children in (Abyan –Yemen ) using the American F-16 and Cruise missiles, as the Americans confessed.

The opportunity was always present and available to the peoples of Europe for their security by voting in the elections for whom they said that one of their priorities to pull out their soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq, but has proved that the peoples of Europe is determined to move forward in the fight against Islam and Muslims. But Al-Qaeda still provides a chance to the people of Europe to escape in a safe way, but no anyone responds! Al-Qaeda addressed the German people Before their elections, and they warned them by ( Al-Hafez Abu Talha Al-Almany) from supporting the remaining of the German soldiers in Afghanistan, if so, they should face the result of their choice , and to face our expected Attack! What the result was?! The German people, again, chose the Christian Democratic Party, who is the same old wars creators! That means that the European Peoples did not learn the lesson well and they need a big massive attack made by AL-Qaeda to be sure that Al-Qaeda threats are facts not just an Imaginations !Germany must not be deceived by the late of Al-Qaeda Attacks on Germany & Europe ! Since Al-Qaeda proved that it is able to attack any place in the world at any time it decides!

Really, the European people proved that they will respond only after our Attacks forces them to cry enough! Spain is a good example, the Spanish government pulled out its troops from Iraq only when big, massive attacks were executed in the core of Madrid on 11th of March! Only when Madrid victims’ families cried enough, then the Spanish people voted to a new government for whom the most important priority was the pulling out from Iraq, this was done by José Zapatero! Zapatero is the one who said that “the first success achieved by his government was the pulling out his army from Iraq”! Really, if you want to maintain yours security, you SHOULD pull out all of your troops from Muslims lands, and to remove the effects of your war against us, this will be an Intelligent disposal. And understanding the lesson after an attack happened, is better from being stupid and killed any way!

Someone wondered: “When an attack is done by Al-Qaeda in Europe for example, the attack will not distinguish between the government’s policies supporters and who they are against the government’s policies and made Protests and between the opposite people!

The answer in my opinion is : the people who came out in demonstrations against the policies of their countries in Europe and America are helping their governments in their war against us by paying taxes to them, which are used in the budget for the war against Islam and Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen and support the Jews against our brothers in Palestine, and thus they are against their governments policies ONLY by shouting, this is from a side , on the other side they support their governments by paying taxes, and this is a big Contradiction !

If they meant what they claimed, let them drop their governments if these governments refuse what the people want. To the Europeans, DON’T Think The blood of our children, our women and our elders don’t deserve a real stand by those who claim to criticize their government by peaceful means. Your unfair governments prefer to use the principle of injustice while dealing with Muslims. Your shouting will be lost amongst the noise of guns and rockets, and thus any voice will not be raised upon the war voice!

What would the demonstrations done by some of you do for us? It will not get us the lives of our children back? And it will not stop this river of blood flowing from Muslims everywhere in the world in your war against what so called (terrorism)? Unfortunately, your behavior against Muslims forced us to terrorize you, in order to restore our rights and to reveal your injustices. We try to believe those who claim about peace, but at last we saw bad result! And so, we decided to terrorize you in cores of your countries!

The French people goes in millions to the streets in order to raise the retirement age to have an additional two years only, and this caused too large economic losses to their country in order to force their government to go this legislation back! Although these demonstrations happened, your government didn’t respond to your claims! This is means that your governments Underestimate their people.

And thus, if you think that those two years is more important than the Muslims blood, I’m so sorry to tell you that you are WRONG! If you don’t force your governments to pull their troops out of the Muslims lands, then Al-Qaeda Attacks are coming, and the two years will not be necessary for you!

It was realized that the global European system and America understands only a unique speech, it is the force and deterrence speech. You should know that the aggressor is the one who begins first.

To the European people: Be aware, be careful, the time is shorter than you think, and the footsteps of Al-Qaeda Soldiers are so heavy ,,, only few days remaining, so you should look carefully to the words of Sheikh Osama :

“ … The equation is easy and clear: as you kill you will be killed, as you capture our men we will capture your sons, and as you waste our security we will waste yours; the aggressor is the one who begins first! … The way to save your security is by stopping your injustice and its aftermath towards our Ummah, especially your withdrawal from the Bush’s ominous war in Afghanistan. It’s time to end both direct and indirect colonialism, you can ponder on what happened to the USA because of this injust war which is about to be lost at all important levels; and tomorrow the Americans will go back behind the Atlantic “Allah willing”, the fortunate is the one who takes a lesson from others’ experiences.

Peace be upon him who follows the guidance.”

Finally , European people,,, Be careful ,,, The idea of “Parcel bombs” will be spread by Al-Qaeda through all the countries of the world , By the way… it may reaches your home at this moment !!

(( وَلِلَّهِ الْعِزَّةُ وَلِرَسُولِهِ وَلِلْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَلَكِنَّ الْمُنَافِقِين لا يَعْلَمُونَ ))

Written by: Abu Al-hawra’ –Raghad- (The Jihad and Mujahedeen Servant)

Translated by: Abu Al-Hareth Al-3asery


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