Muslim protest against the European oppression

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters

Salaam alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatahu

As you all know the disbelievers have shown their true faces once again. They have

started with the hijab ban in schools and they have taken it further to also banning the

niqab in public.

This makes us wonder… what’s the next step? Don’t you realize that

we are constantly being attacked without any or weak reaction of the Muslims? Hitler

didn’t immediately send the Jews to the gas chambers, he started making laws

regarding clothes etc. Well, why are we too blind to see that the companions of Hitler,

Mussolini and Stalin are making their come-back at this time we are currently living

in? Stand up oh ummah of Muhammad! Defend yourself!

We have organized a protest on 22nd May 2010 in Brussels. The location is ‘La

Bourse/De Beurs’, Boulevard Lemmonnier. We are planning to express our

displeasure on a peaceful manner and make sure they (the kuffar) understand that

we had enough of this oppression they are spreading! We are not the Indigenous

peoples of the Americas or the Aboriginals to allow such crimes to be committed

against us. We are the descendants of great men like Khalid ibn Waleed, Salahedine

Al Ayoubi, Mehmet Fatih and Omar Al Mokhtar!

We humbly request you to be present and to take your responsibility as a Muslim!

We assume you have affection for your mother, sister, daughter and wife.

So stand up for the rights of these women! The right to dress modestly and

honorably! The right to wear her Hijab/Niqab freely instead of nudeness and

disobeying the command of Allah! The Muslim women are jewels who are supposed

to be protected! They are not supposed to serve as sexual objects for the kuffar!

Salaam alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatahu

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