Large-scale offensive of puppets under command of U.S. bogs down, Mujahideen seize initiative

ABYAN ( – According to the news agency of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Madad, AQAP Mujahideen seized the military initiative from the US generals-commanded Yemeni puppet forces backed by US-Saudi air forces.

The correspondent of Madad met with Abu Hamza al-Markashi, ruler and military commander of the Province of Abyan, who stressed that the armed forces of AQAP are not only withstood the onslaught of the combined enemy units, but also radically changed the course of the fighting in their favor.

The Mujahideen Emir said that in recent days, fightings in almost all areas of the frontline in Abyan have stopped, the Mujahideen triumph over their enemy – they have the upper hand in the battle against the puppet regime’s army, who are commanded by the US generals and deliver serious blows to puppets.

As a result, a large-scale offensive against the mujahedeen of al-Qaeda led by the US generals from the command post at the base al-Anad in the province of Lahij has petered out. The puppets are completely unable to move forward in areas controlled by AQAP.

Emir Abu Hamza denied the news circulated in the media that the puppet forces managed to take control over several regions of Abyan, such as Zinjibar, Shukri, Waqar, Al-Hurur and others.

It is to be recalled, for nearly two weeks the Western media have been writing that puppets have taken over “key positions” in Zinjibar, and that fightings were taking place almost in the center of town.

According to Emir Abu Hamza, this lie is evidence of failure of the enemy to achieve the goals, despite the huge number of troops and equipment, because of this the regime is trying to reach the imaginary victories in the information field.

According to Madad, now the offensive is conducted by the Mujahideen. On Monday, AQAP fighters carried out a martyrdom attack on the “defense minister” of the puppet regime, who arrived in the town of Laudar. Madad reported that the ringleader of the “Ministry of Defence” has miraculously managed to survive.

Agency’s source said that a martyr (Insha’Allah) entered the camp of the 111th Infantry Brigade, when the ringleader was inside, but the military puppet noticed him and opened fire, as a result of which the Mujahid got wounded and fell.

When the puppets tried to approach the wounded Mujahid, he detonated a belt with explosives. The exact casualties among the enemy are unknown.

Another martyrdom operation was carried out against the outpost of the committee members in the region of Amsar, near the town of Amin, as a result many puppets are reportedly killed and wounded.

According to the correspondent of Madad, a Mujahid detonated a car laden with explosives at a checkpoint of militants from the “people’s committees” in the region of Amsar shortly before noon of Monday, the explosion was so powerful that it was heard by residents of remote areas of the operation site.

In addition, at least five committee members were killed on Monday night after a surprise attack by the AQAP Mujahideen on one of the checkpoints near the region of An-Nahyan in Abyan.

A military source inside the AQAP confirmed that a group of Mujahideen attacked the facility at 5 pm on Monday and eliminated pro-puppets militants who were inside, and then left the place of special operation without incurring any casualties.

source: Kavkaz Center



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