Seeking faults, secular media sharply highlights issues of Crocs sandals worn by Ustadz Abu

JAKARTA ( – Anything could spun by the media reporters who hold a grudge against Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir. It was reported in some media that the leader of Jamaah Ansarut Tauhid (JAT), Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, attended the hearing on Monday (18/4/2011) at the South Jakarta District Court wearing the Crocs brand sandals, the product of Colorado, America.

Not bearing any responsibility, the news headlines that they made up are as if wanting to force the charismatic Ustadz into a corner. Such as the, related to this reporting, they made up the title, “Ba’asyir’s Brain Is Anti-America, His Feet Wear Crocs Sandals”. Different with, they showed their resentment by making up a title: “Hates America, Ba’asyir Does Not Hate Crocs”, as if the wearing of the Crocs sandals by Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir is something wrong.

In fact, in the news of it was written, “There is one habit of Ba’asyir each time undergoing trial. Ba’asyir surely wears the famous high-priced sandals, the Crocs”.

In another media, it was written by the okezone reporter with a cynical tone, “When asked by the reporters why he was wearing the sandals produced by the country which he often called Fir’aun, Ba’asyir argued, ‘It isn’t a problem. It is worldly matters, yes, it is allowed. Using the goods is allowed as long as it does not disturb Islam.'”

Look at they way they wrote the news above. Whereas, like what has been said by Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, indeed in Islam there is no prohibition to conduct mua’malah with the kafir people, as long as it is not something in religious affairs. Just like Prophet Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam (SAW), he had hired Ibnu Uraiqith Al-Laitsy as a guide, whereas he was a kafir.

When Rasulullah passed away, Aishah radhiyallahu ‘anha (RA) said that at that time his armour was being pawned at the place of a Jew, for him to buy wheat (food) for 30 so’. (Shaheeh Bukhari, 3/1068)

Imam Syafi’i and Al-Baihaqi said that the Jew’s name was Abush Shahm. (Fathul Bari, 5/140)

It should be known, just like the ruling outlined by the ulama’s that the original ruling of every good is halal and permitted to be used. Due to that, anyone who says that food A, drink B, dress C are haram, he must produce a saheeh (valid) daleel (argumentation) from Allah and His Rasul. If there is no daleel that shows its haram, then those goods return to their original status i.e. halal an can be used.

Therefore, it is okay for us to use the product of the kafir because there is no daleel in the Qur’an or from the hadith of Prophet SAW which shows the prohibition of this matter. In fact, there are some evidences that Prophet SAW had also used the products of the kafir and this shows the permission of this matter. The evidences are, among others:

[First] Rasulullah SAW had worn clothes made in Yemen as mentioned in the hadith by Anas bin Malik that Rasulullah SAW, when he was sick, came out wearing the qithriyyah garment (i.e. patterned dress of Yemen made of cotton) (refer Mukhtasor Ash-Shamail pg. 49. Sheikh Al-Albani said that this riwaayah is saheeh). Keep in mind that most people in Yemen at that time were kafir.

[Second] It was recounted that Prophet SAW had worn khufs which were made in Habasyah (Ethiopia) which at time was a kafir country. This is as told by Buraidah:

أن النجاشي أهدى النبي صلى الله عليه و سلم خفين أسودين ساذجين فلبسهما ثم توضأ ومسح عليهما

“The Najashi king had given Prophet SAW, as gifts, two black coloured khufs that looked simple, then he wore them and wiped the two khufs.” (refer Mukhtasor As-Shamail pg. 51. Sheikh Al-Albani said that this riwaayah is saheeh)

Besides that, the view of Ustadz Ba’asyir about conducting mua’malah with the kafir is not contrary to Islam, “For example, I have a neighbour who is kafir and he wants to borrow money to build his house and the same goes vice versa, it would not be a problem in the Islamic Shari’ah. What’s prohibited is if I lend money, even if only 1 Rupiah, to that of my kafir neighbour, to be used for making a statue or idol,” he explained in the recordings of his lectures in many places.

Fake Sandal, A Gift From The Jama’ah

Beyond the truth revealed by Ustadz Abu Bakar Baa’syir in answering the reporters’ questions, basically the reportings about the Crocs are excessive, unreasonable, appeared to be made up and unintellectual (which only proves the lowliness of the secular media reporters). When enquired, the son of Ustadz Abu Bakar, Abdul Rochim said that the Crocs brand sandals are fake which costs only around Rp. 20,000 (3 USD) a pair. Besides that, the sandals was not purchased by Ustadz Abu Bakar himself, but was purchased by someone and given to Ustadz Ba’asyir through his assistant, Hasyim Abdullah.

“The pair of sandals is a gift from someone through Mr. Hasyim. Abi (my father -ed.) never buys things himself. He is more often to receive gifts from the people around him,” Abdul Rochim said.

Watch, how the media acts unjustly and employs a double standard in spreading the news regarding those who give their lives for the struggle of Islam. They tried to find the slightest fault in order to bring down and discredit the strugglers of Islam, although the method is basically irrelevant and ridiculous.

translated by : theunjustmedia



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