Russian invaders trampled and torn Korans (Al-Quran)

DAGESTAN ( – In the village of Derbent district of Dagestan Tatlyar invaders from the gang of the FSS and the so-called seconded policemen had significant anti-Islamic terrorist punitive action.

During this action the invaders openly and deliberately displayed their hatred towards Islam and Muslims.

The villagers of Tatlyar have been terrorized, tortured and beaten. Young and old people had been beaten. Invaders openly desecrated several copies of the Koran. They trampled on the sacred book of Muslims, and then torn into pieces.

Details about the incident told the villagers of Tatlyar.

Recall that the desecration of the Koran in Dagestan by Russian invaders is not the first time. In March 2006 during the course of a punitive raid in the private house of the village Novosasitli invaders from the gang of the 102nd Brigade “interior troops of Russia’s MIA” desecrated the Koran the same way.

Invaders and apostates regularly desecrate the Koran, both in Russia and in Daghestan and in the other provinces of Caucasus Emirate. However, the local Sufis and so-called ‘Ulama’ of the puppet “spiritual directorates” prefer to make sweeping statements and indignant only when Americans are desecrating the Koran in Afghanistan, Iraq or in the US.

But silence is not only high-puppet, silent the Muslims themselves, who are scared of FSS and Moscow more than Allah (S.W.T.).

Also so-called “Legal salafis” silent newly emboldened after the protest rally. However, more wailing and requests to the invaders do not touch them, not kill, do not steal, these meetings did not go, and it stalled on this.

In contrast to the Afghans, who give their lives for the honor of the holy book of Allah (S.W.T), storming the base of the NATO aggressors, Muslims of the Caucasus calm look at the injury, and prefer to pretend that nothing is happening.

The risk of inaction is not that the disbelievers may desecrate the Koran. They most likely will continue to do so until they catch up with the hand of Mujahideen.

The danger is that the silent and did not make the so-called peaceful Muslims, may be punished by Allah in such a punishment, which they do not even know.

So the next time in whose house the number of silent and remain indifferent to the desecration of the Koran Muslim invaders come – kill, rob, rape, steal, destroy the house -do not be surprised. Search for the cause of the incident in themselves and in their relationship with Allah.

To watch the video of eyewitness click this link1



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